A Baby for Elise

(MF, wife, cheat, intr, rom, preg) A buried lust resurfaces and I suffer the consequences.

A Baby for Elise

by Elise (address withheld)

It has been almost exactly twenty years since my story began, and I hardly know how to tell it. It is not a source of pride for me. It is more a source of shame, something I cannot tell my friends and family about. Yet, these are probably the most exciting events of my life, and they will mean the end of my marriage because I will not be able to keep them secret much longer. I regret what I did those months ago and I have thought of little else since then. 

Maybe that is why I feel compelled to write my story down and tell it to some strangers who share my mysterious obsession. I suppose it is ironic that I learned of this website and others like it from my sister, when they may have ruined her marriage. My brother-in-law was lax about cleaning his browser history and my sister decided to snoop while he was at work and she found several links to sites with pictures and stories about interracial sex. Now, she and her husband are separated and I am writing my story to post on those same sites.

In 1986, I was a junior in a rural high school. I was lucky enough to be shapely and pretty and popular and to have my choice of boys. This was in the fall, at the beginning of the school year and it was my second year on the pompon squad. I had just started dating Don, a running back on the football team who was a senior. 

I had kissed a couple of boys and let one play with my breasts, but I was still a virgin, which was common for a sixteen-year-old girl in those days. Don was a real cutie, though, and we had had eyes for each other for a couple of years before we got together. Like all young girls, I was feeling my sexuality but I did not want the wrong boy to be my first. I thought Don might be the one, if he was willing to take things slowly.

Our school was small. There were only about 300 students and there was only one black family in the district. They lived in the same small town as my and Don's families. James, the oldest boy, was a year ahead of me, in Don's class and his sister was a year behind me. James was a starting linebacker and running back on the football team, alongside Don. I always felt a little sorry for James because there weren't any black girls for him to date and no self-respecting white girl in my town would date him. 

He was nice enough, but he often seemed a little aloof and I think he resented us for the isolation he must have felt. Even though none of us dated him, he was the subject of some whispered conversation among the girls. We wondered if the stories about black men's penises were true, of course, and he was the only black man around to speculate about. 

Homecoming was coming up and Don was my date. We had been together long enough that Don had played with my ass and sucked by breasts a few times, but even though it was painfully obvious that he was hard when we made out, I had not touched his penis or let him finger me. It seemed time to take the next step and homecoming day seemed like the perfect time. 

If things went well, I would let Don finger my pussy and treat him to a handjob. There was a parade through our little town in the morning and Don and I went back to my house after school let out for the afternoon. My parents were at work and we would have a few precious hours without worries of being disturbed. We were in my bed almost as soon as we walked in the door and Don seemed to sense that the time was right to take me farther.

Our shirts were off and were lying together in our jeans. Don was rubbing my breasts and feeling my body and he finally slipped his hand between my legs. "Is it okay?" he asked. I nodded and he kissed me while he rubbed my pussy. I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans and slipped my hand into his pants to get my first handful of penis. I took it out and looked at it and rubbed it with both hands. I hoped he would take it as a signal that he could get into my pants too. 

He put his hand down the front of my pants and searched for my damp pussy. When he found it, he slipped his finger inside. Don hadn't learned about the clitoris, yet, so he finger fucked me while I jerked him off. It was only a couple of minutes before he came all over his stomach. When he was finished he stopped fingering me and went to the bathroom to clean up. It wasn't an ideal first sexual experience, but I knew things would get better, especially when he found my clit. We kissed for a while, and then Don went home to get ready for the homecoming game.

The football team nearly lost us the game that night, but James ran the ball over the line on the final drive and we won. The dance was the first of the year and it was a lively event for such a small school. I danced close with Don and felt his penis harden against my stomach. My pussy moistened in response I danced close enough to let him know that I enjoyed feeling his erection between us. 

We both knew there would be more fooling around after the dance, but I waited forty-five minutes so it wouldn't be obvious why Don and I were leaving. Around nine o'clock we were dancing and all I could think of was getting my hands on his organ again. I said "Why don't we leave?"

"Why do you want to leave?" Don teased.

"So we can be alone."

"Are your parents home?"


"So are mine, but we can go down the basement. Or we can park by the lake." Don's parents had a couch in the basement that would do nicely. I was about to agree to go to his house when he said "I know a place with a bed."

"Where?" I was suspicious.

"Eric's party."

"What about his parents?"

"Out of town. He told me I could use his sister's room if I wanted."

"You told him we'd need a room?"

"No. He offered."

"Let's go to your house instead."

"Alright but let's stop by the party first."

Eric lived about eight miles from town, on a country road. I didn't mind going by the party since I knew everyone would be there since Eric was very popular. When we got there, Eric's girlfriend, Jennifer, told me that Eric's parents were at a horse show and had left his older sister in charge of the house. She had a party of her own to go to, so she told Eric he could have a party if he kept it outdoors. 

