A Chance to Advance

(MMF, FF, wife-exh, reluc, husband-voy, oral, bi, gb, rom) A young couple are offered a chance for the husband to advance at work, but in exchange the wife must make herself available to the executive's on demand. 

A Chance to Advance

by Vulgus (vulgus@hotmail.com)

It kind of started yesterday. Brad came home from work and it was obvious that there was something on his mind. He was distracted and at times he almost seemed like he was mad about something. He kept insisting that there was nothing wrong, nothing bothering him, but there was.

Brad was my first and only boyfriend. We grew up next door to each other in an older, quiet neighborhood in a medium sized town in the Midwest. We really pissed off both sets of our parents when we got married. I was only sixteen and Brad was eighteen and just about to leave for college.

We had been friends since we were infants, but we had fallen in love when I was fourteen and he was sixteen. We were not allowed to date, of course. I was not to be allowed to date until I was sixteen, and the boy that I wanted to date was two years older than me, so even though my parents knew and liked Brad, dating him would have been out of the question. 

But we spent all of our time together and as long as we didn't call it a date our parents didn't say anything. Long before we became sexually active, I used to give him little "shows" at night. My bedroom window faced his across our driveways and I would frequently "forget" to close my blinds at night when I got ready for bed. Every time was exciting, but I will never forget that first time.

I had gone to my room to get ready for bed and as usual I went towards the window to close my blinds. I saw Brad in his room across the way and the idea just hit me. I have no idea where it came from even. I will admit that I sometimes played with my eager little pussy at night and thought of what it would be like to be seen naked by a boy, especially by Brad. But I didn't think about really doing it! 

But this night I moved around my room and thought about what it would be like. I avoided looking at my window or even moving close to it. I made believe that I didn't see Brad across the way, watching me. I fiddled around in my room, trying to work up the nerve, and finally I started undressing. I didn't undress like I was doing it for him. I attempted, as much as possible, to undress the same way that I did every night. 

I took off my t-shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then I took my shorts off and walked around in my underwear for a moment. I finally got the nerve to take off my bra and stood with my back to the window and reached behind my back and unhooked it. When I turned around to drop it on the bed I saw that Brad had turned his light out and I knew that he was sitting in the dark watching me. I dropped my bra on the bed and massaged my breasts; they always enjoyed that first moment or two of freedom when they were released from captivity. 

I could almost feel Brad watching me as I slid my plain, pink, nylon panties off and dropped them on the bed with the rest of my clothes. Then I went to my dresser and bent over and pulled out clean underwear and pulled them on and finally I dug out a sleep-shirt and put it on. I put my clothes in the hamper and then got on my bed. As I lay down my panties were exposed and I lay there like that for a little while, making believe that I was reading. But I couldn't concentrate; I was much too excited to read. 

That was the first time. After that I did it every night. I used to get so aroused, slowly undressing in front of that window, knowing that Brad was watching and imagining what was going through his mind, what affect watching me was having on him. I would take off my clothes and move around my room, dragging out the time I spent naked as much as possible. 

I knew that he was watching, and he knew that I knew. And it was terribly exciting for both of us. I don't know if that is why now we are both still so fond of, and still enjoy my exhibitionism. I really can't say if I was putting on those shows because I am an exhibitionist, or if I became an exhibitionist because I so enjoyed putting on those shows for him. Whatever the reason, exhibitionism is still a part of our sex lives now, nearly eight years later.

We didn't mention those little shows at first. I was too embarrassed to talk about them the first few times. But after that first show, when we met outside to walk to school together the next morning, Brad was all over me. When we finally did start to talk about it, it seemed like I was more embarrassed talking about it than actually doing it. But once the initial nervousness was gone, we enjoyed talking about it too, joking about it, kidding about how hot it made us, and reliving it as we walked to school.

It was months later, after Brad finally got a car, that we started moving towards the inevitable sex act. First there were the many evenings spent kissing and touching. I found that I loved being touched. It was every bit as exciting as I had imagined that it would be. And I loved touching him. I knew a lot of girls that were put off by a guy's dick. They didn't want to see it or touch it or they were really intimidated by it. I had only seen Brad's, and I loved it. I loved the way it looked and the way that it felt, and before long I loved the way that it tasted. I felt sorry for those girls that didn't know what they were missing.

It was months before we actually had intercourse in the back seat of his car. We were both eager, but nervous. He didn't want to hurt me, I didn't want to be hurt, and neither of us wanted me pregnant, at least not yet. We both hated the idea of rubbers, so I found out what I would have to do to get on the pill and I went to a family planning clinic and they tried very hard to talk me out of it, since I wasn't even fifteen yet, but in the end they gave me a prescription without notifying my parents. For the next year and a half we put that poor little pill to the test, big time! Every chance we got we had sex. If his parents weren't home we used his bed, if my parents weren't home we used my bed, but mostly we used his back seat, which is probably the worst place in the world to have sex, so you know it was true love.

Shortly after Brad and I were married, he went away to Notre Dame on a full scholastic scholarship and I finished high school. After I graduated, two years later, I went to Middlebury College, also on a full scholarship. I did all of those things necessary to work my way towards a degree. I suppose that I rounded out my education. But since I had never actually planned to have a career it served no other purpose, except I suppose to better prepare me to hold my own in a conversation with the new circle of friends that Brad and I began to accumulate as time went on. 

When he had graduated, Brad had been hired by J.A.M. Aluminum. He had taken the job, in part because it was a wonderful job with a lot of potential for advancement, but mostly because he would be near to me in Middlebury and we would, for the first time in our two year marriage, be able to live together as man and wife.

It was a very exciting time. I was a good student and I had always liked school. So I was able to do very well without putting too much time or effort into it. We had a very active social life. His office seemed to have a lot of executive parties and get-togethers, formal and informal, and they were a nice bunch of people. We enjoyed them a lot. According to Brad, I made a very good impression on his co-workers. 

Brad is very handsome, and I am not just saying that because I love him. He is also very intelligent, and an extremely personable young man. He was very highly thought of at work and he was obviously on the fast track. 

For the first two years we had two sets of friends. We had his friends at work and my friends from school. We had very few friends that crossed over. Our friends from J.A.M. were a bit older and more mature. Our friends from school were, well, let me be generous and say slightly less mature.

But we enjoyed being with both sets of people and our social life was pretty active. There was something that we did, twice actually, with my school friends, that we never even considered with the people from Brad's job. We had threesomes. Well, we did it more than twice, but we only did it with two people.

The first time it was sort of an accident. We had thrown a party at our house. As usual, I had been wearing something sexy and revealing and flirting with all the guys all night. Brad was so horny from watching me, and I was so horny from doing it, that we couldn't wait for the party to end and all the guests to leave. We had snuck upstairs and we were making out on our bed while the party was still going on. 

It was several minutes before we realized that we were being watched. A good friend of ours, Bob Usher, had been unable to wait for the bathroom downstairs to open up, so he had come up to use the upstairs bathroom. When it, too, had been occupied, he had come down to our bedroom and used our master bathroom. We had rushed into our bedroom and started going at it, not realizing that anyone was in our bathroom.

When Bob opened the door after he finished in the bathroom, he saw Brad and I doing some serious making out. My breasts were exposed and my skirt was up to my waist and Brad was eating me out, only minutes away from getting on top of me and giving me the good pounding that I really needed right then.

I saw Bob before Brad did. But for some reason I didn't freak out. In fact, I just smiled at him. Brad saw my reaction and then he saw who I was smiling at. He stopped eating me long enough to smile at Bob too. Bob took that as permission, I guess, because he didn't leave. He moved closer and stared at my exposed body. I can't explain why we all did what we did next, so I won't try. I will just try to describe it.

I was already very excited from flirting and showing off all evening. And now Brad was eating my sopping wet pussy and we were both getting off on the idea that a friend of ours was standing at the edge of the bed watching closely.

I reached out and took Bob's hand and pulled him closer and he bent down and started kissing me and touching my breasts. It was the first time anyone but Brad had touched my breasts, or seen them close up. I immediately had an orgasm from all of the stimulation, but Brad just kept on eating me. 

Bob kept kissing me and soon he was kissing and sucking my nipples and without even thinking I reached out my hand and started rubbing his cock through his pants. I had never touched any cock but Brad's, and the very idea of it was extremely exciting. I was holding a friend's cock in my hand while he was kissing my tits and my husband was eating my pussy and watching me! How fucking hot is that!

There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was going to happen. It was just happening and it was exciting and we were thinking with our sex organs and just going with it. 

I started struggling with Bob's zipper, trying to get his cock out, and without removing his lips from my nipple he reached down and unfastened his belt and his pants and slid them out of the way, his shorts along with them.

I reached down again and put my hand around that hot, soft flesh of his steel hard cock and using it as a handle I pulled him up onto the bed and guided him close enough that I could see, and then taste him. He straightened up, but his hand never left my breasts and I hungrily took him into my mouth. While I sucked the first cock I had ever sucked that was not Brad's, I was looking my husband right in the eyes and I saw that he was just as excited as I was about it, although I was so fucking turned on right then that I probably could not have stopped if he had looked upset.

But he wasn't upset, he was very turned on. He stopped eating me and quickly wrestled his pants and his underwear off and then he got back on the bed and lifted my legs and started fucking me violently. And it was fantastic!

I came as soon as his cock entered me, and I kept cumming while he was fucking me and I was sucking Bob's cock like a crazy woman. Bob was picking up speed in my mouth and Brad was squeezing one of my tits and Bob was squeezing the other and I was looking up at the two, strong, handsome men that were fucking me and having one wonderful orgasm after another.

Bob came first. He filled my mouth with his cum and I was surprised at how much different it tasted than Brad's cum. But it didn't taste bad and it was very exciting. I like it when Brad cums in my mouth. Cum is not the most delicious thing in the world, but the idea of having a man cum in my mouth is almost enough to make me cum just thinking about it.

I was moaning around Bob's cock while he emptied his balls into my mouth and he was holding my head tight with one hand and squeezing the hell out of my tit with the other and then, after I swallowed. I just held his cock in my mouth until Brad came in my pussy a minute later.

After Brad had filled me with cum he stayed buried in my pussy until he was soft and then he stretched out beside me and Bob stretched out on the other side of me and Brad pulled my face close and kissed me passionately while Bob ran his hands lightly over my body. 

When we broke the kiss I looked him in the eye, looking for any sign of regret, jealousy, whatever. I saw none of that. He relaxed beside me and his hand joined Bob's in gently teasing my body while the three of us talked quietly.

None of us was stone sober, but none of us had had so much to drink that alcohol could take the entire blame for what had happened. But as we talked, it became obvious that there was no blame. We had all enjoyed it and there were no hard feelings or even any discomfort or embarrassment. It had been an accident, but a very exciting one. We had all enjoyed it.

I was starting to get turned on again and I tried to tell them that if they didn't stop what they were doing with their hands that I would not be responsible for whoever got raped next.

The guys laughed and Brad said, "I don't think it would be fair to let Bob leave here without trying out some of that hot pussy of yours. I would hate it if he got the impression that I was a bad host."

I had been holding both men's soft cocks in my hands while they caressed my breasts and my dripping pussy and both were getting hard again. 

I looked at Brad and asked, "Honey, are you sure? The blowjob was a wonderful accident. If I fuck him it is going to be on purpose."

Brad smiled and said, "I just learned that I love watching you in action. But you have to promise not to hurt him."

Bob was fully hard now and he said, "I'm not afraid. If you would prefer though, I can make it look like an accident. I could pretend to fall down and make believe that I didn't know that she was there."

I grinned and pulled him closer and kissed him and then pulled him up on top of me. I reached down and lined his cock up and it was so exciting, having a cock that wasn't Brad's enter my pussy for the first time. I was already turned on from all of the touching and I had my first orgasm almost in just a few short minutes of violent thrusting.

Brad started kissing me while Bob was fucking me and both of them were teasing my breasts again and it is a good thing that one of them was kissing me at all times, because I was screaming into first Bob's mouth and then Brad's mouth and the people that were still at the party would have been running up the stairs, looking for the woman being murdered, if they weren't suppressing my screams with their lips.

Bob came again, surprisingly quickly since I had just sucked him off, and I had several more orgasms while he fucked me. As soon as he pulled out of me and rolled to his side I got up and sucked Brad to a second orgasm, which was also very quick in coming. I guess there was no denying that he enjoyed the show.

We all rested for a moment after I sucked Brad off. Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up while the guys went back to the party. After I had let two men's cum drain out of my pussy into the toilet and washed myself off and brushed my teeth, I went back out and sat on my bed to rest for a minute to get my composure back. I could smell the sex in the room. And I was not getting myself much more composed as I sat there smelling the smell of cum in the air and picturing what had just happened, replaying it in my dirty mind. I wished that Brad had waited for me; I was ready to go again!

I finally got up and went downstairs. I found Brad and Bob together having a drink and as I approached Brad handed me a drink that he had all ready for me. I sipped the drink and thanked him. Then I kissed both men and started circulating through the remaining guests. 

It was starting to get late and some of the few remaining guests were pretty drunk so I arranged for them to either get a taxi or camp out somewhere in the house until they sobered up enough to drive back to campus or where ever they lived. It was another hour before things were quiet and everyone was either gone or down for the night. The only people left standing were Bob, Brad and me. 

I knew that Bob was not too drunk to drive, and I wondered if he and Brad had decided to go for a rematch. I didn't have to wonder how I felt about that idea. It was late and I was tired. But I was not too tired to try to recapture the excitement of what we had done an hour or so ago. 

I saw Brad and Bob put their drinks down and Brad went to the door and locked it. Then they came over to where I was starting to clean up and Brad put his arms around me and said, "Leave that for tonight. Bob has agreed to stay and help us clean up in the morning."

I kissed Brad and then I grabbed both of them by the belt and pulled them to the stairs. I didn't have to pull hard. As I climbed the stairs, a step in front of them, I felt each of them put a hand on my leg and work it up under my dress until each of them was holding a cheek by the time we got to the top of the stairs. It was a wonderfully sexy sensation.

This time, when we were safely locked in our bedroom, we all undressed and did it right, although I think the first time was the most exciting. The first time for everything is usually the most exciting, isn't it?

The next day, true to their word, the two guys helped me clean up, as did one of the girls that had passed out in one of our spare bedrooms. It only took a couple of hours. Trust me; a couple of hours to clean up after twenty drunken college kids, that's making good time! Then I made breakfast for the four of us and then, finally, everyone had gone, it was just Brad and me.

We didn't know quite what to say to each other. We both realized that we had enjoyed it tremendously. We both knew without having to say it that there were no hurt feelings, no jealously. What we didn't know was where do we go from here? Did we want to do it again? Did we want to do it with someone else? I know it is wrong, but I had serious reservations about doing it with another girl. I know, that was so not fair to Brad. But not only did Brad understand, he insisted that he was happier with the arrangement that we had last night. He claimed that he didn't want all the pressure of having to satisfy two women. But we both realized that I was the more exhibitionistic, and he the more voyeuristic. And we knew that that was a large part of the enjoyment we got out of what had happened.

This all took place near the end of my sophomore year. We had another threesome later that year with Bob. But then he started getting serious about a girl he had been dating and didn't want to screw it up. We are still friends with Bob, and still see him and the girl who is now his wife, Karen. But it is strictly a platonic relationship now. 

It was almost a year before we had another threesome. This time we had invited a friend over to watch a DVD one evening. We had dinner and a bottle of wine, but no one was under the influence. The movie had been pretty hot and the conversation started getting kind of sexy. Brad and I had seen where things were going, but I think that it came as a big surprise to Jim when it started to go beyond the flirting stage. 

He was nervous at first, not as self assured as Bob had been. Maybe because he was more sober than Bob had been, or maybe because he was almost a virgin. But he learned a lot that night! I had moved into his lap and started teasing him. He had been afraid that Brad would get upset and kick his ass, but when it finally sank in that Brad was a willing audience, things moved along pretty fast. He was not as good as Bob, not at first. I think because he lacked the confidence. But by the time he left that evening he had gained a lot of confidence. 

After that night he came back several times to watch DVDs. Whether there was one to watch or not! And each time it was better. 

Still, even though we enjoyed the hell out of what we were doing, we had to be careful, especially with Brad working his way up the corporate ladder. My reputation was pretty important. And I suppose we were both afraid that if we did it too often it would lose its thrill. At least that was what we told ourselves. So we only did it with those two guys. We didn't do it at all in my senior year.

Then came graduation and we settled down. I became the good little corporate wife. I did some volunteer work in town. I had always been into gymnastics and dance, and I continued taking classes and though I was a little too tall to be competitive, I was 5'8" and 115 lbs and just barely a B cup, I enjoyed both activities and kept at them. I have long legs and the exercise keeps me limber and slender. I can still get into some pretty exciting positions!

I have also volunteered to help out with company functions and I had gotten to meet a lot of the senior staff at the plant. I had received some pretty interesting propositions from some of them too. So I was aware that a lot of the senior vice presidents where Brad worked were a bunch of horn dogs. 

That brings me back to what was bothering Brad for the last two nights. When he came home from work that second evening and he was still obviously upset about something I started to get worried. I knew that he loved his job and it concerned me that something at work was troubling him this much. I made him a special dinner and we had a good bottle of wine and after I cleared off the table we sat and talked while we finished off the wine.

Brad and I had always told each other everything, and I didn't want him to feel that he had to protect me from whatever it was that was on his mind. Finally I convinced him that whatever the problem was we could solve it better together and then he wouldn't have to worry about protecting me, a concept I wasn't that fond of to start with.

Brad paused for a second and then he said, "I have been offered a promotion and a very large raise."

I looked at him, really confused now, and said, "Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. You aren't going to stand for that are you?!"

He laughed at that and took his last sip of wine. Then he got up and said, "This is going to be a two bottle of wine evening. Hold that thought."

He went to the cabinet and got out another bottle and opened it. He set it down to let it breathe for a few minutes and then he said, "I have been offered a junior vice president's position. If I accept it my salary will more than double, with bonuses and perks it will more than triple. We will have a company Cadillac, a new one every year, stock options, company trips, use of the company jet. My salary will be more than we can spend and the work, the job that they are offering is so exciting that it gives me a hard-on!"

I waited for the "but" to come, because I knew there was a big one coming. But it was obvious that he didn't even want to talk about it. I finally had to ask. "That all sounds wonderful baby, so what are you not telling me? What is the catch?"

Brad took a deep breath and said, "EPOD is the acronym that they use for it."

He was apparently going to make me drag this out of him. But before I finally got impatient and asked he continued.

"EPOD, Executive Pussy on Demand. If I accept the position, you will have to agree to become a member of a secret society of junior vice president's wives. You will be more or less a call girl. Any member of the senior staff will be able to have you, at any time and at any place that they desire. They can call you into the office and fuck you there, or drop by the house any time, day or night and fuck you here. Not only that, but there will be regular parties, well, orgies actually, where you will be nothing more than a party favor, you and the other wives. You would also be used from time to time to sweeten deals with clients."

I was surprised to find that I had two immediate reactions to what my husband had just told me. The first, and more appropriate response, was shock, dismay, maybe even anger. But I was embarrassed to find that I was also aroused by the concept. I don't mean panting, tear my clothes off horny, but as I listened to him tell me what would be required of me I recognized that little tingle between my thighs. The concept, in the abstract at least, struck me as quite erotic. 

I could just imagine being available to the half dozen older senior vice presidents, and the company president, as well as the occasional client. Imagine it as in fantasize about it, not that I could imagine myself actually doing it.

I gratefully accepted when Brad poured us each another glass of wine. Finally I asked, "When were you going to tell me about this?"

He looked at me as if to say, "That's a stupid question!" But what he said was, "I wasn't going to tell you!"

"What happens if you tell them no?" I asked.

Brad shrugged and said, "Nothing, I guess. I don't the promotion, or the raise, and life goes on."

"But what about when some other position opens up? Will you still be considered?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know. Mr. Kennedy told me yesterday that the primary reason that I had been offered the position was that my work merited a raise and I was more than qualified. I was not being offered the job merely because all of those dirty old men wanted to get in your pants. That was just a big plus."

"How many other wives are there in EPOD," I asked.

"Three," he answered, "Carol Mitchum, Madison Scott, and Grace Davis. You have met Grace."

"Grace Davis! Are you sure? She has been married to Tim for ten years but she still acts like a fucking virgin!" 

Brad nodded and said, "Yeah, I was surprised at all three of them actually. I mean, they are all lookers. Well, not as hot as you. And they are all at least ten years older than you. And except for Grace I suppose I can picture them going along with it, but not their husbands. Jeff Mitchum and Carl Scott are two of the biggest stuffed shirts that I know. Tim is kind of a wimp. I suppose that I can imagine him going along with it. I just can't imagine how he got Grace to go along."

I laughed and said, "Maybe she just wanted something she wasn't getting at home."

Brad smiled and shrugged again.

I asked, "So you weren't going to tell me? Does that mean you won't consider it?"

Brad looked shocked that I would even ask. "Do you mean that you would consider it?!"

"I don't know," I answered. "To be honest, when you were telling me what is required of the girls in EPOD I kind of got a tingle out of it. Just the concept, mind you, not that I actually considered doing it. It could have been just the wine."

I could see that Brad had not anticipated this turn in the conversation. He was studying me now, trying to decide what I was thinking.

I said, "Don't look at me like that. I can see you trying to read my mind. I don't even know what I am thinking." I really didn't, either. I had met all of the senior vice presidents. Several of them had made passes at me, but in a friendly, flirty way, the kind 
that you can say no to and just pass it off as a joke. And I hadn't been offended. In fact, I had been kind of flattered.

"How much of a raise did you say?" I asked.

He looked at me in amazement. Then he answered, "My salary would be $200,000 a year before bonuses and the value of the other perks was added in. With stock options and the car and bonuses it would be well over $300,000 a year."

He looked at me and exclaimed, "You're really thinking about this!"

I got a little defensive and said, "No, I'm just exploring our options. I want to know what you know. What if I was considering it, how would you feel about it?"

He looked at me strangely and said, "I don't know. I never imagined for a second that you would consider it. I thought you would be pissed and want me to go kill someone for even suggesting it!"

"How long would I have to be in EPOD?" I asked. 

The expression on Brad's face was starting to change now. He had not even considered accepting. Probably because he never believed that I would even consider it. Now he could see that I was at least considering it. It was, after all, a very large sum of money to pass up.

He said, "I suppose that you would have to remain in EPOD until I was promoted to senior vice president. Most of the men holding that job now are in their mid to late fifties or early sixties. But they might decide to work until they are seventy for all we know. And there are three other junior vice presidents in front of me for promotion. You could be fucking those horny old men for fifteen or twenty years!"

I thought about that for a moment and then I asked, "But as long as we didn't fuck up, you would be pretty much guaranteed a promotion to senior VP, right?"

"Yes," Brad answered. "I suppose so."

"What would you think of me if I said maybe we should talk about it some more, maybe we should consider it?" I asked him.

Brad gulped down the last few sips of his wine and poured another glass for both of us. But he didn't answer. He suddenly got thoughtful, actually thinking about it for the first time.

After a few minutes he turned to me and said, "You know that you would be nothing more than a call girl. The client list would be pretty small, but still, Mr. Kennedy could come by the house anytime, night or day and tell you to undress and fuck you, right in front of me if he wanted to. That doesn't bother you?"

I was embarrassed by my answer, but I had to be honest about this now, or we would never come to a decision we could both be comfortable with. I hesitated and then I said, "You know what I was thinking about? I was remembering our threesomes with Bob and Jim. I know what you are thinking, this would be different. But they were some pretty exciting times. And we didn't have any regrets. You enjoyed watching me fuck both of them. And that was just sex, just recreational sex."

"But to be honest," I continued, "even though the money and the perks are exciting, that is not what made my stomach flip when you were telling me about it. You make a very good salary now. I wouldn't be doing it for the money."

