Already Taken

(MF, wife, cuck) Making love to my unusually aroused wife, I find my wife somewhat already full.

Already Taken

by Morse (

I came home from work, to find a most unusual sight. My wife, hair wet, obviously just out of the shower, dressed only in her dressing gown, which was sticking in all the right places.

She knew how to turn me on, and, sauntering up to me, stroked my package gently through my trousers. In a few seconds she had them off, and she kneeled down, gripping my newly hard cock, long, thick and veiny, with an engorged pink tip. She gently caressed my balls, and returned to my cock, that after being stroked lovingly but briefly, disappeared into between her moist, brown lips.

After a minute of sheer pleasure, I began to speak, eager to know what had made her so horny. She quickly stood up, and put her finger to my mouth to shush me, before my words were fully out.

Stepping back, leaning against a kitchen worktop, my beautiful wife dropped her gown. Her breasts - the most beautiful I had ever seen - were sexy and swollen, and her pert nipples stood out in a display of sexual eagerness. I glanced at my pussy. Her tuft of brown her glistened with the water from the shower, but her pussy glisten with another kind of moisture - the kind of moisture only a woman's pussy provides, for a man she loves - or a man she is about to make love to.

My wife jumped up and sat back on the kitchen worktop, and spread her legs wide open. I kissed her gently on the mouth and, stroking her luscious breasts with my hands, moving my tongue down to her hot brown nipples.

She moaned gently at the flick of my tongue, and knowing what turned on my wife of ten years, I began to move my tongue down her body, heading for that sexy pussy that I could see glistening, dripping, in the bright kitchen light.

My wife always liked my going down on her, and though I rarely let her come from this, she almost never said no. Today was an exception - heading for her pussy, she grabbed my head tightly between her hands and drew my face up to hers.

"No," she said, "don't lick me." I felt her gentle touch on my balls, then, running her hand up my shaft with her fingers on either side, she grasped my cock and pulled it towards her cunt. The tip of my cock nestled just between her swollen pussy lips, which were absolutely dripping wet, in a way I'd never felt before. "Just fuck me, please, just fuck me now," she begged.

Unwilling and unable to resist such a command, I began to slowly push my member into her mound. She was so incredibly wet, so incredibly lubricated, that I slipped in with no effort at all. Looking down, as I watched the tip of my cock disappear and that veiny thick shaft penetrate my beautiful wife, a small drip of thick, white fluid appeared at the mouth of my wife's pussy, engorged with my shaft not quite half way in.

I froze, in shock, though my cock started twitching in renewed erotic ecstasy. My pause was broken by my wife's gentle voice: "Fuck me, please. Fuck me now," she begged. I looked into her face, and saw a cool expression, controlled, knowing exactly what it wanted. "Give me your cock. Fuck me."

I looked down, and began pushing my shaft slowly and deeply into my wife's tunnel. I could feel her pussy was swollen, excited. The foreign cum that filled her cunt oozed out and dripped on the floor as I pushed my long shaft in deeper and deeper. In ten years, I had never known her this aroused; she moaned gently as every wrinkle of skin, every vein on my cock pushed past her lips into that hot, swollen hole.

Gripping my shaft tight with her vagina, my wife grasped by backside with her hands and pulled hard. She grunted loudly as my cock penetrated her deeply. The other man's cum glistened on her pussy lips as I withdrew my penis, and began the next stroke. My wife jerked her hands again, and pulled me deeply inside her. Looking up, I saw her staring into my eyes. "Fuck me, cum in me," she said, not begging this time, but telling.

I began to pump gently, with long strokes, but slow, tickling her recently used pussy with my cock shape. I felt her gorgeous breasts rubbing gently against my chest as I moved, and began to wonder about the man who must have made love against these very breasts only a few hours ago. My wife, almost reading my mind, excited me further, "he fucked me, he came in me. He left so much cum inside me."

I began to move faster and harder, knowing my wife had been engaged in the act of love with another man - another set of hands on her breasts, another set of lips teasing her pussy, another cock, feeling a new strength of orgasm from her that I hadn't felt in ten years.

In a second, I knew who she'd been fucking. I'd been teasing her for weeks about a new guy she'd mentioned at work - she'd started out by mentioning how she liked the way he looked, and that he was flirty with her. I encouraged her to flirt with him. She told me that he'd glance at her during meetings, and that she'd catch his eye, and give him a sexy smile. She wore low cut tops for meetings she knew he'd be at - and especially low cut tops for times when she knew they'd be alone.

Reading my mind again, she said, "yes, it was him. He took me, he had me, just like you feared. We screwed, we made love..." her words were cut short by an ecstatic, orgasmic moan; the motion of my cock, the touch of my cock tip inside her pussy mixing with the memory of his.

At the beginning of the week, I had encouraged her to continue teasing this man. I knew he would screw her without a second thought. Though obviously jealous at the thought of another man touching that which I'd had exclusively for the last ten years, the thought of her with this man turned me on; the thought of her being in orgasmic throes, impaled on the cock of another man, filling her beautiful pussy, which had known only me, with his hot white seed.

We continued to screw, and my wife, impatient with my pace, withdrew me and rolled me over on my back. Now sitting on top of me, my wife sat straight down on my swollen cock, shimmering with this other mans cum which inhabited her crotch.