Lucky for Eric the weather was nice and everyone was happy to be outside by the bonfire. There were already several people there, but many more arrived after we did. Don had a couple of beers and I had a wine cooler. The party was nice but I wanted Don to play with my pussy some more, so I asked him if we could leave soon.

Don said he didn't want to leave since he had been drinking, but he wanted to go to Eric's sister's room. I didn't want to but he talked me into it, telling me that everyone else would be outdoors. We snuck around the house, into the front door, and up the stairs to the bedroom. We pulled the blinds and switched on the lamp, and there was a nice double bed. 

The house was quiet, so I relaxed and laid down with Don. The beer made him bolder and took my pants off before he fingered me. I didn't take Don's pants off but I jerked him off and made him come. After he came, he stopped fingering me and rested. Then, he decided he was going to go out back and ride ATV's in the field with the other guys before we went back to his house.

I don't know if I was more disappointed or angry. I had jerked Don off twice in one day, and he left me to go ride three-wheelers. At least he was thoughtful enough to kiss me and shut the door behind him so I could have some privacy to dress. I sighed and pulled my pants up when I heard someone say, "Man, that was cold!" I was so startled my heart almost stopped. I looked up and James walked out of the dark bathroom that connected Eric's and his sister's rooms. My pants weren't quite all the way up, but I grabbed a pillow to cover my naked breasts as I sat on the bed.

"What the hell are you doing?" I was trying not to yell.

"Don't get mad."

"What were you doing in there?"

"Enjoying the show."

I didn't know what to say.

"I saw you and Don come up the stairs and come in here so I went through Eric's room to say something and fuck with you. But then I saw you naked and" James raised an eyebrow without finishing his sentence. I hadn't realized the bathroom connected Eric's room with his sister's.

"You need to leave so I can get dressed." I was angry but I was so taken aback that I wasn't as angry as I should have been.

"Why. I've seen you naked. But before I go, I gotta tell you, you really know how to work Don's little dick. Boy came almost as soon as you took it out."

"What do you mean little?" A pervert watching two people in private should at least have the decency not to insult them.

"Sorry. I guess he's average, but he ain't big."

"How would you know?"

"I do shower with these white boys. And I got one myself."

"Yeah. I'm sure yours is huge." I was disgusted by his ego.

"You wanna see?"

"I don't have my magnifying glass." My quip wasn't as clever as I had hoped it would be.

Before I even finished my sentence, James was unbuttoning his pants. "That's it, bitch," he said as he pulled out a penis that made Don's seem like a little boy's. I should have thought of a clever retort but I couldn't help but stare at the massive black cock hovering three feet in front of my face. I realized the girls were right who insisted that black men had huge penises, or at least that James was among the very lucky few. His prick was at least as impressive as the ones I had seen in pornos at a friend's house. "You like what you see?"

I didn't know what to say. I wanted to tell James to put it away and get out, but I didn't want him to put it away. I wanted to look at it a good long while and feel its warmth and mass in my hands. So, I didn't say anything. I just looked at it.

James stepped closer. "Go ahead and touch it."

I don't know why I obeyed James. I didn't consciously decide to, but his big cock mesmerized me. I slowly reached out with my right hand and wrapped it around the base. It was hot and it was so thick my hand didn't nearly encircle it. His nappy pubic hair tickled me. 

I started stroking it and my left hand let the pillow fall and reveal my breasts so it could cradle his balls. They were weighty and I remember thinking that they must hold a lot of come. But I wasn't thinking of much besides James's cock and my primal urge to bring it to release. I can't even describe my feelings that time with James. As soon as I felt his cock, I needed to make it come, one way or another.

James pulled me up off the bed and cupped my ass so he could pull me to him and kiss me. He was taller than Don and his lips were thick but they felt right against mine. We kissed while he squeezed my ass and breasts and I worked his black cock. My pants were slipping down around my knees so I worked them down and stepped out of them without releasing James's dick. He took off his shirt and then he went for my pussy. 

I had been concentrating so on his cock that I hadn't even thought of my pleasure yet, but I welcomed his touch. James was bold and he obviously knew what he was doing. He teased me by playing with my pubic hair before his fingers found my clit. It felt so good and we stopped kissing to focus on our sex organs. James worked my clit with his big fingers and then worked his middle finger into my pussy to get more juice to lube my clit. I say worked because his hands were so big. His middle finger must have been almost as big as Don's penis, and my virgin pussy had to stretch to accept it. It actually hurt a little, but the pain was erotic.

I felt James's cock getting really hard and I knew he would come soon. I knew his big balls must store a massive load and his prick was pointed right at me. I hoped he would come all over my naked body. I was building to my first ever orgasm, myself, and I wondered who would come first. He was taking a lot longer than Don, I suppose because he had more control. I couldn't control myself, though; James's expert hand was about to make my pussy explode. But before I came, James stopped fingering me and said "You wanna come you better get on your knees and suck my dick."