"We have to decide how you would feel about me if I agreed to this before I can even begin to make up my mind. If you can't still love me, then like I said, your current pay check is just fine with me. We have everything we want or need right now. If you thought the idea was hot, and don't try to tell me you don't get turned on by the idea of me fucking other men, I have seen you watching when I was doing it! If you thought the idea was hot and you could still love me and respect me when this is all over, then I would have a decision to make. If you have even the slightest doubt, then I don't have a decision to make, you will have made up my mind for me."

Brad was quiet for a few minutes and then he said, "When Kennedy first called me into his office and made the pitch, I was really pissed. I had to really struggle to stay calm and not get up and rearrange his face. We had that talk just before I got off work yesterday. You noticed how upset I was."

I nodded.

"But last night," he continued, "when I was laying in bed in the dark, and most of today when I was thinking about it, it kind of turned me on. I didn't want to feel that way. Today I was mad at myself for not being mad at Kennedy. But I wasn't thinking about whether or not to tell you, or whether or not to accept. I was thinking about you being their sweet young call girl and having hot, sweaty sex with you whenever they wanted. And those parties I told you about, most of the time the husbands are invited. I would get to watch them with you. But I was thinking about it in the abstract. I was thinking of the fantasy, not the real thing."

It was quiet for a while. We sat and sipped our wine and I don't know what made me do it, but I slid out of my chair and dropped to my knees in front of Brad and roughly pulled his light jersey lounging shorts down and off. Then I gave him a loud, raunchy, slutty blowjob. 

He liked it. He liked it a lot! He came in about three minutes, and that was a record for him. He usually lasts a very long time. 

As soon as he came he smiled down at me and said, "Get your fucking ass up here slut!" He pulled me to my feet and moved our glasses and the wine bottle and after removing my terrycloth shorts he pushed me onto the table on my back, put my legs over his shoulders and returned the favor. I knew that I was sopping wet and I was embarrassed at how excited the conversation had made me. But then I remembered how quickly he had cum in my mouth and I was starting to think that I was about to become a call girl. And that thought pushed me right over the edge.

He ate me to several more orgasms and finally I was slumped on the table in front of him and he was staring at my messy pussy and lightly moving his fingers over my thighs and my stomach, all around the area. As he caressed me he was watching my muscles tremble as I came down off of the sex high. Then he bent down and kissed my pussy and helped me back into my chair, after spreading my shorts out so I wouldn't leave a spot. He is so considerate!

I took another sip of wine and asked, "When would I start?"

He chuckled and asked, "Are we really going to do this? We are taking a big chance, you know. I love you so much, and I would hate it if you changed. I have never met a call girl, but I have the impression that they are kind of cold and don't enjoy sex. I would hate it if you became like that."

"Couldn't I just be a sexy housewife that is getting a little on the side?" I asked.

After another pause I asked, "What if we agree to do it, and then we decide we can't handle it?"

Brad said, "I don't know. It would be pretty hard to take a demotion and go back to doing my old job. They would probably fill my position right away. I suspect that we would probably have to leave the company if it didn't work out."

"That would be a shame," I said quietly. "I know how much you love working there."

Brad looked at his watch and said, "It is time to go to bed. Let's sleep on it and decide in the morning."

I nodded and got to my feet. My legs were still a little wobbly; Brad does such a good job with his tongue! I corked the wine and put it and the glasses up. Then we grabbed our shorts and headed for bed.

But we couldn't just go to sleep. We were both too wound up. We sleep in the nude and so there was nothing to get in the way when he started touching me and kissing me and in no time at all we were having our own hot, sweaty sex. I came several times before Brad did, and when he finally came I was too tired to go clean up. I thought to myself, "Fuck it, I'll put clean sheets on tomorrow!" I rolled over and we cuddled and lay in the dark waiting for sleep to come.

It took me a long time to go to sleep that night. And I could tell from his breathing that it took Brad a long time too. I know what was going through his mind though. I lay there with the same images in my mind, and his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of my butt.

When the alarm went off in the morning I went down and made breakfast while Brad showered and dressed. I love to see him when he comes down in the morning all freshly showered and shaved and wearing one of those expensive suits. He looks so handsome and so powerful I always just want to rip his suit off and fuck him half to death.

He sat down and I brought him his coffee and toast and cereal. We still hadn't said anything about EPOD, but I think we had both already made up our minds. I can't say that I wasn't nervous. The idea of being available for any kind of sex with anyone who wants me and being unable to say no is both very erotic, and very scary. But there was a certain degree of humiliation that that kind of sexual servitude necessarily brought with it that I was surprised to discover was really turning me on. I didn't think I was that kind of girl!

Brad ate his breakfast and we tried to act normal. When he had finished he sat back and sipped his coffee and asked, "So, we are going to do this thing?"

I smiled and kissed him and said, "It seems like it turns us both on. It may be that a week from now you will be looking for another job because we screwed up though, you realize that don't you?"

Brad said, "I could stand to lose the job. I couldn't stand to lose you. We have to promise that if it gets to be a problem we will say something, okay?"

I said, "Okay, but if you don't leave now I am going to be humping your leg in a few minutes. And you know how that always stains your suits!"

Brad stood up and said, "So I guess that is not just a yes, but an enthusiastic yes."

I stood up and we hugged and kissed and as he went to work I went up to change the sheets on our bed. Then I took a shower and dressed casually and started cleaning house and doing all that housewifey stuff.

I am a very intelligent and well educated young woman and people find it hard to understand that I enjoy being a housewife. Most of them don't realize just how hard it is to do it well. I love it. I love keeping our house perfect for my loving husband and making him great meals and just being there for him. The only real drawback to the job for me is that I am alone most of the day. It would be nice to have someone to talk to. I need a friendly next door neighbor that drops by for coffee every day.

And Brad appreciates what I do and doesn't hesitate to show me. He brings me flowers and if he has free time at work he calls me up to say "hi" and "I love you." I could have had a job, but I never had a burning desire to be anything in particular, and I get so much satisfaction out of what I do, why would I want to do anything else? We didn't need the money before; we will need it even less now."

I was just about to go out and run some errands when the phone rang. It was Brad calling to tell me that he had talked to Mr. Kennedy and as of this moment his new telephone extension was 1369. He was in the process of moving into his large new office. He asked me what I was doing and I told him that I was just about to leave for the dry cleaners. He suggested that I stop by the Cadillac dealer and pick out a new car. 

Things were certainly moving quickly! I wanted to wait until we could go to the car dealer together, but he said that he would be pretty busy for the next week or so, and he trusted me. Besides, it didn't really matter what I got. He suggested that I just go around and look for the most expensive one in the color that I liked.

I dropped off the cleaning and picked up what I had dropped off previously and, as usual, flirted with the nice old guy that owned the shop. I had planned on going to the grocery store and picking up a roast, but the Cadillac dealer was on the way so I drove in and looked around. 

I was pounced on immediately and the salesman showed me around. I picked out a DTS in glacier white with every possible option. I figured if all of those guys are going to fuck me, it was only fair that I took this opportunity to fuck them. I explained to the salesman that my husband worked at J.A.M. Aluminum and that I was picking out his company car. I was taken inside and they were already expecting me. I was told that I could pick the car up in an hour and the papers would be ready to sign when I came back.

I walked out and went to the grocery store having just spent a small fortune, and it had really been fun! The sticker price of that car was very nearly what my husband had been making a year until today. 

I did my shopping and I put the meats and dairy products in a cooler in the trunk. Then I stopped at a store called Sweet Nothings to spice up my wardrobe. A pretty redhead, her hair was almost the same shade as mine, greeted me when I came in and I told her that I need to change my image a little. She looked at my figure and the way I was dressed and then she led me around the store and picked out a dozen sexy outfits and the underwear to go with them. I tried them on and she approved enthusiastically of most of them. I tended to like what she was picking out and I bought all of the ones that she liked. She also helped me pick out a couple of nearly obscene bathing suits. 

I followed her to the register and I wasn't even phased at the several hundred dollars that it all cost. I would find out later that I would be given a credit card to buy all of my clothes with. I probably should have waited, but we were making so much money now that it really didn't matter.

I went back to the Cadillac place and picked up the new car after signing only a few pieces of paper and then I nervously drove it home. I was planning on coming back later with Brad to pick up our car, but not long after I got home, someone from the dealer delivered it to my driveway! You don't get that kind of service from the Chevy dealer!

I took my groceries inside and put them away and I laid my new outfits out on the bed and then I waited anxiously for time to start supper. I had nothing else to do and it was still early afternoon. 

Well, I thought that I had nothing else to do. It turned out that I had something to do after all. My doorbell rang at a little before two in the afternoon and when I opened the door, there was Mr. Kennedy!

My legs immediately got weak, but I smiled and stepped aside to let him in. He put his arm around my shoulder and led me into the living room and said, "Jan, I must confess that I have been looking forward to this for a very long time. I could not possibly wait another moment. I was starting to fear that your husband would say no to our offer. I assure you that I would have been very disappointed."

When we were in the living room he stepped back and looked at me, or I suppose leered at me is more appropriate. He managed to raise his gaze up to my eyes for just long enough to say, "That's a beautiful car that you picked out. You have excellent taste."

I smiled and thanked him. I asked him he would like something to drink and he declined. Instead he asked me if I would lead the way to my bedroom. 

I said, "Right this way sir," and turned to go to the stairs. 

As I did he said, "When it is just the two of us, please call me Gene."

I smiled and took his hand and said, "Okay, right this way Gene."

He paused at the foot of the stairs to let me precede him. I fully expected feel his large hand on my ass or my thighs as I led him up the stairs. But he was the perfect gentleman.

I led him down the short hallway to my bedroom and he smiled when he saw the new clothes on my bed. I said, "Just getting ready, I have a pretty conservative wardrobe. I thought that I would need something a little spicier now."

While I was clearing the bed off he told me about the credit card I would be getting. Then he took the receipt for the clothes I had just bought and said that he would see to it that Brad was reimbursed today or tomorrow.

I thanked him and then I waited for some sign of what I should do next. Gene pulled me close and we kissed and he ran his hands over me for a few minutes. I was nervous, but I was excited too, and I tried to let it show when I returned his kiss.

He broke the kiss after a few minutes and ran his hands down over my hair and said, "I have always had a thing for redheads."

I said, "That's good, because I have always been a redhead. Would you like to see?"

"I would like that very much, my dear, very, very much."

Gene sat down on the side of my bed and I stood in front of him and slowly undressed. I was wearing a short, silky wraparound sundress that had a simple knotted rope for a belt. I struggled for a moment with the knot, my fingers were shaking. 

I finally got the knot out and let the belt hang loose and the dress just fell open. I had gotten out of the habit of wearing a bra. Brad preferred me without, and once I got used to it, so did I. I shrugged my shoulders and the dress slid down and I dropped it onto a nearby chair. I was wearing only a thong now. I usually wear a bikini or briefs, but I had been feeling sexy after last night and the thong seemed to fit my mood.

I stood in front of Gene in my thong and turned around slowly. Then I slid the thong off and tossed it on top of my dress. I moved closer and it was obvious that Gene approved of my body. He was grinning like crazy and he had a very large looking tent in his pants. 

He moved his hands over my body greedily. I was a little afraid that he would be disappointed in my breasts, but he obviously was not. He was a little rough, but it felt good. 

I waited to see what he would want to do. Mr. Kennedy was the most senior of the senior vice presidents, but he was not the oldest. I would estimate his age to be between fifty-five and fifty-eight. He was about 6'2", maybe 200 lbs, and in pretty good shape. He had what are normally referred to as "rugged good looks." His hair was silver and he was very distinguished looking. I found him to be quite attractive. He was one of the men that had made a pass at me earlier, and when I had said no it was because that was what I was supposed to do. I was attracted to him.

It occurred to me that this would have been a lot harder if we had not had those threesomes with Bob and Jim a few years ago. I had really loosened up a lot thanks to those two guys. And then I thought how sad it was that Brad couldn't be here to watch us now. But then, when he got home I would tell him everything that happened, in graphic detail, so that it would be as much like he was here as I could make it.

As Gene continued to explore my body I stepped closer and put my arm around his neck and said, "This is a first for me, Gene. You are going to have to tell me what you want me to do."

He leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his mouth, and after gently biting down he did the same to the other. I felt the shocks travel through my stomach directly to my clit and I shuddered in excitement. 

Then he pulled back and said, "I like your attitude. I suspect you are going to be very good at this, and I look forward to many more of these little get-togethers."

He gently moved me back a step and stood up and started to undress. I took each item of his clothing from him as he undressed and I hung them up on a nearby rack that Brad used when he undressed at night. As he took off his clothes he said, "I was going to hurry over here and get a quickie blowjob and then go back to work. But I am afraid that you are just too irresistible. I have got to fuck you and I can't wait another day."

I smiled and said, "I am honored. But there is no reason why you can't do both, is there?"

He chuckled and said, "Yes, you are going to work out just fine. Not to be too crude about it, but do you have any idea how long it has been since I stuck my dick into a twenty-two year old woman? No, silly question, of course you don't. I don't either to be honest. But it has been decades. You are obviously beautiful and sexy, but what you probably don't realize yet is how sexy youth is once you begin to age. The older I get the sexier youth is. Your soft skin, your firm body, even your scent is youthful. I can assure you, young lady, that for the near future at least, you are going to be very busy. It is going to take longer than it might normally for your "newness" to wear off."

I had put the last of his clothing aside and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand and I was very impressed. It was very nice looking, and very hard. I kissed the tip of it and licked my lips and then I looked up and said, "I'm in no hurry. New sounds pretty exciting to me." Then I took him into my mouth and he grabbed my head and groaned loudly and I started sucking his cock.

After a moment he stopped me and sat back down on the bed. I stood up and pushed him over onto his back and he slid up and got comfortable. Then I got on the bed with him and took him back into my mouth and gave him a blowjob every bit as enthusiastically as I had for Brad last night. 

He cried out, "Sweet Jesus! God damn girl! I don't know who taught you how to do that, but you are fucking fantastic!"

I took my lips away from his cock long enough to look back at him and say, "Self taught." Then I took him back into my mouth. I had my legs up by his shoulder as I sucked him and his hand was moving over my ass and between my legs, almost as if they were moving of their own accord. His eyes were closed and his hips were moving up to meet my lips and I was soon taking his cock into my throat. His cock was no longer than Brad's, and slightly thinner, so it was pretty easy for me.

He started squeezing one of my ass cheeks very hard and swearing a blue streak and I could tell that he was about to cum. I pulled my lips back to the head of his cock and used my hand to finish him off. 

Once he had filled my mouth with cum I straightened up and smiled at him and showed him that he had, indeed, filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, noting that this was the fourth man that I had sucked off, and no two of them had tasted the same yet. I wondered if pussies had as wide a variety of flavors as cocks did.

Gene watched, and the pleasure was evident on his face as I swallowed his load. Then I bent down and licked up the few drops that had leaked out of his cock as it went soft. I was surprised when I looked down to see that he was not circumcised. I hadn't realized it when his cock was hard. Now I saw the big flap of skin that covered the head of his cock and I explored it, curious about the difference. I thought that it was kind of sexy. And as I explored and teased his cock and watched it get hard again I watched the foreskin disappear. 

"Isn't that neat," I thought, "a cock that does tricks!"

Once he was hard I turned around and straddled his thighs and, with a little difficulty I sat up and took him into my very, very wet pussy. I slid down on his cock and sighed with pleasure at the sensations of a nice hard cock filling me. It is a wonderful sensation and I doubt if I will ever get tired of it.

I paused for a moment, once his cock was buried in my pussy, and then I started moving up and down, slowly at first. He watched my face, and my breasts, but mostly my breasts, as they began to bounce up and down with my movements. I had to slow down twice; I even stopped once, as I had a violent orgasm on his hot cock. But soon I was fucking him hard again and I could see that it would not be much longer. He started swearing again and at the last minute he grabbed both of my tits in his hands and squeezed them and used them to guide my movements as he thrust up into me and came yet again. His orgasm, and the pressure on my tits, set me off and I came for the third time.

When we had both cum, I collapsed down onto his hot sweaty body and he held me there for a moment while he went soft in my pussy. When I finally felt like my arms and legs were no longer made of rubber, I got up and I leaned down and kissed his very slimy cock. It twitched at the touch of my lips and, I felt is eyes on me, waiting to see what I was going to do.

I don't know why I did it. I had never done it before, not even with Brad, but I started licking his cock clean and finally I took it into my mouth and sucked it until all of our juices were gone. Then I kissed it again and got up and pulled him to his feet and led him to the bathroom.

I said, "You can't go back to work smelling like me, let's take a quick shower."

He chuckled and said, "I wish I could keep this scent on me all day. I would go from office to office and taunt my fellow workers."

I shook my head and turned the shower on and waited a minute for the hot water, then I pulled him into the shower and I washed him, thoroughly. And while I was washing him "thoroughly" he got hard again, and I dropped to my knees and sucked him to a third orgasm as he sat on the bench in the shower with the hot water running over him.

When I had finished he said, "I'll be a son of a bitch! I have not done that in many years young lady. The first thing that I do when I get to the office will be to give your husband a bonus. You have earned it already."

I pulled him back to his feet and licked and kissed his nipples and said, "That's okay Gene, I enjoyed it as much as you did. Buy your wife something nice instead."

Gene shook his head in disbelief. Then I rinsed him off and we stepped out of the shower and I dried him off with a big, soft fluffy towel.

I helped him dress, and then I led him to the front door, I was still naked, and I told him how much I enjoyed myself and I thanked him for being so nice, because I had been really nervous.

He pulled me close and kissed me and said, "I have no idea how I will be able to stand the idea having to wait until I can be with you again. I have never been with such a fantastic, sexual, sensuous creature in my life, and I have been with quite a few wonderful women over the years, as you might imagine. Your husband is a very lucky man Janice. Goodbye."

I kissed him again, a quick goodbye kiss this time, and held the door for him. He left, finally and I went to the kitchen and made myself a drink and then sat down and thought about what had just happened. 

There could be no question that I had enjoyed the hell out of it. It had been exciting and erotic and I had probably had a half dozen orgasms. And I didn't feel the least bit guilty. I was only worried about Brad. His would be the important reaction. If I told him what happened today and he became upset, that would be a problem. Somehow though, I didn't think that was going to happen.

I finished my drink and rinsed out my glass before I finally had the presence of mind to check the time. It was time to start the roast and I ended up preparing the entire meal in the nude! 

Just before it was time for Brad to come home I thought about putting on one of my new slut outfits, or maybe just some of the underwear, but I decided that he would like me better this way. I watched the time and had supper on the table and a drink ready to hand him at the door when I heard him drive up. 

I heard him on the front porch and I threw the door open wide and greeted him with a smile and a drink and a naked body. It never occurred to me until after I threw the door open that someone might have been with him. But they weren't, and he smiled and took the drink and hugged me and kissed me and we went inside.

He hurried to the bedroom to change into some casual clothes and I went with him to watch. He reached into his breast pocket and handed me an envelope. "Mr. Kennedy said to give you this," he said. 

I didn't have to open it; I knew it was the money for the clothes. 

As he undressed, Brad said, "I have known that man for several years now. I have never seen him smile like that before. I think he likes you."

I was pretty sure that I already knew the answer, but I had to ask, "What about you Brad? What do you think now that it has happened?"

Brad took me in his arms again and said, "Let me have your hand."

I held my hand and he guided it down to the front of his pants and I found myself holding a very stiff cock. 

He smiled and said, "I have been so anxious to get home and find out what happened that I was running cars off the road all the way home. I love you just as much as I did on our wedding day. No, I probably love you a lot more. I didn't really know you very well that day. I know you pretty well now, and I love you. I love everything about you. Now, if you don't tell me what happened today, well, nothing, but quit teasing me, I am dying to hear about it!"

"I'm not teasing you!" I exclaimed. "I was worried that you might be sorry now that it has actually happened. Now hurry up and change you fucking pervert, supper is ready and I will tell you over supper."

He swatted at my butt, but I ducked and ran back downstairs and sat there, naked and excited, ready to tell him everything that happened.

He was only a minute behind me and as he sat down I asked, "Did you like the car I picked out?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "What car? I don't care about a fucking car, talk or get spanked!"

He stood back up and carved the roast and when he was done we toasted each other and while he started serving himself I started telling him everything that had happened. I included every detail that I could remember, every word, every touch, every moan, groan and orgasm.

I was getting turned on all over again as I told him about it, and he was getting turned on hearing about it. As soon as we had finished dinner, and we were eating pretty fast, we put the leftovers away and rushed to the bedroom. 

I pushed him back onto the bed and I suddenly remembered that I had not changed the sheets or washed the bedspread. I wondered if he would notice. As I got up on the bed and started sucking his rock hard cock I heard him sniff the air. He groaned and said, "I can smell him! I can smell Kennedy from when he took you to our bed and fucked you!" That was all he could say before he filled my mouth with cum.

Brad was so horny that he didn't even go soft after his orgasm. I swallowed his hot load and he pulled me on top of him. He held me tight and kissed me and then he rolled over on top of me and plunged his still hard cock into my more than ready pussy and started fucking me violently.

It was fantastic! I was thrusting back just as hard as he was driving his cock into me. The sound of our bodies crashing together filled the room and as he fucked me I started talking, which is something that I don't normally do during sex. I said, "God that feels so fucking good! Do you still smell that? Do you smell Gene's sweat? He was lying right where I am lying now, on his back staring up at my tits as they swung wildly while I fucked him. He loved it! He went crazy and came like an animal." I almost let myself get too distracted, but just as Brad started to cum I came too. I had lost track of how many times that made today.

And when he had finally gone soft and rolled off of me I rose to my knees and kissed him, and then I kissed my way down his sweaty body to his soft, nasty cock and as he watched in amazement I licked and sucked his cock and his balls clean. Then I kissed him on the head of his cock and stretched out beside him, totally worn out. I had told him that I had done this for Gene, but I had never done it for him before and he seemed to think it was a pretty sexy thing to do.

He kissed my lips and said quietly, "Two can play at this game." Then he got up on his knees and started kissing his way down my body. I was kind of brain dead at first, it didn't occur to me what he was doing. When I realized that he was going to put his face in my well fucked pussy I grabbed the sides of his head and tried to pull him back up beside me. I begged him not to do that. The idea of how gross I must be, and the fear of grossing him out was maybe a little inappropriate, considering what I had just done for him, but I couldn't help what I was feeling. I didn't want him to see me, or taste me like that. I was afraid of looking at his face and seeing distaste, or worse yet, disgust.

But he refused to listen. He pulled away from my hands and as I begged him not to, he kissed and licked his way down my sweaty body and then started kissing and licking all around my nasty pussy.

I closed my eyes and tensed up; waiting for I don't know what, but his lips and his tongue got closer and closer and finally I felt is tongue slide through my very messy furrow. I waited for his reaction, expecting to hear gagging or choking or something. So I was astounded when after a brief pause he did it again. 

I looked down at him, trying to figure out what had gotten into him. He was smiling up at me and he paused to say, "You have been swallowing cum for me for years. And now you are going to be doing it for my bosses, at my request. I should damn sure have the balls to do this for you."

I said, "That is sweet Brad, I really appreciate what you are saying, and what you are doing. But you don't have to do that. It is different for a guy, I understand that."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed. "Cum is cum and it tastes the same to you as it does to me. And anyway, it isn't that bad, especially when you mix a bunch of pussy juice in with it. I wouldn't want to do this everyday, but I can handle it if you can. Now lay back and relax, I am not going to bite you, well, not hard."

Brad licked between my thighs a little longer, and then he started kissing and licking my clit and before I knew it I was screaming and pulling his hair and cumming like crazy!

I came more than I ever had before, I could feel it dripping out of me. But I was so sensitive then that I couldn't stand one more stroke of his tongue. I grabbed his hair again and pulled him back up beside me and I laughed when I saw his messy face. I licked his face clean and then we kissed and held each other tight for the longest time.

