A Breeding Performance 

(FFM, exh, reluc, intr) A gorgeous blonde housewife teams up with a muscular hung black man to perform on stage for white male patrons. She encounters two major problems when they fly into Detroit to perform at a private show.

A Breeding Performance 

by Karen Kay (karen@karenkayonline.com)

Dawn sat looking out at the wing of the plane as her mind drifted back several months to the first night she worked as a whore. She was well seasoned now with a lot of experience about black men.

They all came to her for one thing. They wanted white pussy! Once the word got around that she was married she became very popular with the men wanting clean white pussy.

She looked over at Lucy. She was asleep. Dawn remembered how she blamed her friend for getting her hooked up being a prostitute. The bills had been paid plus Dawn setup a personal account with more than on hundred thousand dollars. 

If Richard every found out he'd want to know where the money came from for sure. She loved her husband dearly but had to find a way in the future where she could tell him about the money. Maybe she would tell him an aunt left her the cash. He'd want to know everything. It's just the way Richard was.

She crossed her legs feeling the warmth coming from her pussy. She must have fucked hours last night. She'd been seeing a guy regularly. His name was Lance. Lance worked as a body guard for rich and famous people. 

He was six-seven and built like a brick shithouse. Dawn practically treated him like her husband only worse. They argued all the time but Dawn never complained. There wasn't day that went by where Lance didn't call her for an appointment. She soon started seeing him outside the service until she quite working as a call girl and became Lance's personal girlfriend. 

She'd like to say she wasn't romantically involved with this man but she was. Lance could be a real dick at times. She called him an asshole many times for the way he treated her. Dawn couldn't explain it but there was something that attracted her to him and it wasn't his huge dick.

Dawn never saw such a huge cock on a human being before she saw Lance. She remembered the first night with him and how he was so gentle with her. That soon changed once she fell for him, hook line and sinker!

He talked her into quitting her job with the service. He said he'd pay her twice as much as they could. He even talked her into bringing Lucy along. He loved threesomes. It was something Dawn never imagined until the first night she shared Lance with her good friend.

Dawn glanced at her watch. They'd be landing in Detroit in another hour. Dawn had a smirk on her face thinking about her husband, Richard. He'd fly into Detroit last night. He was their for a software convention. 

Dawn remembered the quick fuck before he had to catch his plane. An hour later she was pinned under Lance at his place with that big black cock filling her pussy. She had a smirk on her face as she remembered her cell phone ringing while Lance's muscular thighs banged into her upturned ass.

She remembered how she struggled to reach the phone as Lance swayed his hips stretching her pussy. When she was finally able to reach it she had to work hard to flip it open as Lance banged her ass. 

It was Richard calling to tell her he loved her. She recalled how Lance tormented her by biting on her other ear as she replied to her husband. He had arched his hips in a way to make his cock slid along her clit. Her body shook trying not to cum as she spoke with her husband. 

Dawn recalled telling Richard how much she loved him as Lance's cock spewed its thick white potent seed. She remembered feeling how hot it felt as she kissed the phone and closed the flap ending the call.

The cell phone fell down to the carpeted floor below as she circled her arms around Lance's massive black shoulders.

"Fuck me you stud."

Lance began hammering hard into her pussy again making her cum before sending another hot load of potent African seed deep inside her fertile womb. Dawn fell asleep soon after with Lance lodged inside her pussy. 

They both woke an hour later and continued having wild sex well into the evening. She recalled the argument they got into when she dressed and was ready to leave.

"When you going to learn not to answer that fucking damn phone when we're fucking?"

"Damn it... Lance! That was my husband calling to tell me he loved me!"

"Yeah... Right... Like you need love..."

"Fuck you, you bastard!"

"Fuck you, yourself... Bitch!"

Lance grabbed her purse out of her arms as she was walking out the door and reached down inside and took her birth control pills.

He shook the little packet at her face saying. "We'll see how much you love him now Bitch!"

"Give them to me!"

Dawn struggled with him for several minutes trying to wrestle them away but he quickly punched them out in the toilet as he held her back and away.

"Damn you Lance...You know I don't have time to refill those before tomorrow."

Lance wiggled his finger at her. "Come here!"

"Fuck you!"

"I said come here... Now!"

"Why? Are you going to buy me another packet?"

Lance got a hold of the thin material of her new dress and pulled her to him. He pressed his wide black lips to hers and gave her a wet open mouth kiss. He dropped the packet into the waste basket as he took her into his arms sending his tongue deep inside her mouth. She eagerly accepted it.

Lance broke the kiss to look her in the eyes. "I'll see you in Detroit around none."

He pressed his lips back onto hers as they passionately kissed.

Dawn came back out of her thoughts feeling Lucy's arm bump into her shoulder as she stretched.

"Are we there yet?"

"We have about forty-five minutes yet."

Lucy turned on her side and closed her eyes as Dawn thought back to last night again.

"Why are you leaving tonight? Why can't you just fly out with me and Lucy in the morning?"

"You know I got to be there tonight to make arrangements."

Lance moved his arms down and slid his hands down to hers. He moved his fingers around felling for her diamond rings. They were missing.

"Where the fuck is your rings baby?"

"I took them off on my way here."

Lance pulled her close again saying. "You better make sure you got them on when you get on that plane in the morning. The guys are going to want to see those on a pretty white blonde wife tomorrow night."

"I don't give a fuck if they do. They're coming there to watch me get fucked! I don't see what my wedding rings have to do with anything!"

Lance felt frustrated as he gripped her waist and replied. "Stop being such a bitch and just wear the damn things! You know I got the show booked as a white wife out on the prowl for a little black dick."

Dawn gave him little kisses around his face. "I'm scared, baby."

"What's wrong now?"

"My husband is staying at the same hotel this weekend."

"So what...he's there for a convention or something isn't he?"

"Yes but you never know!"

Lance kissed her passionately again holding her tight in his arms.

Dawn listened as they announced to fasten seat belts. They were going to land soon. Lucy woke up and buckled her seat belt as the plane started to land. Dawn opened her purse looking inside thinking about her missing birth control packet. She just wished she had more time to call the doctor and let him know she lost them.

She had an idea. She'd try to call his office and see if he can call in a prescription here in Detroit. She started to smile again as she figured it out. Lucy held her hand as the plane made a rough landing. They were soon in a taxi on the way to the hotel.