When I had seen girls giving blowjobs in porno films, I thought that it was nasty and I would never do it myself, but James's forcefulness sent a shiver down my spine and I melted in front of him. I almost fell to my knees and I shook my head to get my hair out of my face before I took his cock in my mouth. I involuntarily moaned when I tasted his salty prick and I wanted to suck it as badly as I wanted to come. I massaged his balls with my left hand as I worked the long shaft with my right. James was so thick I could barely take him in my mouth but I used my tongue to its full effect and vowed to swallow his come.

I didn't have to wait long. James got super hard and I felt him swell as he grabbed my hair and thrust deeper into my mouth than I thought I could take him. When his cock erupted, I almost gagged, but I controlled the reflex. I started gulping as fast as I could so there would be room in my mouth for the next stream, but I couldn't keep up. Some seeped out of the corner of my mouth and trickled down my chin and dripped onto my right breast. After he finished coming, I worked him slowly for a minute to coax every drop from his cock. I think I would have been happy just having satisfied James, but he fulfilled his promise. "Lie down, white girl," he commanded as he took off his pants.

I lay on the bed and waited to see what would happen. James was still hard and I didn't know if he would try to fuck me with that giant cock, or what. I don't know if I was prepared to lose my virginity that night or if I could resist James, but luckily I didn't have to. He got on his knees with his cock next to my face and said "Keep suckin'," and he started fingering my cunt and clit again. As soon as he touched me I felt warmth in my nipples. I had never come before, but I knew James would make me come soon. 

I blew him again, and he watched me suck his cock while he brought me to orgasm. The sensuality of cheating on my boyfriend with a black man made it intense. The only thing that kept me from screaming was James's big cock in my mouth. I sucked him even while I came and when I finished coming I sucked him slow and nasty until he gave me his second load. That time, I almost swallowed it all. Before James got up to leave, he pushed my right breast to my face and I licked the rest of his come off of it.

James dressed and left with only a smile. I stayed for a minute because I was in shock. I couldn't believe what I had done. I didn't know a lust like that lived inside me. I wasn't sure how long I had spent with James, but I was worried Don would come back soon. My pussy was drenched and I couldn't even sit down after I put my panties on. When I rejoined the party in the back yard, Don wasn't there. I wasn't in any mood to see him, anyway, so I found a ride home with my friend Christy.

Don and I made up the next day, after he apologized. He hadn't really learned how to work my pussy, but I started giving him oral sex anyway. After my experience with James's penis, Don's didn't intimidate me. I avoided James when I could, but he found excuses to talk to me at school just to tease me and sometimes he just smiled and winked from across the room. It pissed me off a little but I couldn't keep my pussy from getting wet whenever I had contact with him.

One day, I was at the store when James came up behind me. He pinched my ass and said "I've been wantin' to get my hands on that again."

"What are you doing?" I looked around and I was relieved that no one was around.

"Just saying hello."

"You could find a less physical way of saying hello?"

"I know you didn't forget about that night."

"Don't even bring it up. That's not me. It was a mistake."

"A mistake?"

"Yes. And keep your voice down."

"Why. You too good for a black man."

"You know that's not it."

"What's a dumb nigger like me supposed to think?"

"Stop it. You know I'm with Don."

"Now that is a mistake."


"I saw his little dick. He didn't even know how to make you come with his finger. You think he can with that little thing."

"It's not little."

"Oh, I know you seen a lot bigger dick than that. Remember?" James grabbed his cock. I could see the outline through his jeans. "I know you remember. You probably been thinkin' about it."

"I haven't." It was a lie, of course.

"Why don't you and me go and get in your car and let me give you another lesson?"

"I need to get home."

"Or maybe I'll just let everyone at school know how good you suck black dick."

"You wouldn't."

"You think so?" I looked into James's eyes but they didn't tell me anything. I really wasn't sure if he would tell or not. But my pussy was nice and wet by now, and I had to admit, at least to myself, that I'd like to spend an hour or so alone with James and his big cock. I hadn't come since I was with him. But I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say yes.

"Come on," said James.

I put my basket on the floor in the aisle and I obeyed James and followed him to the parking lot. "Gimme your keys," he said and I did. I pointed my car out to him and he got in the driver's seat and started driving out toward the country. God I hoped no one had seen us.

As soon as we were on the highway, James unbuttoned his pants and said "Take it out." I hesitated for a moment but James told me with a look that he wouldn't tolerate disobedience, and I didn't want to disobey. James's take-charge attitude excited me and liberated me and seemed to absolve me of responsibility. I reached into his jeans and wrapped my hand around his warm cock and brought it out. It wasn't fully erect yet, and I enjoyed the feeling of it hardening in my hand. I felt James's pulse in it every second or so and every time it pulsed it got harder. It was as impressive as I remembered and I started stroking it.