I was just about to fall asleep when I looked at the clock and saw that it was still so early. We had eaten and then raced to bed before I could even clean up the dishes. I got up and went to the bathroom and then I started to dress and go downstairs. 

Brad stopped me and said, "Please don't. I love you like that."

So I curtsied, not easy to do when you are naked, and we went downstairs naked and he helped me clean up, even though I insisted that he sit down and let me do my job.

After the dining room was cleaned up and the dishes were in the dishwasher, I grabbed a large towel and we sat on the couch on the towel and had a glass of wine. Brad's father had always had a glass of red wine in the evening, either with dinner or afterwards. Eventually we got into the habit as well. It was just a relaxing thing to do after dinner.

We sat together and Brad had his arm around me and we just enjoyed each other's company for a while. We talked a little more about my afternoon. Brad had several questions about Gene and how I had reacted. I was totally honest, I was now not the least insecure about Brad's reaction to what happened.

I pointed out the keys to the new car on the hall tree, but Brad said that except on weekends, the car was for me. He would be picked up in the morning and driven home after work in a company limo. Whoa! Mister Big Shot!

We finally went to bed and we both slept like logs. No problems with conscience here!

In the morning we went about our normal routine. I made breakfast and we had coffee together. The limo picked him up at his normal leaving time, stretch limo no less! 

After he was gone I had nothing to do but put away last nights dishes and wash the few morning dishes. Then I went up and made the bed and while I was doing that the phone rang. I answered, and despite how great yesterday had been, I was still nervous about the call.

I picked it up and it was the secretary to Mr. Morris, the company president. She asked me if I would be able to come to the office and meet with Mr. Morris in two hours. I told her that I would be delighted and as soon as she hung up my stomach was in knots.

I had met all of the vice presidents, but I had never met Mr. Morris. I had seen him. He was a very stern man who appeared to be in his mid sixties. Everyone seemed to be afraid of him, or at least they avoided talking about him to me.

I went upstairs and showered and it occurred to me that I had no idea what I should wear. I didn't know if I should dress normally, or more in keeping with my new part time job. I decided to compromise and wear one of my nicer dresses, and some of the slutty underwear I had just bought. I got ready and looked in the mirror. I wish I knew why he wanted to see me. I probably should have asked. I am in such a strange situation that I have no idea what is proper.

I went out and got in the new car and it was such a pleasure to drive that I was able to relax for most of the ride to the plant. I had been there many times over the years that Brad had worked here. And each time I had been asked to show my driver's license at the gate. Not this time! I was waived right in and the guard even saluted as I drove through!

I drove to the administrative office building and as I was driving down the line looking for a parking place I passed a vacant spot not far from the door. I was astounded to see my husband's name, Brad Pittman, on the reserved parking sign. I parked in the slot and went inside and a receptionist got up and escorted me to Mr. Morris' office. 

The people there had always been friendly, but not like now. This promotion that Brad had gotten must have really moved him into the upper echelons. I was treated as if I were someone! It kind of made me uncomfortable. But I was pretty sure I could get used to it.

I got to Mr. Morris' office fifteen minutes early. His secretary said, "Mrs. Pittman. Thank you for coming in. My name is Heather. Mr. Morris is anxious to meet you. He has someone in his office right now, but if you would have a seat he will be right with you."

As soon as I was seated in the expensive leather chair she asked me if she could get me anything and after I declined she sat with me and made small talk. I asked her if she knew what he wanted and she smiled and said, "Don't worry; he likes to meet with the wives of all of his vice presidents and get to know a little bit about them. Don't let his stern demeanor throw you, he is really a sweetheart. He is the nicest man I have ever worked for, honest."

I was not totally convinced, but still, she was reassuring. We talked about nothing in particular for a few moments and then we heard someone at the inner door and Mr. Morris was showing someone out. 

They said goodbye and he spied me sitting with Heather and came over and with the same dour expression, but a light and friendly tone to his voice he said, "I assume you are Janice Pittman?"

"Yes sir," I said, "Please, call me Jan."

He nodded and guided me into his office and shut the door. He led me to a comfortable leather seating area in the corner and asked if he could get me a drink. I asked for a bottle of water, I was so nervous that I was having trouble swallowing.

He went to a small refrigerator in the bar area and brought it to me and sat down nearby. But far enough away that I didn't feel crowded.

He said, "You are a very beautiful young woman Jan. I have heard a lot about you. I understand that you graduated from Middlebury College, that's an excellent school."

I nodded and took a sip of water and waited to see what this was about.

"Please my dear, relax. I am not nearly as ugly as I look. And while I can't promise not to bite, I promise not to bite hard."

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry sir, this is all so new to me, this entire, strange situation."

 He said, "I understand. Just remember that you are not the first to go through this. We have had EPOD in effect here for nearly a generation now. We are all used to how strange a situation it is. We all understand that you will need some time to learn your responsibilities and adjust to them. Don't be afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, whatever mistake you might make has been made before, I promise you."

"I had a report on you from Mr. Kennedy yesterday afternoon and I must say that it was quite favorable. I don't think you will have any problems adjusting to your situation here at all."

I blushed, and he seemed to find that amusing. 

I said, "I didn't even know what to wear when your secretary called. I bought some sexier clothes to wear after I decided to go through with this, but I didn't want to come dancing in here looking all slutty and upset someone. There should be a book of rules."

He looked at me and said, "You know, that's a good idea. Why don't you keep it in mind? Make a mental note of your questions and the appropriate answers, and someday when you are feeling like it, work something up. It would be helpful, wouldn't it?"

I nodded, and then he asked me if I had any questions. 

I smiled and said, "What should I have worn today?"

He chuckled, but I noticed that he never smiled. "You look lovely Jan. I wouldn't have you dressed any other way. On the other hand, none of the gentlemen that might call you and ask you to come to their offices in the foreseeable future would have a problem with slutty either."

I smiled shyly and said, "I'm wearing slutty underwear."

I almost thought he was going to smile there for a moment. "Jan, I am of an age that pretty much all I am able to do now is look, look and touch. But I do enjoy those pleasures, and if you don't mind, I would love to see your slutty underwear."

For some reason, I suddenly felt completely at ease with Mr. Morris now that he had made himself sound a little vulnerable. He really was a nice man. He was polite and totally non-threatening, and I was happy to put on a little show for him.

I stood up and moved in front of him and said, "Mr. Morris, I would love to undress for you."

I reached behind my back and unfastened the catch at the top of my dress and pulled the zipper down, slowly. I shrugged and it slid down off my shoulders and I pulled my arms free. Then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and pushed it down over my hips and bent down and picked it up in as lady-like a manner as possible. I set it on a chair and stood in front of him in my lacy bra and panty set and my thigh high silk-look stockings.

I turned around slowly and asked him if he liked my new outfit. He started to reach out and touch me and then he pulled his hand back quickly and asked if it was alright if he touched me. I thought that was strange, he knew that I was now a virtual sex slave to him and his vice presidents for the foreseeable future. I didn't understand his hesitation. Perhaps it was generational. Or maybe he was just a very nice man.

I reached for his hand and pulled it up and placed it on my breast. As his hand gripped my breast through my tiny little bra I said, "Mr. Morris! You may touch me anytime you want."

I moved his hand from one breast to the other, and then I guided him down my flat stomach to my panties. I let him move his hand over my lacy, silky underwear while I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra and dropped it on my dress.

I heard his breath catch and I was very proud that someone that had seen so many attractive women was that moved by my body.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "Oh my god, Fran, you are truly beautiful!"

I guided his hand back up to my breasts and he explored them eagerly, but gently. His hands were soft and gentle and it felt very nice, and I told him that.

I let him explore my breasts for a while, and then I bent down and pushed my panties off. I left the stockings on and stood in front of him naked but for my shoes and stockings. He had a look of awe on his face as his fingers trailed down and ran lightly through my bright red pubic hair for a few minutes, and then moved lightly to my well lubricated pussy.

I gasped at his touch and said, "Oh Mr. Morris! That feels wonderful!" And I meant it. He had a very nice touch.

I could have sworn that I saw twitching in his pants as he touched me and I dropped to my knees and said, "Mr. Morris, I know you said that you only wanted to look and touch. But even if you can no longer have an erection, I am sure it would be pleasurable if you would let me return the favor. My husband says that I am very talented with my mouth, please let me try."

He said, "It is sweet of you to offer Jan, I appreciate it. But it has been years, and I have grown tired of the frustration that usually results from any such attempts. I have enjoyed what we have done. Perhaps we should just leave it at that."

I had placed my hand on that twitching lump in his pants and I could feel the heat from it. It just didn't seem possible that he would settle for looking at me, or touching me. I was determined, and I begged him for the chance to try. I insisted that, even if he didn't get an erection, I would love to take him into my mouth and thank him for all that he has done for Brad and me.

He looked skeptical, but I guess sex is a very difficult thing to give up on. He stood up and I unfastened his pants and pulled them and his shorts down to his ankles and then I slipped is shoes and his pants off and spread his legs wide apart.

I was surprised at the size of his soft cock. It must have been pretty impressive when he was younger, it was pretty impressive now! It was the longest that I had seen yet, at least eight inches and still soft!

I smiled up at him as I moved my hand over his heavy cock and I said, "It's beautiful! That is the nicest cock I have seen, though to be honest, I haven't seen that many yet." He ran his hands down over my long red hair and looked at me longingly; I could see how much he wished that he could have sex with me. And I became determined. 

I leaned down and I kissed the head of his cock and then I moved it out of the way and began to lick his thighs, working my way up to his balls as he sat back and watched in fascination. I gently massaged his cock as I licked his balls and then took each one into my mouth and ran my tongue over it.

He was obviously enjoying it, but still there was only a twitch running down his big cock. I took his cock in my hands lovingly and licked it all over, and I was sure that I was starting to see signs of life. 

He started to tell me that it was hopeless, but I shushed him and said, "It isn't hopeless, and even if you don't get an erection, it feels good doesn't it?"

He nodded and I said, "Good, then let me do this, I am enjoying it."

I could feel him start to relax and I was sure that his cock was getting larger now. I worked at it, not desperately, but gently and lovingly. And then I remembered something I had read about in Cosmo. I lifted his legs and draped them over the arms of the overstuffed chair he was sitting in and I began to lick up and down the crack of his now exposed ass. 

As my tongue moved over his asshole he shuddered and gasped and I moved back and forth over it a few more times before burrowing my tongue right up inside of him. He was groaning now and muttering obscenities under his breath. Finally I wet a finger and gently inserted it into him and began to massage where I assumed his prostate was located. With my other hand I lowered his legs and I could see that his cock was more than half hard now!

I took his cock into my mouth and as I gently massaged his prostate I moved my mouth up and down his very impressive cock and with a little effort I was able to take an inch or two of it into my throat. I looked up between his legs and saw that he was staring at me with the strangest expression on his face, like he had just seen a ghost!

His cock never got completely hard, but in another couple of minutes he tensed up and he shot a thin watery stream of cum into my mouth. I moaned around his cock and worked at it lovingly as he caught his breath and the muscles in his body began to relax. When he was done I sat up and gently removed my finger from his ass and while he stared at me with an expression that was almost love on his face I sucked my finger clean and then I leaned forward and kissed his cock and thanked him. 

He looked at me in disbelief and asked, "What are you thanking me for?!"

"For letting me try," I said, "and for trusting me enough to relax and let it happen. I am honored that I could bring you so much pleasure Mr. Morris."

He sat up and pulled me close and hugged me and held me tight for a long time. Then he said, "Young lady, you will probably never fully appreciate what you have done for me here today. You are the most exciting, and yet the sweetest and most refreshing young lady I have met in nearly half a century. If, at any time, anyone gives you a hard time here at this company or at any of its functions, I want you to call me immediately. Do you understand?"

"Everyone here has been wonderful to me. I am sure that won't be a problem. But I promise to call you if I need to. But that doesn't mean that I won't be getting used does it?"

And then he did smile. He bent down and kissed me and said, "You are truly remarkable. I pray that you are one of those women that are unchanged by what you will be going through. I have talked to your husband. I am sure he will be able to handle it. I would hate to see you change. You are special."

"Does that mean that we can do this again?" I asked.

"You have my word, Janice. Now, as much as I hate to say this, why don't you get dressed and I will have Heather take you to see your husband before you leave. Thank you for being so nice to an old man, my dear."

He had stood up and was getting ready to dress and I hugged him and said, "Please believe me, I really did enjoy it. You are a dear, sweet man, just like Heather said. I enjoyed pleasing you and I am looking forward to doing it many times in the future."

Then I dropped to my knees and helped him with his shorts, after kissing his cock again, and then I helped him pull on his pants. Finally he sat back down and I put his shoes on and tied them. Then I dressed myself, slowly, so that he might enjoy the show.

I grabbed my purse and my bottle of very expensive water and he called Heather in. She came into the office and started to ask him what he wanted when she suddenly noticed that he still had a trace of a smile on his face for the first time since she had started working for him.

She stopped in mid-sentence and looked at him curiously, then she looked at me and then back at him. He saw her looking and tried to stop smiling and couldn't. He finally shook his head and asked her to take me to Brad's office and then come back to go over some paperwork he had for her.

She led me out into her office and closed his door and then she stopped and turned around to face me. I almost ran into her!

She stared at me, apparently speechless, for a moment and then she said, "I have been working for that man for more than ten years and I have never seen him smile. Not once, not ever! What did you do to him?"

I smiled and said, "A lady doesn't tell."

She stared at me for a moment longer and said, "Well I'll be god damned! You got him off, didn't you?"

I really didn't want to talk about that with her. I had just met her and that seemed awfully private. So I didn't answer and she finally took me out into the hallway and down to a very luxurious suite of offices at the end of the hall.

There was a receptionist for the four junior vice presidents in a small reception room. Heather introduced me to her and she took me to Brad's secretary. Brad's beautiful secretary!

He hadn't mentioned that part. But she seemed really nice, and she called him on the intercom and Brad came out to greet me. He kissed me and led me into his office. I know that he said that his new office was nice and big and fancy, but I was impressed. It was a huge office! And it had the same quality wood and leather furniture that Mr. Morris had in his office. He had a bar and his own bathroom. Actually, his office was not that much smaller than Mr. Morris'.

Brad showed me around the room proudly and then he sat me down in the small seating area and asked me why I was here. I told him that I had just spent nearly an hour with Mr. Morris and he looked like he had been slapped.

"Oh crap," he said. "I didn't think it would be this soon. I was talking to Carl Scott today and he was warning me about some of the things you should look out for. One of them was Mr. Morris. He can't get it up anymore and he gets upset when the girls can't do anything for him. Are you okay?"

I smiled and asked, "Have you ever seen Mr. Morris smile?"

"Nobody has seen him smile in years," Brad said. "So don't worry, it wasn't your fault."

"Mr. Morris and I got along great," I said. "And when I left his office he was smiling."

"What do you mean he was smiling?" Brad asked. "He doesn't smile."

"After he came he did," I said and smiled proudly.

Brad didn't know what to say, so while he was digesting that I asked, "What else did Carl say that I needed to watch out for?"

"Mostly he warned me about Gavin Riggs. He said that most of the VPs are pretty nice, normal guys. Mr. Riggs is a bit kinky and has a mean streak. Carl said that he can get rough and he likes to humiliate the girls sometimes, make them do embarrassing things in public or, I don't know, he wasn't very specific, just watch out for him."

Just then there was a light knock at the door and, speaking of the devil, Mr. Riggs poked his head in and asked if he was interrupting. We stood up and Brad invited him in.

He came in and came over to where we had been sitting and said, "I wanted to welcome you to the club, Jan. And I have a few minutes before my next meeting, I was wondering if I would be able to talk you out of one of those fantastic blowjobs I have been hearing about?"

I smiled warmly and said, "My, word does travel fast around here. My blowjobs are not all that special Mr. Riggs, but I would be happy to fit you in to my busy schedule. Let me help you get comfortable."

I quickly undressed as he watched my every move, then I moved over to where he was standing and guided him to a large chair and got to my knees in front of him. Brad had begun to move back over to his desk to be more unobtrusive, but Mr. Riggs stopped him. "Don't leave us, Brad. You might as well get used to this. You will be seeing a lot of it from now on."

I quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them and his fancy silk underwear down below his knees. He sat down and leaned forward and played with my tits for a minute, and then he sat back and watched as I leaned forward and began to lick and suck at his balls. 

As I worked with my face in his crotch he kept up a running conversation with Brad. I had the distinct impression that he was trying to make both of us uncomfortable. He was not being actually abusive, it was just the way he talked, the way he said things. It seemed obvious that he was trying to humiliate us and embarrass us. 

He didn't know us very well.

I gave him my second best blowjob; my best had just gone to Mr. Morris. Before long he had stopped talking and was enjoying what was happening in his lap. One thing he didn't have was a problem getting it up. He had a nice cock and even though he may have had a bitter personality, when he came, in a surprisingly short amount of time I thought, his cum was not bitter at all. In fact, he had the nicest tasting cum I had ever tasted!

I swallowed it all down and smiled up at him and told him that. He cocked his head and gave me a funny look. Then he stood up and I helped him put his clothes back together. When he was dressed as he had come in he shook his head and thanked me graciously and left. Then I moved over one seat, on my knees still, and sucked off Brad. He was pretty turned on, he hadn't seen me with another man's cock in my mouth for a couple of years and I got the impression that he had missed it.

After he came and he put himself back together he pulled me up and he got between my legs and returned the favor. I had sucked off three men and I was pretty excited, so I really appreciated it. Sucking cocks really turns me on.

After I had messed up Brad's face with my pussy we both pulled ourselves together and got cleaned up and he started to get ready for a meeting. I asked if all of the beautiful women I had seen running around here knew what was going on.

Brad said that he would ask Carl, he hadn't even thought to bring it up. We kissed then and I went back outside and managed to find my way back out to the front door. The receptionist greeted me by name again and said goodbye and they were all just so damned sweet and polite and sincere that it made me nervous.

I drove home and as I pulled into the driveway I reminded myself that I needed to ask Brad what we were going to do with our old cars. They were nice enough, and I suppose we should keep one of them. But our house had very little storage space and we kept a lot of stuff in the garage. So our driveway was full of cars, and now there were two of them that were not being used and were just in the way.

I went inside and changed into one of the tiny new bathing suits that I had bought and grabbed the phone and a drink and went out into the backyard for a little sun. I was not that much of a sun worshipper. I liked to get just enough sun so that my breasts and my butt were stark white by comparison and stood out more. It turned Brad on and I thought that it was sexy too.

I stayed outside for about an hour and then went inside and took a shower and started supper. It was just about ready when Brad came home. I was dusting the living room when the limo pulled up and it seemed so funny to see that thing pull up and Brad get out of it as though he had ridden in one all of his life. I wonder what the neighbors must think.

I ran upstairs and undressed and met Brad at the door. We kissed and then we went back upstairs and I helped him undress. He seemed unusually quiet and I was a little worried. I had just been with him a couple of hours ago and he was happy and upbeat. Now he had something on his mind and it made me nervous. 

Instead of putting on his lounging shorts he put on some casual clothes and suggested I put something on, because we were going for a short ride after we ate.

But he refused to answer any questions about why or where. And he calls me a tease!

I put on some shorts and a cute top and my sandals and we ate a light supper. He tried to help me clean up again and I finally had to put my foot down. This was my job god damn it! He smiled and sat back down and I quickly put things away and cleaned up. Then I handed him the keys to the Cadillac and we left.

He drove through town to a large new subdivision on the outskirts of town, not that far from the plant. The houses were beautiful, huge, brick homes on lots that were all several acres apiece. Half of them were still for sale and we drove around to a house that said office. I didn't know what was going on. We were getting a huge increase in Brad's salary, but these were million dollar homes! No exaggeration, we could not afford this!

Brad parked at the office and came around and held my door for me. We stood in the driveway and looked around at the homes and I felt like someone would come out and take one look at me and know that I didn't belong and ask me to leave.

"Brad, what the hell is going on? We can't afford one of these!"

Brad didn't answer; he took my arm and led me inside. A man was on the phone at a large desk and he looked up and held up a finger indicating that he would be right with us. There were pictures of the insides of some of the houses and there were floor plans tacked up all around. They were all very impressive, and all way out of our league.

The man finally finished his phone call and came over and apologized and introduced himself. Brad said, "Hello Mr. Crane. I'm Brad Pittman."

Mr. Crane lit up like a Christmas tree. "Ah yes," and he turned to me and said, "And you must be Janice! I am very happy to meet you. Mr. Morris called earlier this afternoon and I have been curious about you two since we spoke. Here are the houses, they are all open. If none of them appeal to you, I promise you that we will work something out."

Mr. Crane handed Brad a piece of paper with a list of addresses and a small plat of the subdivision. Brad pulled me outside and guided me back to the car and then he went around and got in.

He didn't start the car though. He turned to me and said, "Mr. Morris called me to his office this afternoon, after you went home. He invited me in and sat me in a chair and handed me a drink and sat beside me and stared at me for the longest time. I didn't know what to think."

"Then he asked me if you had told me about the time you had spent with him earlier. I told him that you mentioned that you had been to his office, and I told him that that was pretty much all you had time to say before we were interrupted. He stared at me for a while longer and then he started telling me how special you were. I mean, not in detail, like you are great at sucking cock or anything. 

"He was talking about what a nice person you are and how nice you had been to him. Then he handed me the directions to this subdivision and told me that I was to go see Mr. Crane after dinner. He had spoken to him earlier and Mr. Crane had a list of houses that he wanted us to look at. If you liked one of them we were to tell Mr. Crane. If not, let him know and he would have one built that was more to our liking. Jan, Mr. Morris is buying you a house! Not the company, Mr. Morris, and not provisional. No matter what happens, this is our, your house!"

I stared at Brad for a minute and then I got out of the car. He hurried out and came around and asked what was wrong. 

I said, "I can't do this Brad. This isn't right. These are million dollar homes! I need to talk to Mr. Morris."

Brad looked at me, and I saw that he wasn't even surprised, or even disappointed. I loved that about him. We went back inside and before we could say a word, Mr. Crane held out the phone and smiled. He said, "Mr. Morris is holding for you Mrs. Pittman." 

I took the phone and he got up and went outside, Brad went with him.

I didn't wait; I took the receiver and said calmly but firmly, "Mr. Morris, you are so sweet, and so thoughtful. I truly appreciate what you are doing here. These homes are lovely, but I can't let you do this. It isn't right. And it isn't necessary. I will cherish the idea that you offered, but I can't accept one of these mansions from you."

I heard him chuckle on the other end of the line and he said, "I knew that we would have to have this conversation Jan. I knew what you would think and how you would react. If you had reacted any other way I would have been disappointed. Now, let me explain something to you. I am, as you no doubt know, a multimillionaire. I am a widower and my only son is already wealthy in his own right.

"I could not spend all of my wealth in the time I have left if I tried. Most of it will go to charity. The price of the home that I am going to insist that you select is nothing to me. I won't miss the money. I will, however, derive nearly as much pleasure from giving it to you, as you gave me this afternoon. I am going to have to insist that you let me do this for you. And if that doesn't work I will resort to begging."

I couldn't help it, I started crying and he could hear me over the phone. I didn't know what to say, but finally I said, "This isn't right Mr. Morris. You don't have to do this. What happened today, I did that because I wanted to. You didn't make me do anything. You don't owe me anything."

"No my dear," he said quietly. "I may or may not owe you anything. But what you made me feel today was special, and the way you went about it, your tenderness, your sweetness, you really cared and I loved that about you. Please, let me do this for you."

I paused for a moment and then I said, "But if I take this I will feel guilty. It will be like I am using you, taking advantage of you."

"No dear, it won't be like that at all. And besides, this home is much closer to the plant; I might drop over from time to time and let you make it up to me."

I smiled and said, "You dirty old man! Well, okay, since you put it that way. Thank you so much, you are sweet."

I heard him chuckle again and he said, "You are more than welcome my dear. I look forward to seeing you soon. And I meant what I said, if one of those houses is not perfect for you two, tell Crane and he will build one that is. Goodbye now."