While she was fucking me hard - I'm not convinced she was fucking me in her mind - I asked, "what did you do with him? How did it start? How did he take you?" The comment made her moan, shivering in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. "Tell me," I pleaded.

She had been wearing a very low cut top that day; she must have known she'd be alone with him. A sexy short blouse, with a skirt that must have been teasingly accessible, had given me an unfulfilled hard on from when she was dressed until she walked out the door. At the end of the afternoon, she had had her meeting with him. Like she was reading mine now, he had apparently read her mind over the previous few days. He was dressed in a very flattering shirt, and flattering tight trousers that hinted at, but did not quite reveal, the sexy package restrained within.

Very quickly, she was leaning down on the table, ostensibly talking about financial statistics, but with her phenomenal breasts - and, to his amazement - the tops of her stunning brown nipples, visible to him. Pausing talking for a second, to touch her lips with her tongue and throw him a telling glance, she stood up. She wanted this man so badly, her rapidly moistening pussy ached with desire. 

She started to worry that she'd guessed wrongly, that he wasn't interested, that she'd misread the signals. She began to think of her me, her husband, when she saw it. A huge, rising bulge; rising in his trousers, that he tried desperately to hide. He turned red; he knew she saw, the direction and duration of her glance telling him all he needed to know. All thought of me, her husband, was banished from her mind. 

My wife of ten years walked around the table, to move next to her soon-to-be lover. Standing right in front of him, so he could fully take in the hidden awe of her sexiness beneath that skirt, she deliberately dropped a pencil on the floor. She bent down to pick it up. Her skirt rose, and he saw her thin silk panties, soaking wet with the juice from her pussy that her unbridled lust had produced.

Having bent down, she paused. A second passed. She began to wonder, and doubt, if she'd made a terrible mistake. If his flirting had just been flirting, if she'd just taken it one step too far.

She did not have to wonder for long. My wife's lover slid his hand gently between her panties and her backside, and pulling back, he saw for the first time that beautiful brown haired pussy, that had only I had felt and that had only ever felt my cock. It almost glowed red with desire, the hot blood now pumping quickly around her sexual mound.

His forefinger extended, her slid down further, pushing aside her lips, and gentling penetrating her tunnel. She almost orgasmed right then.

My wife and I hadn't made love in several days, so no traces of my deposits remained. Her new lover didn't ask any questions. Instead, he began to lick her pussy. My wife's pussy. He teased its folds with his tongue, expertly licking both slowly and quickly just as required.

My wife turned over and, perching on the table, began to hurriedly remove his clothing. He almost tore hers off, pulling down her skirt and sodden panties, revealing her hard-on inducing breasts by pulling her top and bra away as one. Her hands were not slower. First, she had open his tie-free shirt, his hairy, toned and manly chest pulsing with his muscle movements. Then she moved downwards. Quickly undoing his belt, she slid down his trousers, a bulge of enormous proportions beneath his tight boxer shorts.

Her adulterous hands rubbed over his cock, twitching with excitement beneath his shorts. She undid one of the buttons of the shorts. As if on command, his huge hard cock sprang from within his shorts. As long as mine, but thicker, his curved cock quivered, the tip glistening with precum.

My wife touched it gently at first with her tongue, then began to suck him deeply, sexily and lustfully, just as she had sucked me later. As he neared orgasm, she stopped. He looked questioningly at my wife; he didn't understand the depth of her desire, but he soon would.

Turning once more, she leant over the table, the cold surface of the table teasing her excited breasts, the wet folds of her pussy lips, presented towards her lover from between her buttocks, exciting him. He didn't hesitate to begin rubbing his mighty pole between the lips of her sex. "I need to feel your cum", my wife commanded him. "And, your husband?" her lover asked as his tip, yet still larger than mine, continued to part her lips and caress the entrance to her hole.

The though of me, her husband, did not take hold. "Fuck me," she said simply. His long cock slipped inside, a new cock, a cock her pussy had never felt before. It felt good, amazingly good. This new cock, thicker than mine, unfolded her wet pussy tunnel before it, sending orgasmic vibes through her body. As her new lover pumped behind her, as she fucked doggy-style, for the first time, a man who was not her husband, she had an orgasm the likes of which she had never had, even on her wedding night. At the same time, he exploded within her. His white cum flooded her pussy: her pussy, that was virgin to all not her husband, was literally filled with the seed of this other man. The deed had been done.

As my wife finished her tale of sex, I neared completion. My cock slipped smoothly in and out of her over-lubricated cunt. Sensing the state of my excitement, she tightened her pussy muscles, gripping my cock within. As I neared orgasm, my wife spoke to me, "cum in me," she said, "cum in me like he did. I've been fucked by another man. Make me yours again. Cum in me now."

It tipped me over the edge, and I came inside my wife, shooting my hot white syrup inside my wife's cunt. My cum mixed with his cum - her lover's cum. The final jet of my spunk pushed my wife over the edge for the second time that day, her hot orgasm drawing that mixture of my cum, and her lover's cum, into her womb.

I withdrew, my cock glistening. I looked at my cock, and then at her pussy. As she breathed quickly in recovery from her orgasm, her red, swollen lips contrasted with the white liquid oozing once more from between them. Her cunt had now known another cock, and I had fucked her after it.

Nothing was the same again.