"Don't make it come yet. Just get reacquainted." Before long James parked the car near the lake and we started kissing and took each others' shirts off. I couldn't resist exploring his well-muscled body while he massaged by breasts but I couldn't keep my hands off of his massive cock. 

James stopped kissing me to undo my pants and pull them off. He took my panties with my jeans. James's boldness turned me on so that I let things go much faster than I should have. I shouldn't have been there at all, but James had awakened in me a preference for black men that I had tried to hide from myself and I was putty in his hands.

James sat up and pulled me up to straddle his lap. He squeezed my ass with his strong black hands and sucked my hard nipples. I cradled his head in my arms and savored the moment. James sucked one nipple then the other and licked them while he explored my tail from my hips to the supple skin deep between my asscheeks. His fingers came tantalizingly close to my pussy but he was teasing me. 

I started thinking about giving my black lover a hot, slow cocksucking and my lewd thoughts mixed with James's nursing to make me come. James could do more for my pleasure just by sucking my breasts than Don could by playing with my pussy. I didn't know you could come that way, but I did.

James knew I had come; I couldn't have hid it if I tried. He smiled and gave my ass a light swat. "Nasty white slut. Get your ass in the back." I was in the back seat in seconds, wondering what James would do with me, but he took his time. He climbed out of the driver's door and took his pants off and threw them in the front seat before he looked at me and climbed into the back. 

I instinctively spread my legs for James as he got on top of me. I was so wet for him I was embarrassed. But he was so smooth and masculine and black, and his cock was so big that I was in heat for him. He hadn't even touched my pussy yet but it was ready. He laid his huge prick atop my furry mound and put his arms around me and locked my eyes with his as he started to stroke it back and forth across my clit. Every bit of it drove me crazy. I felt inch after inch of manly black cock slide over my clit until his balls nestled up against my cut.

"It feels so good, James. Don't stop."

"Better believe it. I ain't stoppin'." He put one hand on my ass as he started pulling back. "You like this cock, dontcha?"

"It's so big and black," I moaned.

"Yeah, bitch. Who's your man?"

"You are."

James saw that I was ready to come again, and he pulled his cock back so the head was at my entrance and started to work his head inside. I wanted him inside me so badly, but good sense finally got the better of me. "Wait," I said. "We need to use a condom."

"Ain't got one." He kept pushing and the head was almost inside me. It hurt but it was such a good hurt.

"Please, James. I can't get pregnant."

James stopped and hesitated for a moment. "You gonna let me fuck you if I get some rubbers?"

"Yes. You can have me."

"You a virgin?"


"Good. I want that cherry."

"You can have it."

"When can I get it?"

"I can get away Sunday afternoon."

"Alright. But you'd better not be lying, or I'll?"

"I'm not, James. You can have me." I wanted James to fuck me, but I didn't want to explain a black baby to my parents.

"Alright. Get on your knees and suck my dick." I was only too glad to kneel before my new black master and please his gorgeous prick. I worked his cock and balls with my lips and hands until he let loose in my mouth. Like before, there was too much for my little mouth and white streams escaped my lips and trickled down his penis. When James finished, I licked every bit of come from his cock and balls. Unlike Don, James was still rock hard after he came. Almost before I could get back on the seat, he had me on my back and got on top of me and started stroking my clit with his shaft again.

"I want to make you come with my cock."

I wanted him to make me come with his cock, too, and I had to bite my lip to keep myself from asking him to fuck me with that beautiful penis. He wasn't gentle with me, and it only took a few minutes for me to reach orgasm again. I spread my legs wide and threw my head back and moaned as my clit exploded under his fat black shaft. I smashed my cunt against his cock, but I couldn't get close enough to satisfy me, and my ecstasy was almost frustrating. But then, when my orgasm was about to subside, I felt hot ropes of jism on my tummy and breasts. 

James was coming, too, and the feeling of his big black dick throbbing between my legs and his semen on my body threw me back into orgasm. I came so hard that I was almost in a trance until James parked my car in the parking lot at the store and left me saying only "I'll see you Sunday. Meet me behind the Co-op at 7:00, after supper."

After I got home, I thought about what had happened and what would happen. By rights, I should let my boyfriend take my virginity, but he seemed like a boy next to James. James had a man-sized cock and he took charge like a man. He didn't fumble around with my bra or my jeans, he just took the off like he had a right to my body, and he made me feel like a woman. 

His blackness turned me on in a way I had not thought possible. I was going to let James fuck me even though I was anxious. His cock frightened me as much as it excited me. Just the little bit of head I had taken had hurt and I knew taking a monster like James's for the first time would be painful. My girlfriends who had had sex with average boys said it hurt badly. I didn't want to know what James's cock would do to my virgin pussy.