"Goodbye Mr. Morris."

I hung up the phone and went back outside. I walked over to where Brad and Mr. Crane were standing and sighed and said, "Let's go look at houses."

Brad used his finger to wipe a tear from my cheek and kissed me and we went back to the car.

We drove around to every house on the list that Mr. Crane had given us. There were fourteen houses on the list and we got out and walked through them all. I wanted to leave there this evening and tell Mr. Crane that we loved his houses but we couldn't accept. But I couldn't. Each house that we looked at was more wonderful than the last. They were all huge; I think the smallest was just less than ten thousand square feet. There was marble everywhere and the smallest room was bigger than the largest room in our present house.

The paper that we were given didn't even list the prices, we weren't supposed to know. We didn't find out until later, at the lawyers office when we signed the papers that the house we selected was being offered at one point three million. 

We went home that evening, after finally selecting a new home, in a daze. We got out a bottle of wine and we each had a glass. We sat in the living room of our old house and stared at each other without even speaking for a long, long time. At the time I was figuring the house at right around a million. I looked up at Brad after a while and said, "I just got paid a million dollars for a fucking blowjob!"

The next day I got dressed up, wearing the same outfit that I had worn the last time I went to his office, and I drove to the plant. I parked and walked in and breezed past the receptionist, waiving politely, and went to Mr. Morris' office. I walked in and told Heather, "I don't have an appointment, and I am not expected, but I need to see Mr. Morris."

She smiled at me and said, "It's okay Mrs. Pittman, He told me to expect you. Go right in."

I started to go to the door and then turned back and said, "Please, call me Jan."

She smiled and nodded and I walked over and tapped on Mr. Morris' door and went in.

He saw what I was wearing and I saw something resembling a smile on his face as I approached his desk and stood there. Now that I was standing in front of him I didn't know what to say. I had practiced so many things in my head, but now my head was empty.

Finally I said, "Mr. Morris, I came here to tell you so many things, and now I can't remember any of them. You didn't have to do that. I keep going back and forth between incredible gratitude and horrible guilt."

"When Brad and I talked about his taking this position and my becoming a part of EPOD, we didn't do this for the money. We did this because it was exciting. When I was still in college we had a couple of threesomes, and we enjoyed the hell out of them. That was why we did this. It would bother me if you thought that I did this for money or possessions. I like you and your opinion of me is important to me."

Mr. Morris stood up and walked around his desk and put his arms around me and held me close. He didn't say anything for a few minutes, but then he said, "Young lady, as unlikely as it seems, after one afternoon with you I feel closer to you than I do to anyone else in my life. Don't worry, I won't be imposing on you, I don't work that way. But the amount of money I spent on that house is insignificant to me. What is significant is that it brought you and your husband pleasure, and in some small way it expressed my gratitude for what you did for me. If I thought for a minute that you did what you did for the money we would not be having this conversation."

I reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him passionately. Then I smiled and said, "Mr. Morris, please, come to supper, just you and my husband and me. It won't be a party, nothing fancy, just a simple dinner and some wine and quiet conversation."

He looked at me, as if to see if I was serious. Then he said, "When would you like me to be there?"

"Tonight," I said. "Tell me what time you can be there and I will plan dinner for then."

He hugged me again and said, "You are a precious young woman. I am so glad that I had the chance to meet you. I will follow your husband when he comes home at his normal time this evening, okay?"

I looked up at him and asked, "What do you like to drink?"

"I'm not much of a drinker," he answered. "A glass of wine with dinner is about it for me. Now, you better go down the hall and have a talk with your husband. We don't want him having a heart attack when I follow him home tonight."

I kissed him again and said, "You are special. I am so glad I joined EPOD."

"So am I," he said.

I left and went to Brad's office. He had someone in his office when I got there and I sat and talked to his secretary, Jennifer, for a few minutes. She was really nice, and she was having a hard time of it lately. She and her husband were separated and it didn't look like they were going to get back together. By the time that Brad was free I had invited her to dinner on Sunday, her and her two kids. 

Brad had about two minutes before he had a meeting. He was surprised to see me but I just popped in and told him that we were having company for dinner. Then I started to leave but he said, "Who?"

I turned around and smiled and said, "My boyfriend."

I saw the confused look on his face and said, "Mr. Morris."

What followed was amusing. First he looked alarmed, and then he smiled and said, "Good."

I started to leave and then I turned back and said, "Oh, and Jennifer will be coming over on Sunday." Then I left quickly.

I went to the dry cleaners. Then I drove home, changed into more casual clothes and tidied up the house a little. While I was doing that I imagined how much different life was going to be when we were living in a mansion. The house we had selected was beautiful though. It suddenly occurred to me that we were going to have to buy all new furniture. Nothing we owned was appropriate for that place. And then I thought of the looks on our parents faces when they saw it! I would have to remember to have a camera handy when they came to visit.

Just after noon the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I found two of the VPs, Daniel Grant and Bryan Newman. I smiled and stepped aside and invited them in. 

Mr. Grant waited until I had closed the door and then he took me in his arms and said, "We have heard a lot about you, young lady. Do you have a little time to spare?"

I smiled at him and said, "Kind sir, I am at your disposal."

Mr. Newman laughed and said, "Oh Janice, we have no intention of disposing of you. We want to keep you around for a very long time."

"I'm flattered," I said in response. "Would you gentlemen like to see my bedroom? It isn't fancy, but the bed is made and is quite comfortable."

Mr. Grant let me go and said, "That sound like a great idea, please lead the way."

So I did. But unlike with Mr. Kennedy, these gentlemen did not wait until we reached the room. They ran their hands up my legs under my skirt and each of them was holding one of the cheeks of my ass by the time we reached the top of the stairs. 

As I climbed the stairs, and their hands climbed up under my skirt, I flashed back on one of the threesomes that Brad and I had enjoyed a couple of years ago, when I first experienced this sensation. We had had a very good time that evening. Maybe it was a good omen.

At the top of the stairs I took the hands of the men behind me and led them to my bedroom. I turned after I entered the room and watched them follow me in. Mr. Grant and Mr. Newman were in their mid-fifties. Mr. Grant had a little bit of a stomach, but other than that they both seemed fit. Mr. Grant was losing his hair; Mr. Newman's hair was very gray. 

I had spoken with both men several times in the past and they had been pleasant. Had they not come here together I might have felt less intimidated. Well, maybe that's the wrong word. I was just a little nervous. Two more men were about to see me naked for the first time and have sex with me. That kind of made me nervous.

Inside the room the men looked around and Mr. Grant took me in his arms again while Mr. Newman undressed. Mr. Grant's hands were all over me and I just relaxed and surrendered to him until a few minutes later when he turned me over to the now naked Mr. Newman. I was taken into his arms so fast that I didn't even have a chance to glance down and see what I was going to have to deal with.

He started kissing me and running his hands over my body. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts and panties and he quickly removed my t-shirt. When he had bared my breasts he leaned back and looked down and smiled and said, "Every bit as beautiful as I knew that they would be!" 

Then he turned me to face Mr. Grant, who was just removing his shorts, and said, "Look at these tits Dan! Are they not perfect?"

"They are indeed, Bryan, she is a beautiful young woman."

Mr. Grant stared at me as Mr. Newman finished undressing me from behind. Then he stepped closer and the two men were both exploring me with their hands and it was starting to really get to me.

I expected to take them to bed and do whatever it was that they had in mind, but they apparently couldn't wait that long. The bed, after all, was a good ten feet away. Instead, they pushed me to my knees and stood in front of me and took turns feeding me their cocks. They were dominant, even a little forceful, but not violent, and I found it to be very exciting being taken and used like this, as opposed to making love.

Before long, both men were forcing their cocks down my throat and it wasn't long at all before they both came in my mouth. Not that I was keeping track, but they were the sixth and seventh men to cum in me, in my mouth. I realized that I was starting to not pay much attention to what it tasted like. Not like at first when I was so fascinated by it, by the whole mystery of it. 

After both men had cum, Mr. Grant stepped away and I concentrated on sucking Mr. Newman until he was hard again. As soon as he was ready he stretched out on the floor and pulled me over on top of him. I guided his refreshed cock into my pussy and started sliding up and down while he played with my tits.

After watching for a few minutes, Mr. Grant came over and put his half hard cock in my face. I started sucking him again while still trying to concentrate on pleasing Mr. Newman. I am not that good at multi-tasking, and it can be difficult to please two cocks at once.

When I sensed that Mr. Newman was getting close I started to concentrate on him and I sped up and soon he was filling me with yet another load of fresh cum from yet another VP from J.A.M. Aluminum. That makes four down and two to go, again, not that I'm counting.

Mr. Newman was guiding my hips as he finished and when he was done he held me still and I sat on him for a minute and let him get his breath. When he released me I lifted my leg and dismounted, and then I leaned down and started licking and sucking him clean. It is funny how surprised guys get when you do that, even if just minutes earlier you have swallowed a load of cum from the end of their cocks. But they all seem to think it's a sexy thing to do. And I do too.

While I was licking and sucking Mr. Newman clean, Mr. Grant got on his knees behind me and guided my knees a little further apart. Then he started putting a finger in my dripping pussy and transferring Mr. Newman's cum to my virgin ass. I had known that this was going to happen eventually, but I wasn't looking forward to it. I tried to relax though, I knew that it was going to happen, whether I was tensed up and hating it or relaxed and going with the flow. I figured the latter choice would work to my advantage in the end, so to speak.

I forced myself to relax and I tried to hold Mr. Newman's cock in my mouth and nurse on it to distract me while Mr. Grant did what he was going to do. He didn't hold me there; he just started to caress my hair and watch my face, watching to see how I was going to react.

Mr. Grant moved one finger back and forth between my pussy and my asshole for a couple of minutes and then he started using two. He was patient and he didn't force it and so far it was okay. It didn't hurt; there was just a sensation of fullness, and the embarrassment of being touched there.

Eventually he started using three fingers, and that did hurt a little, but not too much to stand, and I figured that three fingers were larger than his cock and so I was not that worried.

He worked on me with three fingers for a few moments, not as long as he had when he was using one and two fingers. He must have been getting impatient. He pulled his fingers out of me and moved up behind me and I felt his cock plunge into my pussy and he fucked me for a minute before he pulled out and started to gently force his cock into my ass. 

I kept telling myself to relax and take deep breaths and he took his time and it actually was not anywhere near as bad as I thought that it would be. 

He started fucking me there after he had let me get used to being so full, and not long after he started I felt something moving against my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw that Mr. Newman's cock was hard again. So, since I was in the area anyway, I took him back in my mouth and started sucking again. 

It kind of helped to take my mind off of the cock in my ass and so I really put my heart into sucking him off. I was surprised when I realized that I was starting to get turned on. I wasn't going to cum from being fucked in the ass, but being taken like this was kind of exciting. 

Or at least I thought that I wasn't going to cum this way. As Mr. Grant started getting closer he leaned down and grabbed one of my tits with one hand and his other hand reached around and started to massage my clit and I started moaning around Mr. Newman's cock and to everyone's surprise we all came within a minute of each other. Mr. Newman was probably the most surprised when he shot a third small load into my mouth. When they were getting dressed he said that he had not cum three times in an hour since he was in his thirties.

I took that as a compliment.

I wiped my dripping ass and pussy as the men dressed and I escorted them downstairs and told them that they were welcome anytime. They had been very nice and they both said that I was every bit as good as they had heard. I couldn't help wondering what these guys all said about me when they were talking among themselves. 

It was time to start cooking my killer recipe for rump roast. I have a secret recipe. After I have served it to people they have begged me for it. It makes the most tender roast and the most delicious gravy you have ever tasted. It just takes five hours to cook.

After I started dinner I went up and took a shower and laid out a nice outfit to put on before the men got home. I considered going for slutty, but I had a sense that Mr. Morris preferred sweet and innocent. And I really wanted to please him.

I am a pretty good cook, but I still screw up pretty good from time to time. I am only twenty-two and have not been cooking that long. But not tonight, tonight everything was perfect and was ready at the right time. I had the wine opened and breathing and when the men came in I helped Mr. Morris out of his coat and tie and we had a glass of wine talked comfortably while I served dinner. 

The food was perfect. Mr. Morris loved the gravy and the wine. Brad was a little nervous at first, but he finally relaxed and the conversation became comfortable and pleasant. I was as proud of myself as I could be.

After dinner we talked for a little longer and finished off the wine and then I stood up and while Brad offered to clear off the table, I took Mr. Morris' hand and led him upstairs. I had lit some scented candles earlier to freshen up the air in there a little.

Mr. Morris resisted a little at first. I didn't know if he was afraid that I couldn't achieve the same results if I tried again, or if he was just being polite. I put my arms around his neck and smiled and said, "Mr. Morris, I'm desert."

He leaned down and kissed me and said, "We don't have to do this every time that we are together."

"And we won't," I said. "I really enjoy your company, we both do. But I have been thinking about this since the first time. I really want to do this."

"It is the only thing that I can do for you," I said. "I promise, next time we can just sit and talk. I enjoy that too. It has been the nicest dinner I have ever hosted, though to be honest, we don't do this often. We really had a good time tonight. Now it is time for desert."

I took his hand and pulled him up the stairs. He was still reluctant, and I knew that he was afraid it wouldn't happen again. But I was confident. I knew that he liked me and enjoyed me and I knew that I was sexy. 

We went to our room and I sat him in the overstuffed chair that we had in a corner of our bedroom by the window. I turned on the CD player with some soft mood music. Then I slowly took off my dress in front of him and, after slowly turning around in front of him I sat in his lap and I put my arm around his neck and started kissing his neck and his ear while he moved his hands over my body through my sexy underwear. 

We sat that way for a long time, and I was getting very turned on. The kissing got more passionate and I could feel his cock moving under me.

I reached between the cups of my bra and released the hooks and let it go slack and slide free and drop to the floor. He groaned softly as my breasts were exposed and cupped them lovingly. I said to him, "You have a wonderful touch. You must have made a lot of women very happy over the years. Look how wet my panties are."

His fingers moved down and rubbed the crotch of my tight, nylon panties and I groaned in genuine pleasure at his touch. I was getting very turned on, and I could tell that he was too. I stood up and pulled my panties down and before I could toss them away he took them and held them to his nose and breathed softly.

He smiled at me, actually smiled, and said, "My sweet Jan, I have never smelled anything so wonderful in my life. This no woman can fake."

I pulled him to his feet and undressed him and we moved to the bed. I put him on his back and I started at his forehead and kissed him all over his body. When I got to his nipples he shuddered in excitement, no woman had every touched him there before. I kissed my way all the way down to his feet, everywhere but his cock and his balls, and I noticed that his cock looked harder than it had been when he had his orgasm the first time we were together. Then I kissed my way back up the inside of his legs and as I moved up I watched his cock. By the time I had his balls in my mouth his cock was hard. Not half hard, he had a hardon!

I took him in my mouth and sucked at it for a moment, and then I moved up over him and slid my pussy down over it while he shivered in excitement and stared at my body. I groaned as he entered me and told him how wonderful he felt, and he did. He had such a nice large cock. When it was hard it was still eight inches, it had not gotten any longer than when it was soft, but it was nice and fat and it felt very good.

"Jesus," I said quietly, "I love your big fat cock!" 

I started bouncing up and down while he watched my tits bounce violently. I was so excited that I had this effect on him that I came in minutes. I kept moving though and I asked him, "Do you want to cum in my pussy, or in my mouth?"

He groaned and begged me not to stop and I didn't I sped up and reached down and tickled his nipples and he grabbed my tits and squeezed and swore and thrust his hips up and came violently. 

I stopped pumping up and down and just held his cock in my pussy and clasped it with my muscles as he calmed down and got his breath back. I leaned down after a minute and kissed his neck and his chest and told him how wonderful he was, and I meant it. I had had a wonderful orgasm, and I had already had a lot of sex today!

He reached his arms around me and hugged me tight and said, "You have made an old man very happy young lady."

I smiled and said, "Apparently you aren't as old as you thought you were!"

He chuckled and said, "No, apparently not. My god, what is it about you?!"

I smiled and replied, "Must be pheromones."

We held onto each other for a long time, sometimes talking quietly, but mostly just being close. It was very pleasant. I am not even sure how much time had passed before I got up on my knees and sucked him clean. 

He got up on his elbows as I did and said, "I have never seen a woman do that before. Do you like to do that?"

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "The first time was a little strange, but it is just cum and pussy juice. I have tasted my pussy before and I didn't think it was disgusting, and I have tasted your cum. And I like cum. So it is really no big deal. And men really seem to get a kick out of it."

"You like cum?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," I replied. "Well, no, I mean it isn't delicious or anything. I don't care much one way or the other for the taste, I like the idea of a man cumming in me, in my mouth. It excites me. Sometimes you can't explain what you feel."

He smiled again and said, "I wish I had met you when I was young Fran. I would have loved you so."

I laughed and said, "If you had met me when you were too much younger you would have gone to jail!"

He chuckled and said, "It would have been worth it."

I offered to take a quick shower with him and after thinking about it he said that it sounded like fun. So we did, though it turned out to be not so quick. There was a lot of soaping up of other peoples body parts and it took a little longer than it might have otherwise.

We went back to the bedroom and I stayed naked and helped him dress. When he was ready I put my arms around him and looked up and said, "Now Mr. Morris, don't go home and think about buying me something. You did that already. Okay?"

He looked around and said, "You are going to need furniture. I know a great decorator. And would you do me a favor? When we are alone, would you call me Mo? That was what my wife called me."

"NO! I mean, yes, I will be happy to call you Mo. No you are not going to pay to furnish that mansion you gave us. God! It makes me feel guilty every time I think about it. We are here this evening because I like you and I like being with you. You don't have to buy me anything."

"Dear, sweet Fran, we have already had this conversation. I am always going to win. I have met you three times now. And as incredible as it seems, I feel closer to you than to anyone currently alive on this planet. You are a miraculous human being and I intend to do everything that I can do to spoil the hell out of you. So you might as well get used to it. If it eases your conscience, I am extremely fond of Brad as well. I have been watching him since he started with us. He is just as remarkable as you, in his own way of course."

"Yes," I agreed, "he is. I adore him. We are the perfect couple. You know, after you leave, I am going to tell him everything that happened, and he is going to fuck the shit out of me, if you will pardon my French. We both have some pretty strange sexual tastes as it turns out."

"And I am glad," Mo said, "because I would hate to hurt either of you."

I said, "Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it, all of it. When would you like to come again?"

"Oh dear, I don't want to impose. I'll come by again some time."

"No, I won't accept that, once a week? I don't know what your schedule is like."

"I am afraid my heart couldn't take that," he said. 

I wasn't sure if he was kidding or not.

I thought for a moment and said, "The fifteenth and the thirtieth of every month?" I didn't let him answer. "That will be it, unless you feel like coming over some other time. You will be welcome in our home any day of the month of course. That's only twice a month, your poor heart can manage that, right?"

He smiled and said, "We can try that and see how it works."

"Great!" I exclaimed. "Brad makes lasagna that will knock your socks off. I'll let him cook next time."

We finally went back downstairs and Brad was sitting in his recliner and reading his book. He got up and greeted us. Mr. Morris seemed slightly embarrassed in front of Brad, but I elbowed him and said, "Relax, remember what I said upstairs."

He smiled; I have seen him smile a lot lately. I don't know why he doesn't do that more. Then he kissed me goodnight and shook Brad's hand and thanked him for his hospitality. I tried to get him to stay for another glass of wine but it was getting late. I was shocked when I looked at the clock. We had been upstairs for more than two hours!

We went to the door and I saw his car and driver outside and asked, "He wasn't sitting out there alone all of this time was he?"

"No dear," Mr. Morris replied. "He dropped me off and I paged him a little while ago. I assure you that he is not going without dinner."

He shook Brad's hand again and said, "She is a remarkable woman, one of a kind. You are very lucky."

Brad was smart enough to agree with him.

We went back inside after he left and Brad said, "Jesus Jan, I was getting worried about you. Did it go alright?"

I told him all about it as we were lying in bed in the dark. As we talked I was holding his cock and I noticed that he didn't get very hard. Too many conflicting emotions wrapped up in his boss I suppose. But then I said, "I had other visitors today. Would you like to hear about them?"

It was already late, and he was going to be tired tomorrow, but he wanted to hear about it, so I told him all about Mr. Grant and Mr. Newman. 

He was hard all the way through this tale. He couldn't believe I had given up my ass cherry without a fight, or that I had had an orgasm while doing it. I promised him his chance at it tomorrow. I was still a little sore. But I happily sucked him off so that he didn't have worry about turning over and breaking his hard cock in his sleep.

It was late and we both went right to sleep. It had been a long day. I suddenly realized that I had had sex with four men today! Sounds pretty slutty to me!

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up a little late. We usually slept a little later on Saturdays, but yesterday had been exhausting, especially for me, and I really slept late. When I woke up Brad was already up and I went to the bathroom and went downstairs naked to find that coffee was ready and Brad had already finished the paper. 

He insisted that I sit and he made my breakfast. I appreciate the sentiment when he does nice things for me, but I don't like it when he does my only job. It is all that I do. Taking care of him and the house is my job and it really isn't that hard, most days anyway. It will be getting more difficult soon I guess. Our new house will be about six times as large as the house we live in now.

By the time I finished breakfast it was after ten. We didn't have anything planned for today. Taking it easy was the only thing on the schedule. I had started to read the paper and sip on my last cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. Since I was naked, Brad went to the door.

I heard him come back into the room and I looked up to ask him who it had been when I saw that he wasn't alone! I screamed and covered myself with the newspaper and asked Brad what the hell he was thinking.

He was laughing so hard that he couldn't answer for a minute. The gentleman with him smiled and excused himself and went into the living room. I got up and went over to Brad and started to warn him that he wanted me to stay naked around the house, this was not the way to talk me into it. 

He smiled and said, "Is it really that big a deal? You like being naked. You like it when men see you naked. I like you being naked. I like it when men see you naked. What is the problem here?"

I started to explain what the problem was, but then I thought, the hell with it, if that was what he wanted, did I really mind? I cocked my eyebrow at Brad. I realized that I had just been more or less dared. I didn't have to think about it long to realize that everything that he had said was true. I would be embarrassed, but that was part of the fun of it, wasn't it?

I walked around Brad and went into the living room and said, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, I wasn't expecting anyone and I was startled." I held out my hand and said, "My name is Jan, can I help you?"

He was still blushing as he held out his hand and smiled and said, "Hello, my name is Mike. I heard that you were extraordinary. That turns out to have been a gross understatement. You are very beautiful."

"Thank you," I said.

"I apologize for coming unannounced," he continued. "I was instructed to do so. I am here to help you with the furnishing of your new home. I own Modern Dacor."

Modern Dacor was the only place to go if you were furnishing a mansion. We couldn't afford it of course, but it was the only place of its kind in town that was a household name.

"Oh no," I exclaimed. "Mr. Morris must have put you up to this. I told him not to. He is a wonderful man, but you can't tell him anything."

Mike said, "Yes, he is a wonderful man. And I have noticed a big change in him this week. I don't know what is going on, but whatever you are doing, please keep doing it."

"You know Mr. Morris?" I asked. 

Mike smiled and said, "My full name is Michael Morris. He is my father. And in the last two days I have seen a change in him that I thought that I would never see. I have seen him smile for the first time in decades. Everyone tells me that you are responsible for that change. I am just as grateful to you as he is. I love my father, and I love the change you have brought about in him.

"Maybe you should wait to hear what he has done in the last two days. You may not be so happy with me. The day before yesterday he bought my husband and I a fucking mansion, pardon my French. I tried everything that I could think of to talk him out of it. Maybe you could talk some sense into him. And now this, today, you! This is life, totally out of whack!"

He smiled even wider and said, "Is there any more of that coffee? It smells very good."

"Oh! I'm sorry; I am not usually this rude. This has been a strange week, and my husband threw me off this morning when he decided it would not be a problem if I were to be nude when we had company now. I have not always been this brazen. Please, come in and sit down and let me get you some coffee."

He said, "Don't apologize, you are truly beautiful. You have made my entire year. Your husband is right, you do belong this way."

Brad had already gotten him a cup of coffee by the time we got seated at the dining room table.

He added some cream and sugar and then he said, "My father, and Heather, my real source of information, have told me a lot about you. Well, not a lot. But they have both made it clear what a change you have been responsible for. I already knew about the house, and since I am going to be providing the furniture, we have to assume that I am aware of that as well."

"Please, don't feel guilty. Dad has money to burn, and from time to time he does frivolous things with it. I don't have a problem with that. But I don't see this as one of those times." 

"I am not waiting around for dad to die so that I can inherit. I have my own money. But I have to tell you, I do not have a problem with what he is doing for you. I have learned enough about you to know that you are not a gold digger. But the important thing is that I don't doubt at all that you have added at least ten years, ten happy years, to my dad's life. I have not seen him like he is now since my mother died. Heather said that he was whistling yesterday! He has not whistled in years."

"Jan, Brad, I am honored to help out with furnishing your new home. I look forward to working with you. Dad said you will need just about everything. I came by to get some idea of what you like, what your tastes are, and ask you if you have anything special in mind."

"Mike," I said, still not comfortable with this entire situation, "you are aware that your father is in the process of giving my husband and me property valued in excess of a million dollars because I had sex with him twice. You should be outraged!"

Mike said, "No, I am not, I am grateful. And I have to say, having seen so much of you this morning, I don't blame him. Hell, I almost wish I was straight."

I laughed and said, "If you like we can work on it."

"No thanks, even my father has given up on that. Now, I would like to look around and see what you have that you want to keep, and get some idea what you would like, what sort of styles appeal to you, and offer you the opportunity to go through some things that I have in mind. I have been to your new home and looked around, and I have some terrific ideas."

I had an easy answer for that. "Mike, neither my husband nor I have any taste. As long as you don't do the house in art deco, or get too feminine about it, I think we should let you surprise us. All we ask is that it be comfortable and relatively simple." 

Then I turned to Brad and said, "Unless you want to get more involved in this?"

Brad laughed and said, "When Mike told me why he was here at the door I was so relieved I wanted to kiss him. Let's stay out of this and let him do what he is famous for."

We talked for a little longer. By the time Mike had finished his coffee he had asked enough questions that he had an idea what sort of thing, what sort of colors and styles appealed to us. I saw him out and then I went in and walked behind Brad and half strangled him.

He was laughing so hard he could hardly defend himself. I said, "You could have warned me! We needed to have that talk before there was a strange man standing in our living room!"

Brad pulled my arms loose and pulled me around into his lap. One of his hands went right to my pussy and his finger slid in easily. He smiled at me and said, "It does not appear that you are as upset as you claim to be."

He continued moving his finger in and out of me and then he stood me up and picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder and carried me upstairs. Lately it seems like we just can't get enough sex. That is not a complaint.

We drove out to the new house later in the afternoon and looked around again, trying to imagine what it would be like to live there. We met the builder and talked with him for a few minutes. He was very nice and gave us his card and said that if we found anything that wasn't right, or anything that we wanted to change, just call him, anytime. I couldn't imagine changing anything. The house is so beautiful that it would have given me a hardon if I was a man!

Before we left we looked out into the large backyard and saw that they were digging a big hole. We went out to see what was going on and there was a crew putting in a huge swimming pool. The supervisor showed us the plans, which included an oversized sculptured pool about the size of a small lake, a large hot tub, and a waterfall. There was also a huge, multi-level patio and there was another crew building a ten foot high brick wall around a large portion of the backyard.

The house was nearly finished and the men in the back said that the pool was going to be finished before closing at the end of the month. With our heads spinning we got back in our new Cadillac and went out for an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. 

After dinner we went home and watched a DVD and turned in early.

On Sunday we got up at a more normal time and had another leisurely breakfast. Then we read the paper and did the crossword puzzle together.

I had bought five beautiful rib eye steaks and I made potato salad and we were all ready when Brad's secretary, Jennifer showed up with her two kids. Her son, Connor was thirteen and her daughter Haley was fifteen. She apologized for being a few minutes late. Her old junker of a car was acting up.

It was a pleasure having them. Jennifer was very personable and her two kids were great. We had a wonderful afternoon. We invited them to stick around and watch a movie later and they were easily talked into it. While Brad and the kids went out to rent a movie, I had a chance to get to know Jennifer better. I liked her a lot, and I really felt sorry for her. She was having a really hard time of it. Her statement when we first spoke, about being separated, had been something of an understatement. Her husband had disappeared leaving them in debt and struggling to get by with an unreliable car and having to move to a small apartment because she couldn't afford the rent on their home.

While she was talking it occurred to me that we had two cars that we didn't drive anymore, and a furnished house that we didn't need anymore. I was so excited by the idea of helping Jennifer and her kids out that I couldn't wait until Brad got home to ask if we could.

While we talked I made some popcorn and when Brad and the kids got home I took Brad aside and told him what I was thinking. He thought that it was a great idea. Our house, the one we had now, was almost paid for. We had gotten it with a large down payment and paid double and triple payments on our fifteen year mortgage. We had also fixed it up a lot. The balance on our mortgage was probably under fifty thousand. We would have to continue to carry the mortgage until Jennifer got herself back on her feet, but it felt good to be able to help her out. I realized that we were getting a taste of what Mr. Morris must be feeling when he was helping us.

While Brad was watching the movie with the kids, Jennifer and I talked. I should have known better than to let him and two teenagers go to pick out a movie. Neither of us was interested in the slasher movie they had rented.

I asked Jennifer to go outside with me and I grabbed the keys to my three year old Buick Ultra. We had kept it up and it was like new. I walked Jennifer out to it and asked her if she would like it. She looked at me like I was nuts and I said, "I mean it. We have that company car now. And they pick Brad up and take him back and forth to work. These two cars just sit in the driveway taking up space. I want you to have this one."

I was expecting her to be happy, to smile, laugh, something, not cry! She covered her face and started to cry and I took her into my arms and held her for a while. 

She finally pulled herself together and said, "It has been so long since anything nice happened to me. I should say no, but I can't. I need a car desperately. Thank you so much, Jan."

I took her hand and we went up onto the porch and sat down. I said, "After that reaction, you better be sitting down for my next proposal."

She looked at me, and I was so excited about what I was going to say I was almost crying. "We are moving in a couple of weeks. We have a new home. When we do, we want you to have this house. We still owe some money on it, less than fifty thousand. We understand that you won't be able to handle that for a while. Not until you get back on your feet anyway. So we want you to live here, and you can keep any or all of the furniture and sell what you don't want, or give it away, whatever. Later, when you can swing it, maybe we will talk about you assuming the mortgage. Until then, you just worry about the utilities. How does that sound?"

She looked white as a sheet and she said, "I think I need to lie down. I feel faint."

I helped her up and took her inside and up to our room. I laid her out on the bed and put a cold cloth on her face.

I stretched out beside her and waited while she calmed down. Finally she looked like she was recovering and she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I used the cloth to wipe her eyes and told her that it was no big deal. We were in a position where we were able to help out and we were happy to do it. 

She turned on her side and took me in her arms and hugged me so tight. It was kind of strange. I had never been in bed with a woman like this before. I knew that it wasn't anything sexual, but still, it felt kind of weird. I guess all of the sex I had been exposed to in the last week was giving me a dirty mind.

When Jennifer felt better we went back downstairs and sat in the dining room until the movie ended. They left in the Buick after getting their belongings out of their old car which I was going to have towed to the junk yard the next day.

Brad and I went to bed that night feeling so good about ourselves. It was fun playing Santa Claus. 

The next day I got a call telling me to report to Mr. Burton's office at noon. He and Mr. Gordon were the final two VPs that I had yet to have sex with. As I was getting ready I decided that it was time to start wearing some of those new clothes I had bought, the sexy ones.

I went through the dozen outfits and picked out a very short, very thin dress, and nothing but a thong for underneath. I took a shower and got ready and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty hot, but it was going to be obvious to the people at the plant what I was there for now, if they didn't already know.

I drove in and parked in Brad's spot. I already knew where Mr. Burton's office was and just breezed through reception and waived at the smiling young women there. They waived back and I went to Mr. Burton's secretary and told her that he was expecting me. She told me to go right in.

Mr. Burton was the youngest of the VPs, and one of the nicest. I had met him several times and he had always been very polite, but very friendly, and I was not as nervous as I had been with the others that I had been with so far.

He got up when I entered and came around his desk and he looked at my new outfit and said, "Wow! You look hot! When the word was passed around that you and your husband had accepted the position and that you were going to be in EPOD I was so excited. I always thought you were such a sexy young thing.

I smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment. I noticed that he seemed to be, I don't know, not his normal "in charge" self, though he wasn't as nervous as me. I asked him if he would like me to take my clothes off. 

He grinned and said, "I would like that very much! Please do."

I put my purse down and started to get out of the two items of clothing that I was wearing. As I slowly undressed I asked him, "May I ask you a couple of questions?"

"Of course, what would you like to know?" he responded.

"I have been wondering what the other people know about EPOD. Do the secretaries know about us? Or the other people in the plant?"

Mr. Burton looked thoughtful and then he said, "I suppose that they know something. They haven't been told anything, and EPOD is a secret program that we don't discuss except among ourselves. But the ladies see unusual things, and they gossip like workers everywhere. So I guess the best answer to your question is that they know something is going on, but they don't know what, exactly."

"I just wondered," I said, "Not that it matters. I have noticed that there are no locks on the office doors. Aren't you worried about being disturbed?"

"No, I told my secretary that you were coming in to see me about something and that when you arrived I didn't want to be disturbed. She is very good about that. And as a general rule, people don't barge into other people's offices around here."

I was suddenly struck by another question. "It just occurred to me that, since this program has gone on for so long, all six of you must have come up through the same program! Did all of your wives take part in EPOD? If they did, they know that you are screwing around at work! How do they feel about that?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, all of our wives, and us, went through it. They have had different reactions. My wife enjoyed the hell out of it, and we still enjoy the occasional get-together with other men and couples. In fact, she is looking forward to meeting you. She has heard a lot of very good things about you."

"Most of the wives enjoyed, or were at least tolerant of the program while they were in it, but are glad to be out of it now. It doesn't always work out that way. Two couples left the program before they could get promoted out of it. That is how the position opened up for Brad."

"Riggs' wife left him just before he got promoted, she should not have gotten into it, and she wasn't someone who took well to that lifestyle. I suppose being married to Riggs might have had something to do with that. I recommend that you watch out for him. Sometimes I think that he is more than just a little weird."

I had been naked for most of Mr. Burton's answer to my question and he had begun to explore my body while he talked. He had a nice, gentle, stimulating touch and it felt pretty good. 

After he finished talking he pulled me close and kissed me and I returned his kiss with just as much passion. He ran his hands over my body a little longer, and then he stepped back and started to undress. I helped, and we quickly had him out of those clothes.

As soon as he was naked I dropped to my knees and began to pleasure his already hard cock. I licked his balls and took them into my mouth and gently massaged them with my tongue. I licked my way up his shaft slowly, teasing him with my tongue. Then I slid my lips down over his throbbing cock and began to slowly pump my mouth up and down his cock, eventually taking the first inch or two into my throat. He moaned and quivered with pleasure as I worked his cock lovingly and it was obvious that he enjoyed what I was doing because he came much too quickly, I would have enjoyed working on him a little longer. I surrounded the head of his cock with my lips and let him fill my mouth with his hot cum and then I swallowed eagerly. But I didn't take my mouth away, I continued to lick and suck on his tasty organ until he was hard again, which didn't take very long at all. 

When he couldn't stand any more he pulled his cock from my mouth to avoid cumming again so quickly. He pulled me to my feet and guided me to an overstuffed chair and invited me to sit down. Then he knelt in front of me and ate me to a very nice orgasm. It was obvious that he enjoyed doing it and it had turned him on as much as it had me.

As soon as I came he straightened up and lined his cock up with my sopping wet pussy and slowly entered me. It felt great and I moaned as every inch of his cock was buried inside of my hot pussy.

He stayed still for a minute, while we both savored the wonderful feeling that a couple gets when those two organs are first joined, and then he started to fuck me, very slowly at first. As he fucked me he moved his hands over me, playing with my nipples and teasing my clit while he took long, slow strokes that soon started to drive me crazy. I started to moan and groan and soon I was swearing like a sailor and begging him to fuck me harder. He was very good at this, and I was really enjoying it. 

He started to comply with my requests and fuck me harder and faster and very quickly we were both cumming again. I came first and then I reached up and ran my hands over his chest as he sped up even more and then he tensed up and filled my pussy with cum.

He stayed inside of me for a minute, and then he smiled and told me how wonderful I was and how much he had enjoyed that. I assured him that the feeling was mutual, and when he pulled out of me I sank to my knees in front of him and licked and sucked him clean. As I did he smiled and said, "I thought my wife was the only woman who did that!"

I finished what I was doing and looked up and said, "I have only been doing it for a little while, but I like it, I think it is kind of sexy."

He kissed me and said, "Yes, I do to. Thank you."

He stood up then and helped me to my feet. He let me use his bathroom to clean up and then I got dressed while he watched. When I was dressed he said, "Damn you are sexy! Have you ever been with another woman?"

I shook my head.

He asked, "My wife is bi, and she is very attracted to you after hearing so much about you. How do you feel about that?"

"Curious," I said, honestly. "I know my husband would like to see it."

Mr. Burton shook his head and said, "You better get out of here before I decide that twice was not enough. I have got to do some work today or Brad will be getting my job."

I walked over to him and kissed him and said, "I had fun, thanks."

He returned my kiss, and then he kissed my forehead and said, "Would you and your husband be free for dinner on Wednesday?"

I nodded and he said, "Great, we'll pick you up at seven. Wear something sexy."

We said goodbye and I walked over to my husband's office. When I entered the reception area I got the strangest look from the woman at the desk. I said hello to her and went through and into Jennifer's office. 

When she saw me she jumped up and ran around her desk and hugged me and thanked me all over again for the car and the house. I had been so distracted by Mr. Burton that I had forgotten all about that!

I told her again that she was welcome, and she let me into Brad's office and sat with me for a few minutes, until he returned. We talked and I was looking forward to when the excitement passed and she calmed down a little, this was getting to be embarrassing.

Brad finally came in and Jennifer left us alone. We kissed and hugged and I told him why I was there, and how much fun I was having. 

He smiled and said, "Good, I would hate it if you were upset by what was going on."

"Nope," I said, "No hard feelings here." Then I reached down and put my hand on his cock and said, "But I detect a hard feeling here. Would you like some help with that?"

Brad looked at his watch and said, "I would love some help with that, but I have a meeting that started two minutes ago. Hold that thought until I get home."

We kissed and I left him alone in his office with a hardon. I didn't feel too bad about it. I figured that it would be good for him to remember how much he wanted me. Let him think about how much he wants me, like he used to when I would undress in front of my window when we were kids.

I headed for my car but when I got to the main entrance one of the women from the reception desk called out to me. "Mrs. Pittman! I'm glad I caught you. Heather called down a little while ago and asked that if you came in today, please come by the office. Mr. Morris wanted to see you for a minute."

I thanked her and turned around and went back to Heather's office. She smiled and got up when she saw me. She came around and hugged me. I didn't know what to make of all the affection I was getting around her lately.

She said hello and we talked for a second before she buzzed Mr. Morris and let him know that I was here. He had her send me in and I knocked lightly and went in to his office.

He was already getting up when I entered. He met me half way to his desk and hugged me and said, "Just seeing your pretty face brightens my day. Thanks again for Friday. It was a wonderful meal. And it was the most wonderful desert that I have ever experienced."

I smiled and told him again how welcome he was, and how much I looked forward to doing it again.

"But the reason that I asked to see you," he said, "was to tell you what a wonderful thing that I think you are doing for Jennifer," he said.

I smiled and said, "But we are just doing for her, on a smaller scale, what you have done for us. It is fun, isn't it?"

He grinned and said, "Yes, it is fun. It is very satisfying. But I had not expected you to pay it forward, as it were. Most people in your position would not have been so generous, and I just wanted to tell you how proud of you two I am."

I smiled and said, "Thank you, and thank you for making it possible."

Then I twirled around in front of him and said, "Do you like my new dress? I am wearing it for the first time. Isn't it sexy?"

"Believe me," he said, "I noticed!"

I moved closer and put my hand on his cheek and said, "I have some spare time."

He leaned down and kissed my forehead and said, "I love you for offering, but I am already late for a meeting. Soon though, I think about you all of the time."

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him and said, "I think about you all of the time too. You are a wonderful man. And I love your son too. Thank you for sending him over to see us."

Mr. Morris chuckled and said, "Yes, he told me all about it. He said you almost straightened him out."

There was just a hint of wistfulness in his voice when he talked about his son being gay. I said, "He is a great guy, and I know you are proud of him. And it is obvious how much he loves you. That says a lot about you."

We said goodbye then and I drove to the grocery store, did some shopping and went home. 

The rest of the day, and that evening were more like a regular day than we had had in the week since this had all started. We had a nice quiet meal that evening and we had sex that night, but we made love instead of fucking for a change. It was nice. 

Afterwards we lay together holding each other in the dark and talking quietly. One of the things we talked about was tomorrow night. We had no idea what the Burtons had planned, but we talked about, among other things, the possibility that for the first time in our sexual games, Brad might become intimate with another woman. 

Brad was afraid of how I would react if that happened. But as I thought about it I realized that I had no doubts about how Brad felt about me, and I think that, especially lately, I had come to separate sexuality and love. I think I had a pretty good perspective on things. I remembered being upset with the idea of Brad with another woman. But a lot had happened to broaden my horizons since I had been so provincial and now I thought that it might even be kind of sexy to watch. 

We also discussed the probability that I would be intimate with Mrs. Burton. I was nervous about that, but Brad didn't have to hide the fact that it turned him on. We had talked about it before and I knew that he would enjoy seeing that. I wasn't upset with him; I knew that it was a popular male fantasy.

The next day, around ten, there was a knock on the door and I opened it to see Mr. Gordon, the last of the six VPs. He smiled and asked if he could come in and I smiled and welcomed him. 

I assumed that he was here for his turn with me, and in a way that was true. He did not ask me to go upstairs, or to undress, though. Instead he asked if I had any coffee. I quickly made a half pot and he sat at the dining room table looking uncomfortable.

I brought him in a cup of coffee and we sat quietly at the table and I was getting nervous, waiting for him to tell me what was wrong. Because this was not going the way I had come to expect. I was beginning to think that he was here to give me some bad news and I was getting anxious.

"First," he said, "let me apologize, I can see that I have made you nervous. Don't be. I am just uncomfortable and not sure how to tell you that we are not going to have sex. I didn't mean that as arrogantly as it probably sounded."

I wasn't reassured yet.

"Let me try that again," he said and smiled uncomfortably. "I am the last of the six men to be promoted to senior vice president. My wife went through EPOD and she did not go through it well. Thankfully, I suppose because of her attitude, she was not popular and was not called on very often. Now that I have been promoted and am more or less expected to enjoy the company of the four ladies in the program, my wife and I have agreed that it would be best if I refrained from enjoying your company. The problem with that is, I have to give the appearance of enjoying your obvious charms or my peers will become. uncomfortable, I suppose is the best word to use."

I asked, "So you came over to tell me that you would not be having sex with me?"

"Well that," he answered, "and to give the appearance that I was away from the office having sex with you. I will be required to attend those parties and at those parties I will be, intimate with you. I am sorry, this conversation makes me uncomfortable. I know how silly this must all sound to you. I have to maintain this charade in order to avoid making the others suspicious. It is hard to explain. But when I was first promoted I tried to avoid the parties and I left the EPOD girls alone and I started finding myself being marginalized at work. It seems that if I don't take advantage of all of the companies perks I am not entirely trusted."

"So," he continued, "I make this agreement with all of the ladies in EPOD. I will spend some time with you during the day, as often as I need to, to maintain the charade, and I will avail myself of one of you when I attend the parties, but to the extent possible, I want our relationship to be platonic."

I actually felt sorry for him! I smiled and said, "I am yours to command, if you wish to spend your time with me drinking coffee and talking, that's fine. If you change your mind, I am not one of those women who joined EPOD and went kicking and screaming all of the way. Unlike some of them, my husband and I are in the program because it is a turn on for us. But you don't have to worry about me looking down on you for being honorable. I would be happy to spend a little time in conversation. I don't watch television, my housework is done, let's talk."

So we did. We had a very nice conversation and we were both sorry when he finally had to leave. It turned out that he, too, went to Middlebury College, although he had gone more than thirty years before me. But we talked about campus life and how much had changed and how much had stayed the same and we had a very pleasant morning. When he finally had to go I escorted him to the door and we said goodbye. Before he left I told him that, as uncomfortable as it might make him, I hoped that he would choose me at the first party, I was looking forward to getting to know him better. 

He smiled and shook my hand and said, "You are almost too beautiful to have sex with. I have really enjoyed your company this morning. I don't believe that I have ever met a more lovely, and more charming young lady. I suspect that even my wife would love you. Come to think of it, everyone that has met you seems to love you. You are remarkable. Don't tell my wife that I said so, but I am actually looking forward to the next party."

I laughed and said, "Are you sure that you don't want a preview?"

"Alas," he said with a sigh, "my conscience, and my all knowing wife, prevents me from taking you up on that offer."

I kissed his cheek and said, "Come back often, even if it is just to drink coffee and talk. I enjoyed your company."

He left and I thought about his strange situation. Imagine being forced to have sex with other women, against his will! But then I realized that once he was promoted, Brad would be in the position of having to have sex with the EPOD ladies, whether he wanted to or not. How would I feel about that? I hadn't considered that one day I would no longer be in EPOD, but Brad would have those four ladies available to service him. This seemed like something I would need to discuss with Mrs. Burton when we went out to dinner.

It was still early and I was left with nothing to do. It was my first real day off since last Monday. And here I sat, kind of wishing that one of the men, or a couple of the men, from the plant would come on by and put me to good use. But nobody did, and so I put my bikini on and went out back to get a little sun and read for an hour. 

As I sat there in my lounger chair I couldn't help thinking about the pictures I had seen at the new house of the fantastic pool that we would soon have in our back yard. And I thought about our parents and what they would think of our new home. And then I wondered what we would tell them about how we could afford what seemed to be adding up to a 1.5 million dollar home and furnishings, and a car that cost nearly fifty thousand dollars. Both sets of our parents had been sure that we would be so sorry when we married so young. We were "setting ourselves up for failure," according to my dad. As failures go, we seemed to be doing pretty well.

I went in when my hour was up and took a shower. Then I stayed naked, the way Brad likes me, and went around the house taking serious stock of our possessions and deciding what would get moved. There wasn't that much. Our books would have to go with us, and our music, our clothes, some souvenirs, a very few pieces of art and our photographs. Our furniture was what we could afford at the time and we were not that attached to it. Brad would want his tools out of the garage, and his sports equipment. We sure wouldn't be needing movers!

I got supper ready and met Brad at the door, stark naked and with his drink in my hand, just the way he likes me. He changed out of his suit and we had dinner and I told him all about the strange visit from Mr. Gordon. 

He said, "I hadn't thought of that. I thought that once I was promoted it would be over. But it won't will it? And we might both not want it to be over. But suddenly having the tables turned, for me to be getting all of the action while you are left out, I guess neither of us thought that far ahead."

After dinner I cleaned up and we played dominos for an hour. I don't care for that particular pastime myself, but Brad learned it from his family and they had played it a lot. He enjoyed it and I didn't really mind. What pissed me off was that he always won. At least at scrabble I had a fifty-fifty chance. Something about those damned dominos, I mean, I can add and subtract, but I just couldn't seem to think when we played that stupid game. 