I was also scared of myself and my lust for James's black body and his black cock. I had never felt such a craving, and I didn't want to admit my love of black men, but it was so obvious I had to. It made me feel like a slut and I hated myself for it. But I couldn't resist James and the promise of being fucked by a hot black stud. 

I dreaded the prospect of breaking up with Don and going with James. I didn't want my parents to find out I was dating a black guy, but I would go with James if he wanted me to. I just didn't want everyone to know I was a slut. My hope was that I could stay with Don and maintain the appearance of respectability and be James's nasty little slut on the side. But, that wouldn't be fair to Don. I had it bad for black cock, and I knew it probably wouldn't end well.

That Friday, in the hall at school, James walked by and grinned "I got 'em". My heart leapt while my stomach sank. I went out with Don on Friday and Saturday and sucked him off both nights because I felt guilty about my plans. But I barely got wet enough for his finger to go inside me. He sensed my lack of excitement and worried about it, but I assured him it was me and not him. 

My pussy was almost dripping all day Sunday, and I thought of nothing but James and his beautiful cock. Ever since James had come on me, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to feel him throb in my pussy as he filled a condom with his sweet goo. I got to the Co-op fifteen minutes early on Sunday night and I waited two hours for James, but he never showed. I cried myself to sleep that night and found out the next day at school that James had been arrested for stealing a car in the city near our town. He didn't come back to school and I never saw him again, but I heard the judge let him avoid jail by joining the Army.

I was as relieved as I was disappointed. As much as I craved James's body, I couldn't live with the shame of being a black man's fuck-slut. It was as if I had dodged a bullet and I vowed to make the most of this chance. I gave my virginity to Don a few months later. We broke up right after I graduated, and he never did learn to make me come.

I avoided black men in college, knowing I had a weakness for them, and met the man who would become my husband my junior year at State. Josh had an average cock, but I had not met a man whose cock could compare to James's, and he lacked James's animal sexuality, but he loved me and he worked hard to please me and I learned to come when he fingered or ate or fucked me. We married soon after we graduated. I had our first daughter when I was twenty-six, and the second four years later. 

My family life was satisfying and I locked my hunger for black cock away with my other youthful indiscretions and devoted myself to Josh and our daughters. If there was any regret in our lives, it was that we had not had a son. We tried for several years before the doctor told us my husband had a low sperm count, and we gave up hope of conceiving. We wanted a son, but we were relieved of the burden of birth control.

 I kept in contact with my circle of friends from high school. Christy went to State with me and Jennifer still lived in the same area we did, near the town where we grew up. We all kept in touch with Kathy, who married and moved away. We saw each other when we could but the demands of family life kept me from seeing my old friends as often as I would have liked. 

Then, last year, Jennifer, who is still single, suggested that the four of us go to Dallas for a 'spring fling,' as she called it. It took some planning to find a weekent when Kathy, Christy, and I could get away at the same time with our work and family commitments, but we found time to get away in early May. We decided that Christy, Jennifer, and I would fly to Dallas together and meet Kathy for a weekend just for us girls.

We arrived on Thursday, and things went well until Saturday night. We had all kept in touch, so there was no discomfort. We shopped and ate and drank together in the evenings and it was not as if almost twenty years had passed since we were in high school together. On Saturday night, we had a late supper and a couple drinks at the restaurant bar. 

We decided not to stay out late because Kathy had to fly back home early Sunday morning and, though we felt like girls again, we found we needed a little more sleep after a night of partying than we needed when we were seventeen. So, we decided to have a few drinks at the hotel bar before turning in for the night.

The hotel bar was a decent dance club, frequented by locals as well as guests. It wasn't empty, but it wasn't so crowded that you couldn't have fun, and we got a nice table between the bar and the dance floor. Jennifer thought we should buy rounds like guys do, and she bought the first round of cocktails. We drank them pretty quickly and decided I would buy the second. The waitress was a long time coming around, so I went to the bar to order. 

While I was waiting there for a bartender to finish mixing our drinks, someone came up and stood next to me to order. His cologne smelled good and I couldn't help but glance over at him. He was a tall black man and I guess he was in his mid-forties because he was grey in the temples even though he was fit. He saw me look at him so he smiled and said hi. I nodded in return. The bartenders brought our drinks at the same time. The black man saw that I couldn't take all four drinks at once and he said "Let me help you with those."

"It's alright. I can get them."

"You don't need to. Give me two. My name's Ellis."

"I'm Lise."

"Nice to meet you, Lise." Ellis smiled again and I couldn't help but smile in return.

Ellis followed me to our table and helped me hand out the drinks. I thanked him for helping me and he asked if he could sit for a while. "I'm in town on business and don't have anyone to talk to," he said. Of course, we let him sit, since he had kindly helped me and he sat between Christy and me. Ellis was a handsome man. 