Then we went to bed and read for a while. We didn't make love, we were both sleepy by the time we turned the lights out. Instead, we cuddled and he held me close and kissed my neck and my shoulder and we just lay there feeling close and in love.

The next day I went out and got some boxes, came home and undressed and did a little packing. I figured if I did a little at a time, moving wouldn't even be a chore. 

Just before noon the doorbell rang and I looked out and saw that it was Mr. Riggs, so I didn't bother getting dressed.

I went down and opened the door and he smiled when he saw me and asked, "Were you expecting me sweetheart?"

I smiled back, invited him in and said, "No, Brad likes me this way. So I stay naked most of the time I am at home."

"He is a smart man, and a lucky man. You do look lovely that way. I am looking forward to following you upstairs."

I said, "Right this way sir," and led off to the staircase.

As we climbed the stairs I felt his hands on my thighs and my ass and by the time we got to the top of the stairs and I looked around I saw that he had a hardon. I walked ahead of him down the short hallway, swaying my hips a little more than necessary to get from point A to point B.

As soon as we were in my room I started to help him undress and when his clothes were hung on the rack he took my in his arms and hugged me and kissed me and ran his hands all over me. After we had kissed for a moment he said quietly in my ear, "Grant really pissed me off last week. He knew that I wanted your cherry ass and he took it. I am going to have to make sure it's okay today. It would be horrible if he had damaged such a beautiful ass."

I would much rather he use any other orifice, but after all it isn't up to me. I stayed calm and asked him where he would like to do this little check up and he told me to suck him off first, then he would decide.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I started to take the two or three steps necessary to be at the edge of the bed and kneel but he stopped me. He told me to back up until I was at the wall.

I didn't know how he expected me to suck his cock from fifteen feet away, but it was his nickel. When I was standing with my back to the wall he ordered me to get down on my hands and knees and crawl around in a circle until he stopped me.

Well, I had heard he was a little weird, but I didn't see the harm in it. I dropped to my knees and started crawling around while he watched my breasts sway and my ass swivel and I just counted myself lucky that he didn't ask me to make animal noises. It was humiliating, but I could see where it might be fun to watch. 

I went around in a circle three times and he finally beckoned me over to suck him off. As I was about to take his cock into my mouth he asked, "Did you enjoy that?"

I smiled as sweetly as I could and responded, "It doesn't matter, as long as you did."

He patted my head as if I was an Irish setter and then he let me suck him off. I have to assume that he had enjoyed the show, he came very quickly. I took my mouth off of him and swallowed his cum and I was amazed again at how nice his cum tasted. It was actually pleasant! I thought that was strange because he was such an unpleasant person. After I had swallowed his hot, fresh cum I went right back to sucking, gently at first, and then with more enthusiasm. 

He watched me suck his cock for a few minutes and then he lay back on the bed and lifted his legs and ordered me to lick and suck on his ass. I had done this for Mr. Morris, of my own free will. For some reason it wasn't the same being ordered to do it by someone who seemed to already have such a low opinion of women. But I didn't let him see what I was thinking. I had received a lot of warnings about this guy. I didn't want to give him any excuse to make things harder on me.

I licked up and down the crack of his ass for a few moments and then I began working at his asshole with my tongue. He was moaning with pleasure as I stiffened my tongue and pushed it inside of him and I suppose that he was really enjoying it, because he made me do it for a very long time. By the time he dropped his legs my tongue muscles were about to give out.

I sucked his cock a little more, at his direction, and then he ordered me up on the bed with my knees at the edge. He stood up and moved between my legs and pushed his cock into my wet pussy. He chuckled when he discovered how wet I was, as if it was all the proof he needed that I was just a slut. But he didn't say anything. He just stroked into my pussy for a minute and then he pulled out and spread my ass cheeks and started forcing his cock into my ass with no warm up, and no lubricant except my own juices. 

I tried to tell him that I had a lubricant, but he just chuckled and said, "That's okay honey, I ain't that big, and you ain't a virgin anymore. It feels just fine to me."

Admittedly his cock was no more than average sized, but still, I had only done this once, and I had been stretched out and loosened up considerably first. But I didn't fight him. I put my head down on my arms and grunted and gasped in pain and tried to force myself to relax. 

As I moaned in pain he rubbed my ass cheeks roughly, occasionally pinching me or slapping me as he began fucking me with a steady rhythm. As he pumped my ass he was saying in a very demeaning voice, "Yeah baby, nice ass. That feels great. Talk to me, let me hear how much it hurts."

And it did hurt, and I did talk to him. I said, "Oh please Mr. Riggs. I'm not used to this. It hurts. Please hurry." And then I resumed panting and gasping in pain and I guess he liked the sounds I was making because he came pretty quickly, thankfully.

He left his cock buried in me until it was soft and then he pulled it out and grabbed my hair and pulled my face around and made me suck him clean. What I wanted to do was bite the bastard's cock off. But I had to believe that if I did that, there was a better than even chance that it might have a less than desirable effect on Brad's career.

He let me suck him for quite a while before he was satisfied and then he made me turn around again so he could examine my asshole. He made me spread my cheeks and bend down a little more and he said, "It still looks beautiful, Jan. You could probably take on an army and still look beautiful. Maybe we will have to find out one of these days."

He reached out and scooped up some of his cum that was leaking out of my asshole and turned me around again and made me lick his fingers clean. 

Then he turned me back around again and as I leaned back down and spread my ass again he dressed slowly, staring at me in this humiliating position.

When he was dressed he said, "I am going to come by and pick you up tonight and take you out for a while, be ready at eight."

I said, "I can't sir. One of the other VPs is picking me up tonight at seven."

His face got red and he looked really pissed off. "Who, which VP?" he asked, in a very irritated voice.

"Mr. Burton," I responded quietly. I had a feeling that I was going to pay for not being available, even though it wasn't my fault.

He hesitated for a moment and then he said, "Okay, tomorrow night then, same time, eight o'clock. Wear something slutty."

"Yes sir," I responded.

I wasn't too happy about this. People were right, this guy was scary.

He left me in that humiliating position. I stayed that way until I heard the front door close. Then I got up and took a shower and as I washed my tender asshole I wondered what I should say to Brad.

I thought it best if I said no more than I had to. Brad would put up with a lot of consensual sex; everything would be fine as long as nobody was getting hurt. But if he thought Riggs was acting the way Riggs was acting, he might just rearrange his face. Besides, I figured that if Riggs really did get to be a problem, I could always go to Mr. Morris. I didn't want to do that though. It would be best if I just put up with the asshole and got by, just like all the other wives were apparently doing.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I had nothing to do but wait until it was time to get dressed to go out. Brad came home at the normal time and he took a shower and changed and at 6:30 I put on some of my slutty panties and a nearly see-through dress with a deep, deep cleavage in front and a back that dipped so low that the crack of my ass was almost showing.

The Burtons showed up promptly at seven, with the stretch limo. These people really knew how to live! They came in and we had a drink and got acquainted. Mrs. Burton, Midge, was in her mid-forties and I liked her instantly. She was funny and sexy and friendly as hell. We sat and talked for a while and drank our drinks and I told her that I would really like to meet her and pick her brain when she could spare the time. 

Before long we were on our way out the door and I was excited about my first ride in a limo. Both the Burtons complimented me on my dress, and my body, and I blushed. For some reason, having another woman as part of the equation was embarrassing for me.

As the limo driver held the door for us I got in first and as I did I felt a hand on my ass. I assumed it was Brad, but when I got inside and sat down in one of the luxurious leather seats I saw that the person behind me was Midge! She winked at me and sat beside me and put her hand lightly on my thigh.

She smiled and said, "You are going to see some strange sights tonight my dear. We are going to a private club called 'The Slave Traders.' The food and the drinks are fantastic, and the scenery is too, though it takes some getting used to."

I had lived here for six years, and Brad for four years, and we had never heard of this place. One reason became obvious as we traveled. It was dark and we couldn't see that well by the time we got there. We were an hour and a half out of town, up in the mountains and away from everything else. The club was a large stone and wood building with no windows that opened onto the parking lot and no signs or lights. There were dozens of cars in the parking lot, all of them very expensive. It was the strangest club I had ever seen.

We were let out at the door and the men got out first, then me, with Midge's hand on my ass again, and then Midge. When she was out and the car had pulled away she said, "I hope you didn't mind, you have a beautiful ass."

I said, "Well, I have to admit, it is a new experience for me, but no, I don't mind at all. I have been having a lot of new experiences lately, and most of them have been very pleasant."

"So I hear," she said with a warm smile. "In fact, I hear you are the girl that made Mr. Morris smile for the first time in decades. You know we talk about you girls, don't you?"

"Who is we?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later Jan," she said. Then we all went to the door. As we approached the massive wooden door it opened and a very stiff and reserved looking man in a tuxedo stepped out and said, "Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Burton, it is wonderful to see you again. Your table is ready, come right in."

We stepped inside and Mr. Burton introduced us to the man in the tuxedo. He looked at Brad and me carefully, as though he wasn't quite sure whether or not to let us in. But then he smiled and held up a finger and a naked woman came out of nowhere and the man in the tuxedo, Jeffry, said, "This is Melody, she will be taking care of you this evening."

Melody was a very busty blonde, with no hair anywhere on her body except her head, and a beautiful body. She smiled and acted as though she was fully dressed as she led us to a table in the darkened club. It was so dark I could hardly see Midge in front of me as we made our way to our booth. We stopped at the booth and as Brad and Mr. Burton, or David as he now insisted we call him, watched, Midge slid the tiny straps of my dress down off of my shoulders and helped me to step out of it. As she undressed me she said, "I hope you don't mind, I have been dying to see you naked since I met you." 

I didn't have time to form a reply before she slid my panties off and she handed my dress and underwear to Melody and then added her own clothes and the two of us sat down naked on one end of the booth, the men sat on the other.

I was still speechless, but I had had time to take note of Midge's body and I was very impressed. If I looked half that good when I was her age I would be proud. From the neck down she could pass for mid-twenties, and her face showed very little sign of aging either. She was very sexy.

As Melody left to put our clothes somewhere and get our drinks Madge said, "Comfortable?"

I smiled and said, "I suppose there is a first time for everything. I am a bit surprised to admit it, but yes, I feel great! It helps that I am not the only one at the table that is naked."

Then I smiled at Brad and said, "Doesn't it dear?"

He grinned and wisely kept his mouth shut.

The waitress came back with our drinks and menus and I opened the menu and looked at all of the strange names the food had. I looked at Midge and she smiled and took my menu and said, "That's alright dear, David will order for us."

The club was very dark still, but my eyes had adjusted a little and I could see movement as naked women moved through the club going to the booths. It appeared that all of the seating was at booths, I didn't see any tables. The club was on several levels, like an amphitheater. The booths in front of us were low enough that we could look over them and see all the way down to the level of the main floor. 

It was pleasantly quiet in here and we could talk quietly among ourselves. David and Brad talked a little about work, but mostly about sports. Midge and I talked about EPOD.

I had a million questions. But the first one I had to ask was how difficult it was to cope when she was no longer in it. 

She laughed quietly and said, "That was the perfect question dear! Most women would ask how I had coped when I was in it. You are going to get a long great! In answer to your question, I miss it terribly, we both do. But we have found other outlets. We have a few close friends that we party with from time to time. And we do things like come here and play from time to time."

"Play?" I asked, not sure what she meant about playing in this quiet club.

"You'll see, be patient," she said.

Then she asked me how I had reacted when I had first heard about EPOD. I told her about the night Brad had told me and how conflicted my emotions were, but mostly how horny I had gotten. 

She laughed and said, "Exactly what I felt!"

I asked, "How do you feel now that David is getting all of the fun and you are out EPOD? It doesn't seem fair. The wives should still be able to stay in it if they want to. Don't you think?"

"Well," she said, "the truth is that most of them don't enjoy it as much as you and I. Some of them downright hate it. I suppose if ours was the more popular opinion it might carry more weight."

"Is there any reason why it can't be changed, be made voluntary? Who would have to make that change?"

"The big seven, although I hear you have a lot of influence with Mr. Morris and that would be helpful."

"Would you really like it if I could get it changed? I guess I shouldn't be rocking the boat yet, I have only met one of the other three wives in EPOD so far, and I don't really know her. I probably shouldn't piss them off until after I meet them and get to know them a little better."

"You are probably right about that, and yes," Midge said, "I would love to get back in. And David would love it to. We both miss it. And while we are on the subject of pissing someone off, now would be a good time to warn you about Gavin Riggs. There is something not quite right about that man. He hasn't hurt anyone yet, but he has, well, he has done some pretty bad things. Be careful around him."

I glanced at Brad to make sure he wasn't listening and then I told her about what had happened earlier today, and how he had reacted when I told him that I couldn't go out with him this evening.

She got a concerned look on her face and said, "He is bad news Jan, be careful. He has done some things that he should have gotten in trouble for. But the poor girls that he did them to didn't have the balls to say anything because they were looking out for their husbands."

I shivered, and I wasn't cold. I decided that it was time to change the subject. I asked her about the other three wives in EPOD.

She smiled and said, "None of them are as well adjusted as you are. Or as lovely, I might add. Carol Mitchum and Madison Scott are both taking it alright, although they give the impression that they would rather not be in it. That may or may not be a fa ade to please their stuffed shirt husbands. Personally I think it is. They seem to be making the best of it though, and they enjoy it from time to time. 

They have been in it for a while and their newness has worn off and they aren't bothered every day like you probably are. Grace Davis is another story. She is a cold, manipulating bitch and you should never turn your back on her. She acts so sweet to the men when she is forced to be with them, but is a hateful, spiteful, gold digging little bitch that would much rather kill a man than fuck him, if there were a choice and the money was even either way."

"It doesn't sound like these parties they keep talking about are going to be a lot of fun!" I said, unhappy with her description of my fellow EPOD members.

"They won't be that bad. The men will be concentrating on you for a while. And the other women behave as though they are having a good time. I suppose that Carol and Madison enjoy themselves most of the time. Sometimes Riggs can put a damper on things at the party, although he usually behaves himself when the other VPs are around. 

You will be putting on informal little performances with the other wives from time to time. It isn't so bad with the other two, but having sex with Grace is like making love to an iceberg. She does and says all of the right things when any of the men are listening, and I don't know how many of them fall for her shit. But she is a cold, calculating bitch."

I don't know if my eyes were getting better adjusted to the dark or if the lights were getting brighter but suddenly I realized that there were women, naked women, chained to the walls all around the room, and to posts throughout the room. 

Midge saw my expression when I saw them and she laughed out loud. I poked Brad and nodded at the decorations chained up around the room and he almost choked on his drink.

I stared at the women chained to the walls around the room and after a while I became aware that there were people moving around checking them out. They were walking around calmly looking at them, touching them, anything they wanted. Most of the people were men, but I saw some women doing it too. Once in a while I saw what seemed to be a man pulling out his dick and putting it into one or more of the women. And then I noticed that every few minutes a couple of men in tuxedos would come out and unchain one of he women and take her away. 

I tried to ask Midge what was going on, but she just smiled and said, "Shhh, don't spoil the surprise."

Our food came; I was surprised because I hadn't seen David order. The food was definitely on the gourmet side. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was delicious. And whatever I was drinking was most excellent as well.

We ate and as we ate I continued to watch the action along the walls. Several times I noticed that a woman I recognized as having been removed was brought back out and chained up again. I was really intrigued. But that damned Midge wouldn't say a word. 

The meal was delicious, but the portions were small and it was over and done with very quickly. The naked waitress came and cleared the table and then she came back with another drink for David and Brad. Midge and I were not even asked if we wanted one, and I did!

But the reason for that omission was soon apparent. Four men in tuxedos appeared at our table and Midge pushed me out and followed right behind. I looked at David and he just smiled and said, "Do what you are told."

I could tell that Brad was curious too, but he didn't seem concerned, and I figured he was there if I needed him, I hoped. So I allowed two of the men to take me away. Midge was being pulled along right behind me. It was comforting that I was not alone.

We were taken to an empty space on the wall and chained up. We were lucky, some of the women were in grotesque positions, and I even saw a couple scattered around that were upside down! We were chained up as though we were on a cross, with our legs slightly parted, but our feet were planted firmly on the floor.

Almost as soon as the men in tuxedos had walked away, men, and now and then a woman, approached and explored our bodies. Fingers pinched and pulled my nipples and explored my pussy, and when they were satisfied they put their fingers in my mouth to be sucked clean. 

None of these people spoke to us. They didn't ask us any questions or tell us what they wanted. They just examined us as though they were shopping for slaves. A couple of times a man stood in front of me and pulled out his cock and bent at the knees and forced his cock into me. I must admit that by the first time it happened I was already so wet that not a lot of force was necessary.

I had not been there very long when two men in tuxedos came and got me and led me down a dark hallway and into a room about the size of a gymnasium. It was not your normal gym though. Everywhere that I looked I saw women strapped down to benches of various designs being fucked by men. Most of the men were dressed; all of the women were naked. 

Sometimes I saw men at benches talking to the other men and then they would exchange partners, if the woman strapped down and being fucked could be called a partner. I was led to a strange looking padded bench and strapped down and I didn't have time to ask what the hell was going on before the men in tuxedos left and a man stepped up behind me and plowed his cock into me. I turned around and recognized him as one of the men that had come around and felt me up earlier.

He fucked me violently and I suddenly realized that I was extremely turned on and I ended up cumming twice before he pulled out of my pussy and ran around and buried his cock in my throat and shot his cum straight down my throat. 

I don't like that. I mean, I don't mind the deepthroat part, but I want to taste a man's cum when he cums in my mouth. But I didn't have time to complain because while the man that had just cum in my mouth was letting his cock drain in my mouth someone else started fucking me, someone with a very fat cock. It felt great and I was cumming again by the time the cock in my mouth disappeared. 

My mouth wasn't empty long though. As soon as the first man that had taken me finished and walked away, another man put his cock in my mouth. This new cock was only semi-hard, and I could tell that it had just come out of some other woman's pussy! I was so shocked, and so fucking turned on, that I screamed all around his cock as I had a huge orgasm!

I guess he liked it. By the time I was through cumming and screaming around his cock he was hard and he was buried half way down my throat. But this gentleman pulled out all but the head when he started to cum and finished himself off with his hand. I got to enjoy a nice mouthful of cum this time.

The second man that had fucked me, very well I might add, came around and put his slimy cock in my mouth and I got to see it. I was impressed! Even soft it was huge. I wouldn't want to have it every time I fucked, but now and then, for a little variety, it was very nice. I was glad that someone else had gone first to open me up a little though.

I was laying alone on the bench for a couple of minutes when a naked woman came over and used a damp cloth to clean me. When she moved away there were two men in tuxedos who freed me and took me back out and chained me up where I had been. Midge was gone now and I stood as more men came by and took advantage of me. 

It was about ten minutes before they brought Midge back out. She looked totally fucked, and she was smiling like a Cheshire cat. She winked at me and allowed herself to be chained back up to the wall. 

After about ten minutes, two men who were together came and stopped in front of me. They pulled and squeezed my tits and took turns sticking fingers in my pussy for a moment. Then they moved over to Midge and did the same thing to her. 

I didn't have time to see what they did next because a very large, very masculine woman stopped in front of me. She leered at me and reached out and twisted my nipples painfully. Then she reached down and stuck a couple of fingers into my pussy. It was obvious that I had been fucked recently. She pulled her fingers out and roughly shoved them into my mouth and whispered, "You fucking slut. You need someone to teach you how to behave. Teach you how to eat pussy. Put you in your fucking place."

She was the only person that had spoken to me since I had been chained up, but I didn't like the sound of what she had to say. I was almost happy when two men in tuxedos came and unchained me again. I saw the look of anger and disappointment on that weird woman's face and I was sure that whatever was about to happen to me was better than spending a little time with her.

Before I was led away, Midge was also unchained and we were led away together. We went to a different room this time. It was a much smaller room with only one bench. Midge was strapped down on her back on the bench and I was placed on top of her in the sixty-nine position and strapped down. This time though, we both had the use of our hands. The first bench I had been strapped to had included straps for my wrists and I had been totally immobilized.

Now, for the first time, I had a woman's pussy in my face. I also had a woman's face in my pussy. I had expected that this would happen. I had even expected it to happen tonight. I just had not expected it to happen like this.

One of the two men that had chosen us pushed my head down and I knew what he wanted without a word being spoken. I began to tentatively lick at Midge's pussy as I felt her tongue moving over my own. I could tell that she had recently had sex. But she seemed clean, and I found that I was enjoying it. Of course, the tricks that she was doing with her tongue might have had a lot to do with that. She was driving me nuts and I really felt like I wanted to please her as much as she was pleasing me.

We had not been doing this for very long when things got a whole lot better. I watched as, right before my eyes, a long thin cock came into sight and slowly entered Midge's swollen, red pussy. 

At the same time I felt one entering me. I had never felt anything like it. That nice cock was slowly fucking away at my pussy while Midge was tickling my clit with her tongue and it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever experienced. It was all I could do to keep up with her. 

It was so erotic. I had never seen a cock going into a pussy, except in a porn movie, and that just isn't the same as having it happen right in your face. I licked Midge's clit like crazy, stopping only occasionally to moan in pleasure, or to suck clean the cock that was fucking her when he pulled out and shoved it into my throat.

Both men were taking their time and Midge and I both must have cum a dozen times by the time they came. When the man fucking Midge pulled out he made me clean his cock one last time, and then, without anyone even suggesting it, I put my mouth around Midge's pussy and licked and sucked it clean. She started screaming in pleasure as I worked on her, but her screams were muffled and I could tell that she still had a cock in her mouth.

I had eaten every trace of cum from her pussy by the time she started to return the favor. And I understood now what she had been screaming about. It was so fucking hot, so fucking sexy, in less than two minutes I was cumming and screaming and the two men were just standing there watching in amazement.

Finally we both collapsed in exhaustion and we were released from the bench. Before we left a woman came around with a damp scented cloth and we were freshened up again. I tried to ask Midge some questions, like how much longer this would go on, and what if I wanted to go to the bathroom, but when I tried to speak she shook her head and I shut up and waited for the men to come and chain us up again.

And they did. And the parade of men mauling my body continued. In fact, if anything there were a lot more of them now. I was deeply relieved that the butch broad from earlier had not come back. She was scary.

Midge was taken away again almost immediately. I had the impression that the man that selected her knew her. They hadn't spoken; I just thought I saw a look pass between them, a look of familiarity in their faces.

Before she was returned I was selected again. I was taken into the larger main room again and this time I was strapped down on my back with my head hanging down. A pair of large, black, hairy legs appeared in front of my face and I realized that I was going to have my first sexual encounter with a black man. I shivered in excitement, and then I shivered in fear. He was standing with his fat nine inch cock pointed right at my lips. He leaned forward and I opened my mouth and felt him feed me a couple of inches. 

I was scared, it was a very large and very impressive organ and I was used to more average sized men. But he was patient and as he moved several inches of his cock in and out of my mouth he was playing with my tits and I was starting to really get into it. Then, to make things even better, I felt someone start shoving another cock into my pussy. I moaned around the cock in my mouth and started being less passive, taking more and more of it into my mouth. The man that was the owner of that big black cock just let me work at it and soon I had my confidence built up and I had to see if I could do it. And damned if I didn't!

I enjoyed his big hands on my tits and his companion's cock in my pussy as I moved my head up and down his cock until the head of it finally slid into my throat. That was the only time I heard a man speak from the time we had been led to the wall and chained up. He groaned and said, "Jesus H. Christ on a stick! Look at this fucking bitch!"

His companion shushed him and that was all the talking I heard. But just as he was getting ready to cum he couldn't be passive any longer and he started fucking my mouth and throat and it hurt, but I was pretty damned proud of myself, because I took it all and made him swear. Unlike with the other cocks I had taken down my throat since I became able to do that, I could not breath around this one. I felt him bury himself in my throat and I felt his massive organ throbbing as he shot his cum down my throat. But I was almost unconscious when he finally pulled it out of me. It had been fun though. I hadn't cum, I was too preoccupied with the cock in my throat, but I'd do it again. I wished that Brad could have seen it.

I coughed a little when he pulled out and gasped for air. He looked around and bent down and whispered, "Sorry. Are you okay?"

I smiled and winked at him and nodded. He smiled back and moved out of the way so that I could suck his friend's cock clean. His friend was white, and his cock was at least as large as the man that had just fucked my face. I would have liked to have one of them in my pussy again before they left. I was pretty turned on right then. But they turned and walked away. As they left the black man turned back and winked at me though. I thought that was sweet.

I was waiting for the woman to come clean me so I could be taken back out when another man came over and started running his hands over my body. My head was down and I couldn't see who it was unless I lifted up my head. I didn't though, not until after this new man started fucking me. He was doing a very good job and I had to look up and see what I was dealing with. I had the shock of my life when I lifted my head and saw the man that owned the dry cleaning shop that I used. I smiled at him, mostly because I saw that he was just as shocked as I was. Then I put my head back down and enjoyed it. I came twice before he finally came and then came around to be cleaned. 

There was something about this situation that was really turning me on. It was just something about all of this anonymous sex, all of these chains and this silence, and being so available and helpless. It was just turning me the fuck on so bad. I was cumming and cumming at the drop of a zipper. I bet I would have cum if someone just rubbed a cock over my face!

My drycleaner finally walked away after one last fond squeeze of my breast and the rag lady was there with her warm cloth. I was washed; face and pussy, and then the tuxedo men came and freed me. They almost had to carry me out of the room. I was really getting tired now. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had been doing this. Or perhaps I should say how long I had been having this done to me. I really could have used a little rest.

But I was taken back out and chained up and Midge was there looking fresh as a daisy and eager for more. I felt kind of bad for pussying out and gave myself a little pep talk. It helped a little, but I was still in need of a rest. A good stiff drink would be nice too.

As I was hanging there in my chains letting the men feel me up and look me over it suddenly occurred to me that I really didn't have much to fear from Mr. Riggs any longer. After tonight, there wasn't much he could do to me that I couldn't handle. I hoped.

There was still a lot of traffic, a lot of men coming along and pawing us, some quite skillfully and causing a lot of good feelings. Many others rough and verging on cruel, but still it was stimulating that we were helpless and had no choice but to submit to these men. 

I was starting to get ready again; all that touching by so many men can be extremely stimulating, but my other wish came true first. A dozen men in tuxedos came out of the hallway and started going down the line releasing us. It is a good thing that Midge was there, because I would not have had a clue as to where our seats were. 

Midge saw the lost look and put her arm around my shoulder and guided me back to our booth. As we slowly walked down the dark aisles she said quietly, "You loved it, didn't you? You liked it as much as I do."

I smiled at her and said, "Yes, except for that scary lesbian that almost pulled my nipples off, I had a great time. Do you do this often?"

She said, "No, it takes a while to recuperate. And if we did it too often it wouldn't be special. Would you like to come the next time we come?"

Before I could answer I wanted to talk to Brad. I asked her, "What were the guys doing while we were chained up. Were they some of the men moving around picking women to fuck?"

"They probably went through once or twice," she answered, "just to take the edge off. But I'm sure that they saved something for later. Does it bother you, the idea that Brad went down that wall and picked out a strange woman and had sex with her?"

"No," I said, "not anymore. We had a couple of threesomes when I was still in college and we talked about finding another woman, instead of another man. At the time I was uncomfortable with it, but not now. It's just sex."

"Good," she said, "that sounds like a healthy attitude."

"How did you like our little foursome back there?" she asked.

I smiled and said, "That was a bunch of firsts! But I loved it. Not to be presumptuous, but maybe we should get together some day, some day soon."

Midge smiled and said, "I had that in mind."

We were approaching our booth. I was surprised at how large this place was. The men were seated and there were drinks waiting for us. 

They watched us as we took our seats and both of us took big sips of our drinks. I leaned forward and asked Brad, "Well, did you have fun while we were out entertaining the troops?"

He grinned, looking just a little guilty, and said, "I may have strayed from our marriage vows while you were away from the table. Would you be upset if I had?"

I grinned back and said, "I'd be upset if you hadn't. You can tell me all about it later while I'm sucking your cock."

Midge interrupted with, "Or maybe while I am sucking his cock."

"That would work too," I said. "And I could tell them about our little foursome."

We finished our drinks and the naked waitress came back with our clothes. But we didn't dress. Midge and I carried our clothes out to the limo. It was kind of amusing; the parking lot was full of naked women and fully dressed men.

The driver was holding the door open when we got to the car, but to look at his face you would never believe that two naked women were getting into his car.

I was first in again, but this time David got in after me and joined me on the plush seat that I had been sitting on. Midge and Brad sat across from us. David was all over me and Brad was all over Midge and for some reason the ride back to our house didn't seem to take any time at all. We pulled up in our driveway and we invited them in. They gladly accepted and we started to make a run for the door, Midge and I were still naked, but I stopped and turned around and invited the driver to come inside.

He looked at David and David nodded and after he locked the car the driver followed us inside. The driver was a nice looking man in his early thirties and I wondered if Midge had picked him or if David had. 

When we got inside I took drink orders and when I got back with the drinks, Brad and Midge were at it again. I set their drinks down on the coffee table and gave David his. Then I gave one to the chauffer and after he took it and thanked me I introduced myself. He smiled politely and told me his name was Matthew and then he told me how beautiful he thought that I was. 

I thanked him, but I was unsure of the protocol. I didn't want to go flirting with the help if that was inappropriate. I was saved from any further discomfort when David spoke up behind me and said, "Matt, stop teasing the poor girl. You know I am done for the night when I leave the club. Even Jan's sweet ass couldn't get me up right now. Show her why Midge would leave me if I ever fired you."

Matt smiled and said, "Sorry Jan, but I always do what I'm told." He toasted me and gulped his drink down, and I gulped mine down right along with him. Then he took our glasses and set them down and pulled me into his arms. 

His hands were all over me and I was ready. I reached down between us and put my hand over the large bulge in his pants. He groaned and kissed me passionately for a moment before he stepped back and started to undress rapidly. I would have helped, but I would have just been in the way.

I had seen larger cocks than his tonight, but his was very nice. It looked like it was nearly eight inches long and thick enough to be an 'A ticket' ride at any amusement park I have ever been to.

I reached for an afghan that was sitting on the end of the sofa and spread it out on the floor. We got comfortable and he started using his talented fingers and his even more talented tongue on my tired, but very sensitized body. He drove me to orgasm after orgasm before I finally pushed him away and forced him down on to his back.

I started kissing him at his face and then worked my way down his very fit body to his cock. He must have enjoyed himself when he was working on me because the lube was running down his cock and making his stomach and his balls all shiny. I licked him clean and started sucking his nice big cock. 

While I was sucking him I heard Midge talking and I looked over at them. Brad was naked now too, but apparently they were finished, at least for now. They were relaxing and sipping their drinks and watching us while Midge told them about our foursome at the club. 

She told it very well, nothing was left out. And I was getting turned on all over again just as the driver started to cum in my mouth. I guess he had been saving up, because I can't remember ever getting a larger load from any one man. I had to swallow before he was finished. I never had to do that before!

When he was finished I held his cock in my mouth until he was soft, then I got up and helped him up and we walked over to where the other three were sitting. I did a drink check, and got us each another one. Well, not Matt. One is his limit when he is driving. So I got him a soft drink and the five of us sat around talking for a while longer. It was so pleasant, and I was having so much fun that I didn't pay any attention to the time. I had not known what time it was since seven when they picked us up.

They left when they finished their drinks and we all agreed to get together again soon. We saw them out and then I went around picking up the living room. It wasn't until I got into the kitchen that I saw what time it was. It was almost three AM! I haven't stayed up past midnight more than once or twice since I got out of college.

We realized that we were tired all of a sudden and we went to bed and fell asleep with not much more than an "I love you."

When I finally got up in the morning it was almost ten AM. I made coffee and I called to see if Brad was available. I got to talk to him for a minute. He was exhausted, but we agreed that we had had a great time and would like to do it again, preferably not on a work night.

I reminded him that I had a "date" with Mr. Riggs. He was quiet for a moment, then he said, "I wish I could say don't go. I don't trust that man.

I said, "I know, don't worry. I'll be okay. After last night I'm not even worried about it anymore."

I let Brad get back to work and I took a shower and got dressed and made my trip to the dry cleaners. I didn't even remember that I had fucked the owner last night until I pulled up in the parking lot. It was too late to do anything about it then. Brad needed his clothes, and besides, he was just as guilty of fucking me as I was of fucking him.

I didn't see him when I went in. I went in twice a week and the girls behind the counter all knew me. They greeted me by name and went to get my cleaning. While I was waiting the owner came out to the front and saw me and smiled. I smiled back and we nodded at each other. He came over and we flirted for a moment, just like we always do when I come in. It was all as though he hadn't fucked me while I was strapped down to a bench last night. That wasn't so bad!

I took my cleaning and went to Sweet Nothings. I decided that I would look around and see if there was anything sexier than the dress that I had worn last night. If not, I planned to wear that dress again. After all, I had only had it on for an hour, the rest of the evening I had been naked.

When I went in to the store the owner, Jo, recognized me and came over and said hello. We talked for a minute and I told her that I was looking for something that was only just possibly legal to wear tonight. It should be something classy, and pretty, but slutty.

Jo thought about it for a moment and then she led me to a rack with tiny, gossamer like dresses that just barely covered those parts that needed to be covered in public, but with a fabric so fine that they did more to emphasize your body than to cover it. I tried on a white one, and I wasn't all that sure that it was something I could wear without getting arrested. The fabric was almost weightless, and so sheer that my nipples, which were only just a fraction of an inch from being exposed anyway, were clearly visible. I could also see the style and color of my panties. 

I reached under the dress and pulled off my underwear and I could see the small patch of bright red pubic hair over my slit. When I turned around I could see nearly an inch of the top of my butt crack before the dress started, and I could see the rest of it through the material. I have a small mole on one cheek and it was plainly visible.

It was certainly sexy enough, but could I actually wear this in public? I looked at Jo and she smiled and said, "Well, you might want to avoid going by police headquarters tonight, but damn! That dress was made for you!"

I thought about it for a moment and decided that Mr. Riggs had said slutty, this was definitely slutty. I would wear it and if he didn't like it he could make me change. So I bought it.

I went home with my new dress and dropped off my cleaning and my new dress and changed into my exercise clothes. I drove to the gym and worked out for a while. It really helped me get my blood flowing after the late night last night. I had been missing a lot of workouts lately because of, well, because of sex. So it took me a little while to get back in the groove. But by the time I finished my workout I was sweaty and smelly and loose. I mean limber.

I returned to the house in time to start supper and then I took another shower and put my outfit in the spare bedroom. Brad would be going to bed right after supper to make up for last night. I probably wouldn't see him again until morning. Or at least I wouldn't see him awake.

I didn't dress after my shower. When Brad got home I met him at the door, naked and drink in hand. He didn't change clothes. I had to force him to eat a little something and then I took him upstairs and put him to bed. We kissed and I turned out the light and told him that I would tell him all about it tomorrow. He looked worried, but he couldn't stay awake. I had pulled enough all-nighters in college to remember how he felt, I understood perfectly.

I closed the bedroom door and went down and cleaned up the dining room and kitchen and then I went and got dressed in my new slut outfit. I wore the tiniest thong that I owned under it. It just barely covered my slit with a nearly transparent patch of material that was just enough, with the dress, to keep my slit from being exposed. I put on a pair of four inch heels, much higher than I normally wear. I had not worn them in a while and I walked around for a few minutes to get my balance back. I put my ID, my house key, my cell phone and a little cash in a small clutch purse and I was ready to go.

I heard Mr. Riggs pull up at about ten before eight and I was on the way to the door when the bell rang. I opened the door and it was his driver. I will give the man credit; he tried very hard to make believe that I was not nearly naked. He invited me to the car and I locked the door and followed him.

He held the car door for me and as I stepped inside Mr. Riggs reached out and pulled me down beside him. Before I knew what was going on he pulled my arms behind my back and put handcuffs on me. Then he looked me over and told me that my outfit was perfect. 

I, meanwhile, was looking at the two strangers sitting on one of the side benches staring at me. 

Mr. Riggs noticed their looks and said, "Didn't I tell you the slut was hot?"

The driver got in and we took off and as soon as the car was moving Mr. Riggs pushed me over to the two strangers and invited them to check me out closer.

I nearly broke my neck as I stumbled and fell onto the men's laps. Their hands were all over me instantly. I could smell the alcohol in the limo; all three men were already pretty well loosened up.

My dress was soon bunched up around my waist and my little thong pulled out of the way and their hands were groping me roughly. I could see Mr. Riggs watching, and I had the impression that he was disappointed that I wasn't all that put out at the way I was being treated. I didn't want to challenge him, but I wasn't going to start crying for him either.

After several minutes of pretty rough mauling I was pushed to the soft carpet on my knees and one of the men started face fucking me. The other one had his cock out and was ready. I sucked them both off with little difficulty and swallowed their large loads of cum easily. When I was finished I was kept on my knees with the second man's cock in my mouth for a few minutes longer, long enough for us to reach our destination.

The limo came to a stop and the driver got out and opened the door, but before we got out, Mr. Riggs said, "You might as well come over here and take the edge off before we get started."

I walked on my knees to where he was seated and with the door wide open and the driver standing there watching, I sucked off Mr. Riggs. If you haven't tried it, I have to tell you, sucking a guy off when you are wearing handcuffs is a lot harder than when you have the use of your hands.

Mr. Riggs came in my mouth and after I swallowed he got out, put his cock away, and then reached in and pulled me out. I looked around and saw that I was standing in front of an adult book store, with my dress still bunched at my waist.

Mr. Riggs asked the driver to straighten my dress out, which he did, slowly and carefully and with lots of touching. Then Mr. Riggs' two friends got out and we entered the book store.

It was a surprisingly large store. It looked bigger on the inside than it had on the outside. All eyes seemed to be on me as I walked around with Mr. Riggs and his friends, looking at dirty books and movies and sex toys. Some of those toys looked pretty interesting!

At first the men that were in the store just watched us discretely. But Mr. Riggs and his friends were constantly touching me and insulting me, and soon men started gathering around to watch and listen. 

One of the men watching asked, "Is that your little sex toy?"

Mr. Riggs answered, "Actually, she is married to one of my employees, and most of the time she is just a happy little housewife. But tonight she is my twenty-two year old cum pig."

I didn't know exactly what the term cum pig meant, but it sounded kind of messy. 

The man that had asked the question came closer and, after looking at Mr. Riggs for permission, he pulled me close and smelled my breath. Then he reached inside my dress and pulled on my breast and said, "Smells like she has already had her first load of cum for the night."

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "Three of them actually. That was just an appetizer."

I was groaning as the man started squeezing my tit hard. Then he reached up and pulled my hair and when I squealed in pain he leaned forward and spit right in my mouth. I gasped in shock and stepped back, losing my balance in those ungodly shoes I was wearing and fell flat on my ass. It hurt like hell, because my hands were useless and I was unable to break my fall. 

But the audience was amused and gathered around to watch as I struggled to get back to my feet. I had to get to my knees first, but before I could stand up Mr. Riggs said, "Stay there, I'll tell you if I need you to stand up."

The audience seemed to be enjoying my abuse immensely. They closed in around me and I had hands all over me, pinching and pulling and squeezing. Before long my dress was nothing but a belt again. And not long after that someone reached down and grabbed the thin string on my left hip and pulled it, snapping it and allowing the little patch of cloth that had been covering my slit to fall down onto my thigh, exposing me totally now.

A tall skinny old guy came over and watched for a minute, then he turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "I hate like hell to say this, because I am really enjoying the show. But you are going to need to take this in the back, just in case someone comes in that might take offense, like the law."

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "I understand perfectly." Then he turned to me and said, "Come on pig, let's go." 

I tried to struggle to my feet but he drew his arm back and slapped the hell out of me, knocking me back down to the floor, on my face this time.

I looked at him in shock and he said, "I told you to stay the fuck down there pig! Now get back up on your knees and let's go!"

I struggled back to my knees and the crowd parted to allow me to fight to keep up with him as he walked at a normal pace across the floor. The floor was wooden, but fairly smooth. At least I wasn't getting splinters, but I was definitely scraping my skin off. Suddenly I wasn't so confident that I could handle Mr. Riggs.

As I struggled to follow him through the closely gathered crowd of dirty old men, hands reached out and tugged at my swaying breasts or pinched my exposed ass as I went by. 

We reached a door in the back wall and a buzzer sounded and one of Mr. Riggs' friends opened the door and held it while the four of us passed through. We entered a very dark hallway and paused. I couldn't see because there were two men standing in front of me. But as they moved down the hallway my knees were now scraping on a cement floor and I realized that we were passing men standing in the dark watching me in amazement as I hobbled along on my knees with my hands cuffed behind me.

There were flashes of light behind me as the buzzer sounded and the door opened and more of the men from out front followed us in. Half way down the hall Mr. Riggs stopped at an open door and looked in. Then he stepped inside and I followed. The little room was about eight feet wide by five feet deep and I had not gone very far before I felt something wet on my knees. I thought at first that I was bleeding, but then I realized that the liquid was cool and then the smell hit me and I realized what I was kneeling in. I was dragging my knees across cooling puddles of cum!

Mr. Riggs grabbed my hair and said, "If you do everything that is required of you tonight, I won't make you clean the floor with your tongue." I heard laughter from the doorway and saw men gathered around, fighting for a better view of me as I knelt helplessly on the cement floor.

Mr. Riggs stepped back and one of his friends came forward and pulled out a knife. He quickly cut through the straps of my dress and then sliced through it where it bunched around my waist, letting it fall away to the floor. Then he snapped the remaining strap of my thong and now I was wearing only my shoes, for all the good they were doing me.

I was pulled down across a padded straight chair and the three men that I came in with stood back against the wall. Mr. Riggs said, "Gentlemen, my employee's cum pig is a three-holer, and it is now open for business."

There was almost a fight at the door of the small room as men jostled to get in line and soon I had cocks in my mouth and my pussy, fucking me violently. These were not the same kind of reserved, relatively sophisticated gentlemen that I was made available to last night. For one thing, a lot of these men needed help with personal hygiene issues. Several times I found myself gagging and on the verge of vomiting from the smell of unwashed genitals. But on the plus side, none of them lasted very long. They came and went very quickly, with little effort on my part, and no pleasure. It was not until I had been fucked by three or four men that someone finally took my ass. He didn't prepare me first, or use lube, except for the fresh cum dripping out of my pussy, but his cock wasn't very large and it wasn't too bad.

I didn't even try to keep track of how many men used me. This wasn't even remotely sex. This was abuse and humiliation, pure and simple. I didn't have to do much. I just had to be there for them to use. Sometimes I was on my stomach, getting fucked at both ends, but sometimes they turned me over and with my head hanging down on one side and my legs pulled up onto my stomach they would use me that way. Nobody cleaned me up in between fucks and I was soon aware of what a cum pig was. I had cum everywhere. After a while, I was so nasty that a lot of the men wouldn't even touch me. Some didn't care, but mostly they were just standing over me and beating off and spraying my face and body with cum.

I had been on my back for a long time now, and my arms were killing me. There were tears running down my cheeks, partly from the shame and humiliation, but mostly from the pain. The line never seemed to end. The men kept coming and cumming and the line seemed endless. I could not imagine that using a woman like this would be a turn on for someone. It was disgusting. I was disgusting. My eyes were glued shut with cum, I had to breathe through my open mouth, my nostrils were covered, and even my ears were full of it. And since my mouth was open so that I could breathe, the men all seemed to try to aim for my mouth.

My pussy and my ass and my lips had long since gotten numb and the only pain that I felt was the pain in my arms and in my back where the cuffs pressed into me. I was crying quietly when the chair I was laying on shook and I heard Mr. Riggs order me to my knees. I suddenly realized that the line of men was gone. I dropped my legs and struggled to twist around on my knees. There were now more than little pools of cum on the floor around me, it felt like a pond. My knees kept sliding out from under me as I tried to figure out what Mr. Riggs wanted from me now. I couldn't hear well, and I couldn't see at all.

I heard men laughing and then I heard him calling, "Here pig, come on girl, here pig."

I followed the sound of his voice as best I could and we went back out into the hallway, still on my skinned up knees, and continued on down to the back wall. I had to keep following the sound of his voice as he called, "Here pig," all the way down the hall.

I bumped my knees on a board and realized that I had reached the back door and it was open and I was being led outside. I carefully worked my way over the sill and moved across gravel, cutting the hell out of my knees and crying out in pain as I continued to follow the calls of "Here pig."

I was finally ordered to stop and I heard a faucet being turned on and suddenly I was hit with a sharp blast of cold water. I screamed again, from the pain and from the cold, but still, I was relieved to have the slimy mess rinsed off. The hose moved all around, spraying every inch of my body until they were satisfied. Then they lifted me to my feet and sprayed my lower legs and my cut up knees, and finally the hose was shoved right up inside my pussy and allowed to run, filling me with a much too strong spray of much too cold water. As it moved around inside of me it hurt like hell, but it sprayed back out around the end of the hose and I was grateful to be getting cleaned out. 

When they were satisfied that my pussy was clean they bent me over and sprayed another blast of cold water up my ass. Then they made me squat and expel it, and repeated the process. I had been able to open my eyes after my face was sprayed clean and I noticed that there were a couple of dozen men standing around watching in amusement as I was hosed down and given a cold water enema.

I remembered now my confidence that after last night I could handle anything Mr. Riggs could come up with. I had underestimated Mr. Riggs.

When I was sufficiently rinsed off I was led back into the book store and through the building and back out front to the parking lot, still naked of course, my clothing had been destroyed.

We stood there by the door for a few moments and soon the limo came up and we got in. As soon as we were seated I was put to work sucking off the three men again, but my handcuffs were finally removed and it was such a relief that there were tears in my eyes as I rubbed my sore wrists.

The men were just as rough has they had been earlier. They roughly forced their cocks down my sore throat and pinched and squeezed my tits and pulled my hair. The car came to a stop on the side of the road and the driver got out and came around and got in the back with us. I was quickly put to work sucking him off and when he had cum in my mouth we all got out.

It was very dark and the windows were tinted almost black. I had no idea where we were. I looked around when we got out and saw that we were parked at what appeared to be a campground for the homeless. I saw dirty old men everywhere, and they were all staring at my naked body like they had not seen a woman with her clothes off in years. Many of them probably had not. They also did not look like they had bathed or changed clothes in years. 

Mr. Riggs said, "I am going to leave you here tonight and I will pick you up at seven in the morning. But you had best be standing right here when I return or I will leave you here.

That was the last straw. I started begging and when he started to turn away I started screaming at him. I suspect now that that was what he was waiting for. He had been trying to break me all along. Well, he finally did. I absolutely refused to be left here, if I had to throw myself under that limo, I was not going to let it leave without me.

The three men started smiling evilly and Mr. Riggs' two friends picked me up and held me down on the hot hood of the car while Mr. Riggs took his belt off and began whipping me brutally. It went on and on. My legs, my stomach, he concentrated on my breasts for a long time; he even whipped my face several times. I don't know how long it lasted because I finally passed out.

When I was next aware of my surrounding I was laying in the middle of my cold cement driveway. My purse was beside me and I looked at the time on my cell phone. It was nearly three AM again. I looked down at my body and I was a mass of welts. There were several places where the skin had been broken, but mostly just ugly red marks.

I started sobbing hysterically. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go inside like this. Brad would surely kill Mr. Riggs. I couldn't stay out here much longer either. Pretty soon the paper would be delivered and people would be going to work. I thought about hiding until Brad went to work, but that would be a problem too. Brad would be worried and come looking for me. 