He was the sort of black man that is even attractive to girls who aren't attracted to black men, like Denzel Washington. He wore a pressed blue shirt with slacks and a sport coat, and his clothes and graying hair distinguished him. Ellis soon charmed my friends and his easy manner and conversation made him the center of attention at our table. As he spoke, he often moved his knee over to rest against mine.

Our glasses started to run low and it was Christy's turn to buy a round, but Ellis insisted on buying the next one on the condition that I dance with him. I blushed and tried to decline, but the girls teased me until I said yes. What was one dance for a round of drinks? So, I said I would dance with Ellis, and he asked me to come to the bar to help him carry the drinks back. While we were waiting for our drinks, I said "It's nice of you to buy us a round."

"You don't need to thank me. I should thank you for letting me spend an evening with four pretty girls." I couldn't remember the last time a man had called me a girl.

After we dropped off the drinks, Ellis hustled me off to the dance floor. I hadn't danced much in years, but I keep myself in shape, so it came back to me pretty quickly. Like all black men, Ellis was a wonderful dancer. He made all the white men on the floor seem very awkward. I was almost sorry when the song ended, but as I was turning to go back to the girls, the deejay started a slow song and Ellis stopped me. 

"I said I'd buy a round if you'd dance with me. I didn't say just one dance." 

He put his arms around me and I foolishly wrapped my arms around him. As soon as I felt Ellis against me, I could tell that he kept fit, too. His waist was trim and his muscles taut. His cologne mixed with his man-smell, so I nuzzled close to him so I could smell him better. Ellis held me tight and I caught myself thinking that I would dance like this all night if I could.

"You smell good," I said.

"Thanks. You look good in that black dress."

"Thank you." Ellis slipped his hand down to hold my left butt cheek. I should have stopped him and finished the dance and walked away, but my old feelings and memories of James came back to me. I was too tipsy to be scared of my weakness, like I should have been, and I was enjoying Ellis's attention. His cock was against my tummy. I could feel it responding to my closeness and it turned me on. I didn't put my hand on it, but I could tell it was big. 

His hand felt good on my ass and he squeezed it as he looked down at me and I looked up at him. I didn't resist when he kissed me and I kissed this strange black man open-mouthed on the dance floor in front of my friends and everybody else. By now his cock was rock-hard and all I could think of was taking it out and seeing how big it was and feeling it with my hands and then I thought of sucking it for him. But I came to my senses and I knew things were well out of hand, so when the song ended I told Ellis I needed to rest.

The girls had seen what happened and they knew I was drunk and needed help. Christy thanked Ellis for the drinks and told him we had to leave because we were flying out the next day and needed to get to bed early. We all gave Ellis a hug and went to our rooms, but not without the girls asking me what had happened. They weren't as much disturbed as excited and curious. 

I told them I was just drunk and had let things get out of hand and I thanked them for intervening. But the truth was I wasn't really very drunk and Ellis had triggered the lust that James had almost twenty years before. When I got back to my room, I got in the shower and thought myself lucky for my friends having helped me out of a tough spot. I just hoped they would forget about it and never mention it again.

I showered and put on a hotel robe and went to get a Diet Coke from the mini-bar, but someone knocked at my door. I saw Ellis through the peephole and opened the door. "What are you doing here," I asked him.

"You didn't seem as tired as the others. I got this from room service and thought you might want some." It was a bottle of Dom Perignon.

"I really can't stay up. Besides, I'm married. It wouldn't be right."

"What wouldn't be right" he said, "is to let a good thing go to waste." Ellis used the belt of my robe to pull me close and he kissed me in the hall. I'd like to say I resisted, but I didn't. The thick lips and the heady smell of him and his strength bore through my resistance before I could muster it and I let him kiss me there.

In a minute, Ellis guided me inside and closed the door. He put his champagne on the dresser and looked at me. He said "I just had to see what was under that black dress," and he untied my robe and pushed it over my shoulders. I let it fall down. I stood before Ellis covered only by my trim bush and my wedding ring. Ellis took his jacket off and hung it on a chair before he took off his shirt. His body was as fine as I had imagined on the dance floor. A fine black down covered his chest and I couldn't help but run my hands over his muscles as he kissed me again. I let his hands roam freely over my body. 

Ellis had already felt my ass and his hands went right back there but they were soon at my breasts. As for me, I couldn't wait any longer to have a look at his cock. I pulled it from his pants and it was as hard as it was when we danced. I stopped kissing him to look at it. It was every bit as big and beautiful as James's. It was as big as my arm, thickest behind the head and vascular. As I started stroking it I felt the loose skin on the shaft and I knew I was experiencing my first uncut cock. Ellis moaned as my hands explored his balls and shaft. H only stopped me long enough to pick me up and lay me on the bed.

I pried my eyes away from his cock long enough to look at his strong body while he took his pants off and, before he lay down next to me, his eyes roamed over my body and he said "You must have adopted those two kids you were talking about. You have the body of a twenty year old girl."