Finally, in desperation, I called Midge. I was sobbing and I apologized profusely, but she could hardly understand me. At first she didn't even know who I was. Finally I got hold of myself and told her that I needed help. She asked where I was and she didn't even get dressed, she rushed over in her robe.

I was hiding between our cars in the driveway when she pulled up. She got out of her car and came over and looked at me and said, "Oh my god! Jan! What in the hell happened to you tonight?!"

"Mr. Riggs," I sobbed. "I can't led Brad see me like this. He will kill him!"

Midge said, "I would be glad to help him. Come on; let's get you in the car."

She led me back to her car and gave me a blanket to wrap around myself while she drove me to her house. She led me inside and went upstairs and got David. He came down, still mostly asleep until he saw me. 

"Son of a bitch!" David exploded when he saw me. "Jan! Riggs did that? What happened?" he asked."

I told them all about my evening, right from the beginning. I kept apologizing for waking them up, and I even said I was sorry that he ruined the dress, they would have loved it.

Midge had been cleaning my wounds, but she said, "I'm going next door and get Damon," and she got up and left.

I asked David, "Who is Damon? I really don't need more people to see me like this."

David moved over beside me and put his arm around me gently and said, "Damon is Dr. Damon Green. He is very nice, you'll like him."

Ten minutes later Midge was back with Damon and I had by then calmed down a little. David stood up and they laid me down on the sofa and he examined my wounds. He ended up taping one of them on the underside of my breast. He said that my skin was not just lovely, but resilient at my age, and he was reasonably sure that there would be no scarring. He put some strong antiseptic on my knees and decided it would be best to leave the cuts there open to the air. I thanked him and he gave me a couple of strong pills for the pain. They worked well, and quickly.

I thanked Midge and David, and apologized again. They kept telling me to stop apologizing for what had been done to me. I was starting to get worried about David now. I sat up and wrapped the blanket back around me and I insisted that he keep this to himself. In part because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but mostly because when Brad found out he would kill Mr. Riggs.

David said, "There is no way to hide those marks Jan. Brad is going to find out. And what's to stop Riggs from doing this again, if not to you, then to someone else?"

I leaned back against the back of the couch and said, "Oh god, I don't know, I can't think. I'm tired and I hurt and I'm drugged. Great drugs, by the way, I'd like to get some more of these!"

I smiled at Midge and saw that she was crying. I tried to put my arms around her but it hurt too much and I stopped. I told her to stop crying. I was fine. I just needed to stay here until Brad went to work, if they didn't mind.

David went upstairs and started getting ready for work while Midge made breakfast, well, coffee and toast. I had some coffee and the warmth of the hot coffee seemed to help my aching jaw. I couldn't chew though. I remembered then that I had been beaten on the face too, and I asked Midge how bad my face was. She cried again, but she said, your face is fine, there are just some red marks. It doesn't even look like they are going to bruise.

David came down and got his coffee and toast and ordered Midge to get me a robe to wear. While she was upstairs my cell phone rang and it was Brad. I told him that everything was fine. I gave him the impression that I had too much to drink and it had been very late and I had stopped off at David and Midge's house. I told him that I would see him tonight.

Midge came down with a light robe and a pair of slippers. I was grateful for those; I don't know what happened to my shoes. I hadn't even realized that I was barefoot. David looked at his watch and got a thoughtful look on his face and stepped outside for a minute. He came back in a few minutes later with Matt, his driver, and they sat down and had another cup of coffee. 

Midge looked at him curiously but he just said, "I'm going in a few minutes late this morning."

A half hour later, David and Matt stood up and David came to me and said, "Come on Jan, time to go."

I was fully under the effects of the drugs by then and didn't even question him. I let him guide me out to the car and I kind of half slept as I leaned up against him. The next thing I knew I was being gently shaken and David helped me out of the car. I didn't recognize where I was. It turned out to be a private back entrance for the VPs at the plant.

I came to a stop when I recognized where we were and I said, "Oh no, Mr. Burton please. I don't want to screw things up."

He smiled and kissed my forehead and said, "Sweetheart, relax, you are going to make them infinitely better. Trust me on this."

I sighed and let him lead me inside and down a hallway I had not seen before. There were no secretaries or receptionists here. There was just a narrow hallway that connected Mr. Morris' office and the six VPs' offices and a large conference room, the conference room where they held their morning meeting.

Mr. Burton pulled me inside and the quiet conversation came to a sudden halt as we entered. 

Mr. Burton said, "I'm so sorry for being late."

Everyone was looking at me and I saw that Mr. Riggs still had that arrogant look on his face. He didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't worried.

Mr. Morris looked up and said, "Heather, please leave the room." 

I hadn't even noticed that she was in the room!

Damn those are good drugs!

Mr. Burton put his briefcase down and turned me towards him and loosened the belt on my robe and pulled it off. He turned me around to face the six other people in the room and I just stood there, not knowing what to say or do. All but one of them had already seen me naked and had sex with me, though they hadn't seen me with stripes before.

Mr. Morris said quietly, "David, what happened to her?"

Mr. Burton just pointed at Mr. Riggs.

Mr. Riggs shrugged and said, "So what, she's just a slut."

Mr. Morris leaned forward and pushed a button and said, "Heather, have my driver come in here."

Then he turned to Riggs and said, "Give me your keys."

Mr. Riggs looked like he had just been punched. He couldn't believe that what he had done to me even mattered. He stood up and reached into his pocket and pulled out his keys and tossed them down the table to Mr. Morris. 

My robe was put back on and I held it closed. The driver came in and Mr. Morris said to him, "Robert, I want you to pick Mr. Riggs up at the front entrance and drive him to his home. You will wait for him there, and after he has packed a couple of suitcases you will take him to the airport. You will go with him while he buys a ticket to anywhere in the world as long as it out of this state. Then you will wait with him until he has boarded his plane and that plane has taken off. When he has taken off you will call me and tell me that he is gone and to what state or country he has gone."

He then turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "What I should do is have you killed. I don't know people that do that, but I know people that know people and more than anything else I want to have you killed."

Mr. Riggs was now white as a ghost.

Mr. Morris continued. "For the first time in my life I find myself hating someone. It is an ugly feeling. I am having trouble controlling it. Here is your only option, other than waiting around to be killed. You can leave this state and not come back. Anything that you want out of your house you had best hire someone to come and get for you. If you leave the state voluntarily, and send me your resignation, I will give you a lukewarm letter of referral if asked. I would highly recommend to you that you get professional help, because you are a very sick fuck!" 

I saw the looks on the faces of the VPs around the room. They were all shocked. Not so much at what he was doing to Mr. Riggs, but they had never heard him say "fuck" before!

"What I should do now is force you to apologize to this young lady. I would dearly love to beat you half to death and force you to apologize to her. But it would be meaningless, you would not mean it, your mind is so screwed up that you don't even think that you did anything wrong. Get out of my sight. NOW!"

Mr. Riggs stomped out, his face still white as a sheet. Mr. Morris stood up and came around to me and gently took me in his arms. He asked Mr. Burton, "Did you have a doctor look at her?"

Mr. Burton nodded and said, "My neighbor. He is good, and he won't say anything."

I looked up at Mr. Morris and said, "I'm sorry sir. I didn't want to make any trouble."

I guess it was the drugs, but I could have sworn I saw tears in his eyes!

He turned to the VPs and said, "Gentlemen, as of now there is no more EPOD."

I said, "No! Wait a minute! Mr. Morris, don't do that, please. It isn't perfect, and there are some women who don't like it, maybe even a few men. But some of us like it, a lot. In fact, I was going to ask you to expand it."

He looked at me like I was nuts, "Expand it? What do you mean?"

I smiled at Mr. Burton and said, "I have only met one of the other VP wives, one of the other junior VP wives, and none of the junior VPs. So I can't speak for all of the people involved. I know that some of them are only in it for the money, but some of us are having a ball. And some of the senior VPs' wives would really like back in. It would be nice if you would let them. I'm sorry, I was given some really good drugs a little while ago and I may not be too clear. But don't just end the program, tweak it."

Mr. Morris kissed my forehead and stepped back and said, "Is that the drugs talking?"

I smiled and said, "Maybe a little, damn those things are great! But I was going to have this conversation with you anyway. As long as the EPOD program has existed you have had one jerk that didn't play well with others. He is gone now. Some of us want to play some more."

I watched Mr. Morris take a deep breath and go back to his seat. He looked around him and saw the hopeful look on his VPs' faces.

After a thoughtful pause he asked, "Would any of you gentlemen like to ask your wives if they would like to volunteer to get back into the program?"

"There will be no pressure, it will not be a requirement, and it will have no effect on your careers. Just let me know by this time next week."

Mr. Morris told Mr. Burton to have his driver take me home. He told me that it might be best if I not see my husband until Riggs was on a plane. I thought that was good thinking. 

I walked down to the end of the table and kissed Mr. Morris on the cheek and thanked him. Then I kissed Mr. Burton and thanked him. Then I started to leave. I stopped and turned around and said, "Gentlemen, pool party at my place next Friday. Wives invited, but they should know that it will be clothing optional."

There were smiles all around as I left and made my way back through the private hallway. I was just about to pass Mr. Morris' office when the door opened and Heather pulled me inside. 

She said, "Here, you can't go around town like that. Then she smiled and said, at least not until you heal. I looked at her, wondering how she knew so much. She just smiled and helped me pull the robe off. She gasped when she saw my tortured body. But she was very gentle as she helped me into a loose dress and a pair of sandals. 

She hugged me carefully and said, "It is a shame that you had to go through all of that, but a lot of people around here are going to be a lot happier now. That man was bad news and we were all scared of him."

I thanked her and grabbed the robe and slippers that Midge had given me and went back out to Mr. Burton's car. Matt started to help me into the back, but I figured it would be easier to get into the front seat. He helped me sit down carefully and drove me slowly home, avoiding bumps and taking every turn in slow motion. I saw what he was doing and I said, "You are so sweet. When I am better I am so going to fuck you!"

He grinned and said, "I can't wait Miss."

"Jan, I told you before, call me Jan."

He smiled and said, "I will Miss, when it is appropriate."

I said, "It is always appropriate with men that I have sex with."

He just said, "A time and a place for everything. I love my job, knowing the right time and the right place helps me keep it. I could not possibly work for a finer couple. I want very much to never do anything that they might find objectionable. I get some of the greatest perks in the world. I don't have a problem with addressing people properly. The next time we meet, and you give me that great fuck you promised, then you will be Jan. Today, Miss works just fine."

I smiled at him and said, "Oh, you're no fun, you old fuddy-duddy!"

He smiled and said, "You are home miss." 

I hadn't even realized that we had stopped moving!

He came around and helped me to the door. Then he helped me upstairs and even helped me off with my dress and my sandals. He turned down the bed and said, "Get some sleep Miss, you had a hard night. I look forward to seeing you again soon."

Except for undressing me, he didn't take a single liberty! I was exhausted and drugged and I never even saw him leave the bedroom. The next thing that I knew, Brad was sitting on the side of my bed and moving his fingers lightly over my face, tracing the faint red marks that remained.

I saw the love, and the concern and the rage all mixed up on his face and I felt so sorry for him. He wanted to protect me and he wanted to avenge me and he wanted to make the pain go away and all he could do was ache for me.

I smiled up at him and asked him what time it was.

"It's early," he said. "It's only a little after two. I'm sorry I woke you up."

"No, that's okay. If I sleep all day I'll be awake all night. I went through that cycle more than once in college. I don't want to do that again!"

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I assured him that I was just a little sore. No injuries that wouldn't be gone in a week.

He held my hand and said, "Mr. Morris and David came into my office just before lunch and we had a long talk. They told me some of what happened. I don't think that they told me everything."

I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll tell you everything later. But not until you have calmed down."

"I'm sorry," Brad said quietly. "This is my fault. I should have told them to take EPOD and shove it up their asses. But don't worry; I'm getting us out of this on Monday. I plan on resigning and we can live on our savings for long enough for me to find another job."

I sat up suddenly. That was a big mistake. I groaned at the sudden pain and said, "You will resign over my dead body! Did Mr. Morris tell you what happened in the meeting this morning?"

Brad shrugged and said, "He said that David brought you in and you were covered in welts. He fired Riggs on the spot, threatened his life and made him leave the state before he told me what had happened."

I said, "He also put an end to EPOD, until I made him reinstate it. Riggs is gone now. He was the only bad apple. We have enjoyed the hell out of EPOD! They should have known about Riggs and they should have done something about it sooner. But I can make sure that doesn't happen again. A lot of us, you and me included, like EPOD. I even think I talked him into letting Midge and any of the other wives that want to get back in the program."

"To sum up," I continued, "you are not resigning, EPOD is still a viable program, you have nothing to apologize for, and if you ever get hurt, David and Midge have a guy living next door to them with some great drugs! Oh, and we are having a pool party next Friday, clothing optional."

"I want to hold you so much," Brad said quietly, "but I am afraid to touch you."

He carefully peeled the sheet off of me and when he saw my body he turned so red I thought that he would explode. 

I quickly assured him that I was okay. I showed him the only place that my skin had been broken, on the underside of my breast. Well, except for my knees. But that is tough skin and heels quickly. I assured him that the doctor had said that the marks would all be gone soon and there would be no scar. I left off the probably.

He pulled the sheet back up over me just as we heard a noise at our bedroom door. It was Midge! She came rushing in and told Brad to get into some comfortable clothes, she was going to start supper in a few minutes. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sheet down and started rubbing cream from a large jar with no label all over my body. 

She smiled at me and said, "Aside from being a lot of fun to apply, this cream keeps your skin soft and supple and helps the bruises fade. I got it from a strange woman I know that, well, she know things. Sometimes it's best not to ask questions." 

As she rubbed the cream in she said, "David called me today. He told me what you said at the meeting. It looks like I am going to be part of EPOD again. Thank you, sweetheart. I love you for being so nice and thinking or me. You do seem to get things done, don't you?"

I smiled at her, and asked her if any of the other wives would want to play again.

She thought about it for a moment and said, "Some of them would have liked to if it had been ten years ago. For a bunch of old broads, most of us are still in pretty good shape. But I suppose you reach a time in your life when there are some games you can't play as well anymore. Games like football, soccer, swinging-from-the-rafters-sex, things like that. Still, they might like to attend an occasional party if they were invited."

"It has also been decided that you will be the den mother to the EPOD girls, sort of nominally in charge. In charge of handling problems and seeing to it that there are no more Riggs, and no young women who are in it that should not be, girls that cannot handle it. I guess we are stuck with Grace, but she could always quit if she wanted to."

She looked up at Brad who was finally finished changing and said, "How about you, are you okay Brad?"

"I really want to kill that son of a bitch. I guess that Mr. Morris did the right thing today. He is a great guy. David stayed behind in my office after they came to see me today. He said that it was all that Mr. Morris could do to keep from having Riggs killed. He also said that when he saw Jan he had tears in his eyes. He has a crush on Jan you know."

Midge laughed and said, "Just about everyone that has met her has a crush on her, me included."

I smiled at her and pulled her hand up to my lips and kissed her. "It's mutual," I said.

She asked me if I wanted to eat in bed or if I wanted to come downstairs for a while. She was going to make supper for the three of them, but thought that maybe soup in bed would be better for me.

I said, "Soup sounds good, but don't go to any trouble. I'm not an invalid. I guess I could use a little help this evening though. Thank you Midge, you are a saint."

"Yeah, Saint Midge, that's me. Actually, it would probably be best if you moved around a little to keep from stiffening up. Don't feel like you have to dress on my account though. I imagine that for a while you will feel better without anything rubbing on those nice stripes of yours."

I said, "I hardly ever wear clothes around the house anyway."

I stood up, with difficulty, and went to the bathroom. Then I made my way downstairs. I was finding that the more I moved around the better I felt. Midge was right about that too. 

I got downstairs just as David arrived. He winced when he saw me, but I smiled and said that I was feeling much better. Midge was already in the kitchen making supper and it smelled pretty good. I tried to help her out but she turned me around and pushed me right out of the kitchen. So I sat and talked with David while Brad set the table. 

We had a pleasant evening and, after putting another dose of cream on my body, the Burton's left early. Brad and I just relaxed and sipped a last glass of wine before going to bed.

The doorbell rang at a little after eight. We were just about to go to bed. Brad got up to answer it and I pulled a blanket over my bruised body. Brad stuck his head back in and asked, "Are you decent?"

I nodded and he came in with Carol Mitchum and Madison Scott. They apologized for coming over without calling and handed Brad a huge bouquet of flowers to put in water for me. They also apologized for not introducing themselves earlier. 

I thanked them for coming over and asked them to sit down. I had wanted to talk to them. Both of them seemed to be in their early thirties. They were both very attractive with great bodies. It was easy to see why they had been asked to join EPOD.

Our conversation started out with them offering their sympathy, but mostly they wanted to thank me for getting rid of Riggs. Not that it was anything that I had done; Mr. Burton was more responsible for his leaving than I was. I wanted to hush it up.

But I accepted their gratitude and said, "I am glad that you came over. I have been looking forward to meeting you. I have a lot of questions, but we can go over them later. The main thing I have been wondering about, the one question no one has been willing to answer, or been able to answer is how you ladies feel about being in EPOD. I have to tell you, except for last night, I am enjoying the hell out of it. My husband is too. But I would hate to think that I am the only girl that felt that way. I understand that Grace is not having a good time, and is only doing it for her husband's career."

Carol and Madison looked at each other and looked around to make sure that Brad was still out of the room. Then they moved closer and Carol said, "Madison and I are having a ball. Our husbands are less than pleased with it. I think that it's great that Brad enjoys it so much. You are so lucky! But Jeff and Carl are not as open minded as Brad is. They are much more traditional. They are putting up with it for the money, the perks, and the promotions to come. That used to bother us, but we finally decided that that was their hang up. After all, we got into this at their instigation. In case you are confused, that was a yes, we like EPOD."

"And you are right about that?..about Grace. She is very unhappy and the only one that was enjoying her company was Riggs. And that was just because it was obvious that she hated it so much. She can be a real downer at the parties too. She fakes it for the guys, but they know, and she treats us like crap because we enjoy it."

"I am so glad to hear that," I said. "That you guys are enjoying it, I mean. Did you hear what happened at the plant today?" 

They had heard most of it, but not about bringing Midge and any other interested parties back in to EPOD. They were both around when Midge was in it before and they were happy that she was coming back.

I asked which of their husbands was senior, because someone would have to fill Riggs position. It turned out to be Grace's husband. So she would be moving up and I suggested that we try to influence the selection for the next replacement couple. Not just pick someone because they are a hot couple. The husband would have to be worthy of selection. But still, we could try to make sure that they would be happy with the program. It would be worth talking about.

I noticed the time; it was time to reply the ointment that Midge had given me. I told them that I had to put a cream on my stripes and asked them to wait for me. They offered to help, and after making sure that they didn't mind, I accepted.

I got the cream and stretched out on my blanket and waited for the cooling cream.

They both gasped when they saw my stripes, but both complimented me on my figure. While they gently applied the cream to my body I tried to act like I wasn't enjoying it so much. I told them that I was moving soon and that my new house had a pool and suggested we could all get together and apply suntan lotion to each other.

They both liked that idea. I was finding it difficult to act like a patient while they massaged the cream into my bruised skin. After they had covered me with the cream, Madison, who had been working on the lower portion of my body, began gently massaging my pussy.

I moaned softly and said, "I don't know where you went to medical school, Madison. But you can practice medicine on me anytime!"

Carol bent down and kissed me, carefully avoiding touching my tender flesh, while Madison leaned down and began licking my pussy, just about the only part of my body that wasn't bruised.

In no time at all I was panting and kissing Carol back passionately, and soon I was totally oblivious to the aches and pains that had been the focus of my life since early this morning when they were inflicted on me.

I came in a very short time and they both kissed me gently while I calmed back down. I finally relaxed back onto the couch and they sat up. I thanked them enthusiastically and promised to pay them back soon. They both promised to hold me to my word. They stayed around for a little longer and then they both kissed me goodbye and left.

Shortly after they left, Brad came back downstairs. He smiled at me and said, "I guess you can find the good side of everything, can't you?"

I smiled and asked, "You saw them?"

He said, "I started to come downstairs to see if anyone wanted anything, but I could see from the top of the stairs that everyone seemed to be having what they wanted. It almost makes me wish I wasn't feeling good, I could have used a little of that kind of sympathy."

I laughed and the laughter didn't hurt. In fact, I think it even made me feel better. I said, "Baby, if you need nursing you come on over here. If I am conscious, or even if I'm not, I am always ready to make you feel better. Let's just avoid the missionary position for a day or two."

Throughout the weekend and all of the next week, someone was there to help me, either Midge came by, or Carol or Madison, or two of them, or all three of them. We had a blast. They used up a whole jar of that cream and Midge got another one. And each time they rubbed me down it got more and more erotic. They were there long after I needed them. We laughed and joked and told stories and it reminded me of late nights in the dorm. The only thing missing was a bag of pot.

By Tuesday I was almost back to normal. The stripes were all but gone, and the pain was gone. The only lasting injury was a small, but nearly healed cut under one breast. And it didn't even hurt, though I would have been reluctant to put a bra on.

On Wednesday they helped me pack up the boxes of things that we were taking with us to the new house and on Thursday, Midge got a truck from the plant, with a driver, and we moved all of the boxes to the new house. The girls went nuts when they saw it. Hell, so did I. I could not have dreamed a more beautiful or more beautifully decorated home. We unloaded all of the boxes into one of the five bays of the garage and I thanked the driver and tipped him liberally. 

With the help of my new friends the party on Friday was a big hit. To everyone's surprise, three of the four remaining VPs' wives attended and not only got naked, but let their hair down and joined in the fun and games. It was decided that, except for Midge, they didn't want to be in EPOD again, but they would enjoy a party every now and then, and a chance to cut loose and not worry about what anyone thought about them afterwards. 

I spent two hours upstairs in bed with Mo and he is really getting back in the swing of things. I guess the pump just needed priming. But he still confines his extracurricular activities to me, and that's fine with me.

I tried a couple of times to establish some kind of relationship with Grace Davis and Mrs. Gordon. They were very cold and unreceptive and finally I gave up. Luckily, Grace's husband, Tim, made senior VP and filled Mr. Riggs' vacancy, so nobody ever sees Grace any more, or Mrs. Gordon either. They avoid anyone that works at the plant.

Midge and Carol and Madison and I spend at least two days a week together, usually around our pool. Some days we go out, but most of the time we stay home and play.

Brad and I go out with the Burtons, or dine in and play around, at least once a week, sometimes more. We have invited Carol and Jeff over and Madison and Carl, trying to get to know them better and develop some kind of relationship. But Jeff and Carl are both assholes, not to put too fine a point on it. They are stuffy and judgmental and we really don't care much for either of them. I feel sorry for Carol and Madison. So do Carol and Madison, I think. I sometimes think that the only reason the girls stay married to them is so that they can stay in EPOD.

Things have pretty much returned to what passes for normal now. It's like Riggs never existed. The girls at the plant, the receptionists and secretaries, are all aware that Brad and I gave his secretary, Jennifer, a car and a house to help her get through the hard time she was having and whenever Brad needs anything at work he gets it before he realizes that he needed it. And when I drop by for a visit with Brad, or to service one of the VPs, they do everything but run in front of me and throw rose petals in my path. 

I have gone out to lunch with Mr. Morris' secretary, Heather a few times. She is a great woman, she pretty much runs that plant from behind the scenes and Mr. Morris knows it. The last time I came in and spent a little time with Mr. Morris in his office I suggested to him that Heather should have her title changed to Administrative Assistant and get a salary that reflects what she actually does around there.

As soon as I said it I could almost see the light come on in his head. Mr. Morris said, "Yes! I can't believe that I didn't think of that!" Then he looked at me and said, "You know Jan, when I finally retire, I think I am going to leave you in charge."

I laughed and said, "You will like hell! I am needed at home. Someone has to kept their eye on the pool boy and keep my girlfriends satisfied!"