"Come here and feel it." Ellis lay down with his body next to mine and before he kissed me I marveled at the erotic contrast of our skins. He gave me a long make-out session that almost drove me mad with lust but I couldn't get enough of Ellis's kisses. There were so many parts of his body I wanted to feel that my hands were restless. They ran from his chest to his ass to his abs to his back, but at least one was always on his beautiful cock.

Ellis knew he was driving me crazy and he picked just the right moment to kiss his way down the left my neck to my chest. Then he kissed his way back up the right side of my neck to my ear and back across my neck to my other ear. When kissed his way back down to my chest he started kissing my breasts, but he avoided the nipples. 

I couldn't wait, so I put my arms around his head and moved a nipple to his lips. I love having my breasts sucked, especially when I'm being fingered. Ellis knew what he was doing, and he soon started teasing my bush. I felt his black fingers running through my fine curls before his finger penetrated my soaked pussy. He fingered me in and out, slowly, and then he found my g-spot and started rubbing it.

"Oh, Ellis. You're going to make me come?" I whimpered in anticipation but Ellis stopped.

"Sssshhhh, baby. You can't come until I'm inside you."

He got between my legs. I spread them even though I knew I should stop. "You know I'm married."

"I know." He was on his knees between my legs.

"I can't get pregnant." God. I could feel his gorgeous prick knocking at my door. I almost reached down to pull it into my pussy.

"You need me to wear a rubber?"

"Put it on." I could hardly keep from playing with myself as I watched Ellis get the condom from his pants and put it on. Ellis was older but he had a young man's body. The condom was one of the big ones but Ellis's cock tested it. It really had to stretch to encompass his girth and it wasn't long enough to cover him. He took a bottle of lube from his pocket and covered the condom before he put a little in my pussy. 

I can't put into words how hot I was for Ellis and his cock. I had waited almost twenty years to spread my legs for a black stud whose cock could master my little white pussy. I was foolish to have even danced with Ellis, but I had forgotten just how weak I was in a strong black man's hands, how badly I wanted to give myself to a strong black man.

I sighed with relief when Ellis was between my legs again. I closed my eyes and waited and I moaned when I felt his thick head stretching my entrance. I relaxed to let him in, but I was surprised how much it hurt. Even though I had given birth to two eight pound babies, it hurt worse than the first time I took Don inside. I can't explain it, because I don't understand it myself, but I wouldn't have traded that pain for anything, and I have longed for it since. 

It felt right to be stretched by a hung black stud, as if it were part of being his white slut. Ellis applied a steady pressure against my pussy's resistance and his cock bore into my body about an inch a minute. I felt content when his balls nestled against my ass, like that was where I was meant to be, on my back under a black stud with my legs spread wide.

Ellis started pumping my pussy with long, slow, powerful strokes. I was in the arms of a cocksman and I came before he had stroked my pussy ten times. The orgasm shook my body until I could hardly breathe. It was like I had never come before, it was so strong and good. When I could talk again I looked into Ellis's eyes and said, "Fuck me like your slut," breathlessly.

"I'll show you how a black man fucks a white slut. Get on your knees." He took his cock out of me. "Yes, sir," I replied.

As I was getting on my knees, Ellis said "No. The rubber just broke." I looked down and saw the tattered condom rolled up again at the base of his cock. "Damn!"

"You don't have any more?" I asked.

"In my jacket. I'll be back in a minute."

"Don't. Just get behind me and fuck me."

I didn't have to beg Ellis to fuck me bareback. He wanted to feel my pussy and I wanted his raw cock. I wondered for a moment whether or not he would pull out but all I could think about was his cock when I felt it spear my pussy from behind. I melted when I felt his strong hands grasp my hips, and I barely kept myself from collapsing on the bed. I could feel every vein on Ellis's naked shaft and I loved it. He pounded me hard and fast this time and I came almost immediately. "Yeah, come on Lise. Give me that white pussy. Give me that married pussy."

"Fuck me Ellis," I squealed as I came again. I'd never had multiple orgasms before but they came one on top of the other. Ellis kept reaming me with his colossal stalk and saying wonderful nasty things to me while I whimpered and moaned.

I stopped coming but he was still pounding me hard. "I'm gonna come soon, baby. I'll come on your ass."

"Oh, Ellis. Put me on my back and come in my pussy."

Before I had a chance to regret saying it, Ellis flipped me over and slipped his cock back inside me. "Come inside your slut, baby," I moaned as he hit bottom. He fucked me deep and hard and I felt a warm tingle spread from my womb down through my pussy and my legs. Ellis only needed a few strokes before he rammed his cock home and I felt it swell and shower my womb with his come. The warmth in my belly became an orgasm and I wrapped my legs around my black lover so his spurting cock could not escape my cunt. I briefly remembered the husband I was betraying and the idea of being a shameless, cheating slut made my pussy burn hotter. 

When Ellis finished sowing my pussy, he slowly backed out of me and rolled over onto his back. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. "Oh. How'd you get so big?" I asked him.

"It's not that that big," he grinned.

"Yes it is. You know so."

"Are you sore?"

"A little."

"Too bad. I was hoping we could fuck more."

"I want it too but you're so big I'm sore." Ellis's thick shaft had made me come so much and so hard that I didn't feel like I could come for another week. I was completely cleaned out but I wanted to satisfy his precious black dick. I wanted to empty Ellis's balls and leave him as satisfied as I was. In the span of hours I had gone from respectable wife and mother to a black man's sex slave.

"Let me suck your cock and make you feel good," I said as I grasped his cock again. Ellis laid back and smiled and I kissed my way down his stomach. When I had his shaft in my mouth, I tasted my own pussy mixed with his salty sperm and the distinctive musk of black cock. I sucked slowly, at first, and savored his pleasure. I sucked it and took it as deep as I could into my mouth, then I rested my jaw and let my eyes enjoy its beauty while I rubbed it. Ellis moaned and flexed his tight ass and fucked my face.

"It feel so good baby," he sighed. "That's a good girl."

"Stand up so I can blow you like your white bitch."

Ellis stood next to the bed and I knelt before him. Now, more than anything I loved being used by a black man, being on my knees with his heavy prick in my mouth, or on my back being stretched by it, or on my hands and knees with his hands on my hips. My submission to Ellis so excited me that I devoured his black cock. I cradled his balls and worked his shaft hard while he watched me blow him. 

His come started seeping out of my cunt and running down my thighs. I rubbed and squeezed and sucked his cock until it exploded in my mouth. My husband dribbles when he comes, but Ellis filled my mouth like James. I licked his cock clean and looked up to see him smiling at me. "You can fuck me again," I said.

"I thought you were too sore," said Ellis.

"It's okay." I got on my hands and knees on the edge of bed so my ass hung off the side. "I need to feel you come inside me again." Ellis stood behind me and he grabbed my hips and slid every inch of his long cock into me. He started pumping as soon as he hit bottom. I was still sore, but I loved every stroke. When he filled me with his warm seed I came again. Ellis pushed me forward onto my stomach and laid on top of me, his cock still inside. 

As sore as I was, I didn't want him to pull out. But he did, and we got under the covers and I shut out the light and fell asleep with Ellis's big, hard dick against my back.

The next morning, Ellis and I kissed and we showered together. We soaped each other's bodies and dried each other off with fluffy hotel towels. It felt like Ellis was my husband and we were having a weekend away together and we should get dressed and go down to the restaurant and have breakfast. But we weren't married and we both had to go, so I asked Ellis to sit in a chair and I got on my knees and gave him a farewell blowjob. This time, I didn't spill any seed; my tummy got it all. 

I had only intended to suck Ellis off, but he was still hard after my blowjob and I took my panties off and climbing onto that gorgeous cock for a ride before I went home. He put his arms around my waist and held me down on his pole while it filled my little white womb with his last load. I came so hard he had to hold me up. I felt Ellis's cock soften inside me and I was proud to have fully satisfied such a stud. We kissed goodbye and he left and I gathered my things and met the girls in the lobby for the ride to the airport. They asked me why I was so quiet, and I told them I was a little hung over.

On the flight home, I pretended to sleep while I thought things through. I had given in to a weakness I knew I had to avoid and betrayed my husband and family. That much was bad enough, and I had to deal with the psychological consequences of cheating. But, worse, I had fucked a black man bareback and, if he had gotten me pregnant, I couldn't avoid the consequences; I would have to have an abortion or lose my marriage. 

At least if I had cheated with a white man and gotten knocked up my husband might think it was his, but not a black baby. I had to wait two weeks to see if my period would come. All the way home, I felt Ellis's seed leaking from my cunt.

You have probably guessed that my period never came. I went to the doctor to be sure I was pregnant and the test was positive. I made vague plans to have an abortion but every day I found an excuse not to go to the clinic. In truth, I wanted the baby badly. I put off going until I started to show and my husband noticed. He was ecstatic because he thought it was his baby and he called our family and told them the "good news" and he told our daughters. Later, we went for a sonogram and found out it was a boy. Ellis's son was growing in my womb.

Now I have to carry the baby to term, whether I want to or not. I want Ellis's and my son, but I know my marriage will be over the day he is born. My husband won't stand the shame of being cuckolded by a black man and our family will be furious when the find out their "miracle baby" is the product of an adulterous night with a black stud. And the baby will be living proof to the world of my lust for black men. There is a lot to worry about, but most of all I worry about what kind of relationship I will have with my little girls that I love so much.

I didn't get Ellis's phone number. I don't even know his last name. But, maybe after the baby is born I will find him through the hotel and try to salvage some kind of life for myself.